In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has detailed some information behind the game modes available in Call of Duty: WWII.

He stated that the reason behind WWII having lower amount of available MP modes is because they did not want to split the MP population up, which could affect players overall accessibility to the game.

Essentially, a fixed number of players is split up across all the modes offered. A large number of modes leads to longer lobby wait times or less ideal pings for the less popular game modes, exacerbated by the need to do lobby matchmaking across every region and time zone on the planet. We have also seen that a large number of modes can feel overwhelming or less accessible to players trying to master the game, which hurts player satisfaction and fan engagement overall. 

For post launch support, Condrey says they are committed to adding new modes throughout the DLC Season this year but will only release new modes once they believe it does fit in the game.

We enjoyed seeing fans really stoked for the return of Gun Game, and we want to continue supporting that excitement throughout the DLC season ahead. Rest assured, we have a lot of ambition to keep driving hard on game updates and fixes. We’re also as committed as ever to holding a high quality on new experiences, and won’t rush adding a mode into the game if it isn’t balanced and fun for WWII.

Lastly in the Reddit post, Cndrey also stated that they have no plans to bring Ground War to Call of Duty: WWII because of the complications in the spawn system with 9v9 player count. SHG did consider making separate maps for Ground War-style mode, but they did not have enough development time to do so.

Some of you have asked about the outlook for Ground War in Call of Duty WWII. The reality is that maps built for balance, flow, and good spawns at 6v6 traditionally don’t hold up as well for us when playing 9v9, and this was no different for Ground Game in WWII. We track spawn data for every spawn, on every match, globally since launch, and are happy to report that our bad-spawns are at franchise historic lows. The same couldn’t be said for Ground War with 9v9 teams during development. We considered building unique maps for Ground War, like we built for our War experiences, but that just wasn’t feasible during development given our other game ambitions for MP. I can’t say that Ground War won’t come to WWII eventually, but it’s nowhere on the horizon given our current roadmap.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Meh

    3 year ans they cant do shit

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  • Miguel Delgado

    They suck as developers . From what i have heard people are more interested in looking forward to blk ops 4

    • I Don’t Read replies(So Dance)

      those who don’t know what skill is are. Treyarch makes noob shooters.

      • Miguel Delgado

        Funny retort lil fella my kd is 2.76 and i dont play this garbage game. But keep defending shit and you will always get it.

        • Elite Predator

          The sad part about all this is this new kid on the CoD block actually thinks it takes skill lmao
          I’m fuckin done, glad to have more people like you who know, and hoping next year is a step up from Treyarch’s outdated engine.

    • Anyone that really cares about the franchise wouldn’t be looking forward to ‘Black Ops 4’ and would want something new from Treyarch. BO4 implies a sequel to BO3 and we don’t need another BO3.

      I mean they could do a boots on ground game set in an earlier time that’s closer to BO2 but what would be the point of calling it Black Ops 4? Also big number sequels are generally a sign of lack of quality.

      • Elite Predator

        They need to call the game whatever they’re representing and they already been questioned on their leaps onto Black Ops III from Black Ops 2. Watch the interview from 2015 reveal with Mark Lamia, and David Vondeehaar (Vonderhaar, love the guy’s personality and attitude)

      • Elite Predator

        And of course, I’m expecting highly from Treyarch it’s without a doubt their next game but their engine has always been a step behind the Modern Warfare games and that’s why we get color outstanding everything else giving it not a grounded feel, so that vibrant/non-existent gotta go. Keep the first Black ops colors. Wolfenstein shows true colors in raw next gen gameplay graphics overall. So I’m really looking forward to a new engine, and I doubt they’ll call it Black Ops IV because players are gonna expect a direct sequel to the Futuristic era where the last Black Ops took us, and if it’s not their intentions to make another sequel to three, logically they won’t call it that, but with these gullible corporations who knows. Look Infinite Warfare could have done Zombies like Ghosts, did they have in mind players are going to get bored? So who knows what they have planned.

        • That’s a really good point regarding the problems with titling it BO4. That is, it would imply another futuristic setting further in time than BO3 (well, at least from a logical progressive standpoint). I think they could get away with still using “Black Ops” in the title if they avoid the number though. Using the BO name is a strong marketing tool too since so many fans typically associate it with an enjoyable product, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they try.

          • Elite Predator

            Of course, I’m seeing a title with Ops in it. It’s Treyarch’s signature. I think in order the first title “Black” needs to present a renovation bcuz they burned the ‘Black Ops title’ So I say the title ends with ‘Ops’ replacing ‘Black’ making “Black Ops” is something they want to avoid

        • This is what I was trying to say but worded much better, thank you. Black Ops 4 would generally imply more of the same, which the majority of fans don’t want. BO3 was arguably the worst of the 3 games and more advanced movement and specialists would be a car crash.

          It’s also not too often that you see numbering go past 3, especially in such a short period. Halo 3 – 4 and Gears 3 – 4 both took about 5 years between each title. I also can’t really think of any game or movie that hit the “4” title and managed to not start dive bombing in quality (any examples that prove me wrong would be welcome though).

          • Elite Predator

            I also think the first word of the title is very important, it tells players what’s gonna be inside it, and you’re right, a title that exceeds to four probably will usually begin to feel old, unless they reinvigorate the formula, it makes the genre popular again but for years we’ve seen far too similar games with the same formula, the feel of the game and physics could extend longevity of the formula. But eventually experiences burn out and that’s why players are moving onto Fortnite, PUBG, and I just hope Treyarch can show that CoD can be the leading dog in the genre again without copying Battle Royale mode. Oh yeah, and games like the latest Rainbow Six players including myself have become addicted to. The things you can do in that game, and the physics, graphics, skills, content, with variety of weapons and abilities and gadgets to use to close down on your target, whether your def or attacker, a high quality deliverance and standard in today’s gaming, it launched in 2015

      • BradyAlucard

        BO4 wouldn’t have to be a direct sequel to BO3. They could make it a prequel to BO2 if they wanted to.

        • True, but every title up to now has been further into the future, if anything I could see something like “Black Ops [Subtitle]” working better than just “Black Ops 4”.

          Just saying “Black Ops 4” makes me instantly assume it’s going to be awful.

  • Skillreks

    I like this game. Just got master prestige. Yea, spawns need to be fixed. Yea, guns are strong. Guns are “stronger” when used by more skilled people. I personally love the snipers. Sometimes they are inconsistent, but what weapons aren’t? I wish people would stop hating and start appreciating what they DO have and CAN play.
    Hating and yelling does nothing to help. Being constructive, and positive does.

    I like that there is a call of duty that is BOTG.
    I LOVE the authentic guns.
    I love goofing off with my friends and ninja defusing. Or running around with throwing knives. Or dual pistols.
    I appreciate how the supply drop system/collections works.
    Your KD doesn’t matter in Uplink or War, so it helps people to play the Objective!
    I pretty much have the spawns memorized, so I can make callouts to my team when things switch.
    This game is loaded with challenges, if you are someone who likes to 100% things.

    No one is making you play this game.

    And nothing is perfect. Sometimes you just have to look at things from another angle.

    • ccrows

      Pretty much feel the same way. This game may not be perfect. Sure there are things that I’d like to see patched, but it’s been a long time since WAW. I’ve been patiently waiting for another WWII game for years.

      Even with it’s flaws, worst case scenario is that I get to have my “WWII fix” for a year until BO4 comes out…

      • Elite Predator

        Dude I can’t wait for Battlefield’s WW II game. It got leaked, not sure if you heard or into that. But they’re so much more accurate with authenticity and graphics design. Can’t believe people are praising this piece of trash. I’m certain that Treyarch has gone beyond in every single aspect from their last game. They confirmed it. Go on their Twitter account from Nov 3, they said Black Ops I and Black Ops 2… Done, next request? When asked if they’re making a game in Vietnam during the 60s or Afganistan in the late 80s. So this is all just pointing to Modern, and I just hope it plays different and not a build off Black Ops 2 and 3, I still think the first Black Ops was their best one

      • BradyAlucard

        It doesn’t even feel like an authentic WWII game, though. It feels like a modern cosplay of WWII.

    • I Don’t Read replies(So Dance)

      Snipers are pure broken.

    • Elite Predator

      I didn’t read the whole chart but everything else is spot on, if you want any credibility edit out the authentic weapons bcuz the guns don’t handle or shoot like the real weapons, they don’t sound like the real weapons. Most of the guns are user friendly, it’s a turn off and make me feel like I’m really not taking on a task these maps are so easy. And that pretty much just knocks down unless you choose to think otherwise

    • I’m also enjoying the game a lot (well, when I’m not frustratingly spectating for the first 60 seconds of every few games LOL). I also like the way the supply drop system is working, and find earning them to be very easy due to the daily contracts (that said, I do fear the day when they introduce “supply drop only” guns or variants that are stat changing and become dominant…). One of my favorite things to do in COD is go for the camo changes, and I’m enjoying that experience (thankfully we don’t have to do sniper headshots this time, right? LOL (but, I’m disappointed that the chrome camo which is the ultimate goal, looks like shit unless you put it on a heroic variant). My main point here, is that I think it’s productive to both tout the positive AND negative. We need to be vocal about what we both like and dislike to hopefully influence Activision and the developers as they create the next games in the cycle. Anyway, I’m with you bro – I just wanted to add that I think we should not stop with critical feedback too.

  • ccrows

    I do feel bad for anyone that likes GW. However, 6v6 with parties can get laggy enough as it is at times (in ANY COD). 9v9, especially 9v9 with parties? No thanks.

    Even Treyarch got rid of it in BO3, since the pop got so low.

    & TBH, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Treyarch doesn’t use it in BO4… *shrugs*

  • Yeah all the maps are about an inch big. Maps for ants. Of course ground war wouldn’t work.

    • ccrows

      Gustav Canon would have worked, but why even bother trying to make maps that size for GW, when the playlist dies fast anyway.

      COD Ghosts had a lot of large maps for GW (Hi Siege, Chasm, Stonehaven, and Stormfront), and the community hated playing on them for 6v6.

      It was just another reason to go back to BO2…

    • Riskninja

      Shipment in COD4 has GW, don’t give that “it won’t work” excuse
      I’m tired of people letting SHG off the hook for things that COD devs wouldn’t have gotten away with 4 years ago

  • Ak74u

    I just want some Treyarch 2018 news, I’m done with ww2 it got boring now

    • WWII hasn’t even passed DLC1 yet so you’ve got a while to wait.

  • Smayo

    With maps the size of my shoes and with the frantic speed the characters move, GW in this game would only be enjoyed by people who also sell game controllers…

    • evo-reg

      Nothing but truth, “ maps the size of my shoes” lmao I love you for this one.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    They can’t even handle 6 vs 6, this game is a joke.

    • I Don’t Read replies(So Dance)

      Get good.

      • stopIT

        You mean like 2 nights ago when you and the other kid you were playing with backed out half way through a match because you thought laying down in a corner was a good idea?

        • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

          U just ethered that lil nigga

  • Richard Sosa

    “Condrey says SHG has no plans to make this game fun”

    • “Fun? What’s that?”

    • Qaotik

      It is fun, if you’re a masochist.

  • Moving Target

    i love this quote “SHG did consider making separate maps for Ground War-style mode, but they did not have enough development time to do so” that says it all

    • That they didn’t spend an age designing special maps just for a separate Ground War mode? I hate using this argument but just how easy do you think map design is?

    • Well duh they had to develop the DLC

  • Matthew Bellows

    never really cared about ground war anyways, let SHG do their thing, i’m still enjoying the game as i did on day one.

    • I Don’t Read replies(So Dance)

      the only ones mad are the ones who just love to hate because it makes them feel good.

      • Elite Predator

        The only difference is I don’t play the game everybody is bitching about. Haven’t touched it since the beginning of December until last night, played a game and I was so bored.

      • BradyAlucard

        Or because WWII is garbage in its current state?

        • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

          Apparently having your own opinion means you’re a hater.

    • Elite Predator

      This game is ass, nobody cares you’re still supporting this game since day one fan boy. It’ll have it’s corny little audience kept around, defending the crap out of it, not to worry. Enjoy mediocrity all you want, I’m out

    • I never cared about Ground War either, and I’m enjoying the game too (despite the numerous flaws). That said, I’m disappointed Condrey used this supposed opportunity to “communicate more” to discuss Ground War not coming, as opposed to more important concerns that people have (how many people are really complaining about lack of Ground War anyway?)…. it feels like a red herring to me.

  • Elite Predator

    Shit I don’t even play this game anyway. Still browsing looks like it hasn’t moved anywhere. Yawn.. so boring

    • BradyAlucard

      Sledgehammer is the most incompetent CoD developer. Their only priority is competitive and ruining the game that way.

  • Sparkz

    *has the time to talk about a game mode but not the time to talk about all the issues of the game as a whole which is why wwii is shit, shg is shit, and people are already more interested in CoD 2018.*

    • You didn’t read the full post.

    • You should probably stick to WWII Reddit

  • BradyAlucard

    Huh? The maps don’t even flow well at all, so you might as well put Ground War in the game to make everyone happy. We already know your priority is with competitive because you can’t deal with feedback, Sledgehammer.

  • I don’t care about Ground War in the grand scheme, and was very disappointed that Condrey used his apparent opportunity to “communicate more” to discuss this, as opposed to discussing the issues that we loyal consumers have been consistently raising. I don’t spend much time reading Reddit or other forums beyond this one (I’m mainly here for the updates), so perhaps there are more people complaining about the lack of Ground War than I realize… however, I doubt it’s even close to the number of people complaining about other issues such as the spectating problem and other problems with existing modes. I feel like his announcement was just a red herring, intended to make us think he is listening, and divert our attention from more important things.

  • Emre

    That is what you het with only 9 small or medium size maps.

  • TheAdversary

    Honestly, with all these maps being around the same size as Nuketown as well as the shit spawns, it’s better that there isn’t a Ground War option. It would actually make WW2 worse.

  • snake56

    If they really cared about the MP population then they would’ve stopped the season pass bullshit a long time ago.

  • You mad huh?

    “happy to report that our bad-spawns are at franchise historic lows” please share these stats. I been playing cod since cod 4 and these spawns are by far the worse ever.

  • Riskninja

    “happy to report that our bad-spawns are at franchise historic lows.”
    can I get a B
    can I get a U
    can I get a L
    can I get another L
    can I get a S
    can I get a H
    can I get a I
    can I get a T
    what does that spell?