In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has given a brief preview of what to expect in Call of Duty: WWII in January.

Condrey says they have more news to share in the days ahead about what’s coming, but here’s what they are currently working on:

  • Domination XL Test Playlist, which has 100 points per kill
  • Weapon Tuning Updates coming next week
  • CWL New Orleans — they are working to enable live streaming of this event inside of the theater in HQ on PS4
  • Full game update with fixes coming this month
  • Plans to fix the Spectator bug issue in the next update for PS4 and Xbox One, PC experience improved with updates over holiday

The Resistance is packed with all kinds of new content- MP maps and a new War experience, a new Zombies chapter, events, rewards, and more. CWL New Orleans is about to kick off this weekend. (Fingers crossed – we’re working to see if we can live-stream the event straight to the HQ theater for PS4, so you can watch it directly in game while still practicing in the 1v1 pit or on the firing range). We’ve got new weapon tuning updates to address community feedback that we’d like to roll those out next week. In addition, we’re looking at a Domination XL (100 points per kill) test playlist to re-examine player enjoyment (vs Dom 50). There’s a game update coming with some key fixes too. Plus a host of additional news that we look forward to sharing in the days ahead.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    If they nerf the M1 im f*ing done. Stupid competitive community can have this game all to themselves.

    • Treliazz Eliazz

      I will be mad, It might be a waw M1 in zombie but in multiplayer, because they love torching us

      • dereck

        the M1 kinda sucked in world at war but the m1a1…that was a beast!

    • Yeah that would be ridiculous. I hope they buff the M30 Luftwaffe shotgun, Sawed Off shotgun, and Bren LMG.

  • Dom XL wtf? just change the damn points to 100 in the regular dom playlist

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      I’d rather 50 or maybe change to 75.

      Scorestreak spam was horrible in older Domination games and i wouldn’t want that back again.

      • ccrows

        Run the Flak Guns streak, and make dat crazy money, my good man… 🙂

      • jt3z

        Then go play TDM then.

        • Thomas the Tankswag

          Which is a completely different gamemode to dom and has no objectives other than kills.

          Go play advanced warfare if you like scorestreaks.

          • That’s like the worst game for scorestreaks Lola they are weak as hell

            Shows to me you likely didn’t get very many

          • jt3z

            Thats probably why he doesnt like them.

          • Elite Predator

            Wait, to me is sounds like you have a problem with killstreaks, as a thing in general? So why are you playing Call Of Duty? That’s how they reinvented the game back in CoD 4 and Modern Warfare 2 was the mastery of what they created, 💬duh😕

          • Because he can’t get them nor prevent the enemy from getting them so he constantly gets bullied by streaks all the time. Nerf them and he can still do bad without getting killed by them.

          • Elite Predator


        • Elite Predator

          He’s right scorestreaks take less skill. They need to bring back killstreaks so they’re not fast and easy to get where every player is just exploits points from capturing objectives used to give us 200 points per capture and a little less bonus of that per kill while standing on it. But I disagree anyway Black Ops III was fun even devestating streaks we were capable of fighting back from. Just gotta run to a safe distance when the rap balls that explodes come inbound.

          • I’d agree mostly with you apart from the RAPs, which almost ruined Black Ops 3 for me. The amount of times I’d join a game where I was already being totally dominated and RAPS were everywhere, constantly spawn killing you. It was just such a terrible, OP idea for a streak. “Let’s take the Dogs from WaW but turn them into spinning death machines that explode”. Ughh.

            GI Unit too… I mean if it were more like the Paratroopers in WWII but a little more powerful it wouldn’t be so bad, but that thing was an absolute death machine.

          • Elite Predator

            What about the War machine, lmao the Specialists were so dope with what we could do in that game. It remains one of the best Cod games because the Ripper abilities and suav movement with the ripper, wall running dashing. That game was so fuckin epic, and took a lot of skill using the game to it’s fullest capabilities totally needed a player who knows his way around the sexy designed maps that just play so perfect with your chain-based combo part of the movement system. It was so sexy, and they need to remaster Black ops III and Black Ops II for the players in the audience next gen. They were quite favored and popular man, could happen as a side project knowing they’re going to focus boots on the ground at least for a couple of games.

          • TheAdversary

            Specialists were by far one of the worst additions to a CoD game. The whole concept of it is mind-bogglingly terrible. I’d rather see the return of deathstreaks if it means we don’t get any more Specialist abilities/support streaks.

          • Elite Predator

            Well they worked well with the chain based movement and in my preference I had no problem against players using and felt it wasn’t ground breaking at all. It’s crazy how Infinite Warfare fanboys don’t see how broken the phantom was where you can get out of sight hide in a corner and anticipate your enemy’s last location is more game breaking than anything in Black Ops III. Everything was OP but also we had jetpacks and all this crazy shit just added to more fun and what we’re capable of doing. In my defense, Infinite Warfare had the worst map designs that leveled out the playing field making the experience the same of what we were burnt on, and it was less fun to play. And my favorite Call Of Duty game is Black Ops don’t care if yours or who stands with you is a Modern Warfare fan. I simply didn’t play the Multiplayer for Modern Warfare 3 and the first one but I do find Ghosts a good build of Call Of Duty, and CoD slowed down bcuz Infinity Ward were the lead of the franchise with Treyarch always behind them making a universe of their own style and strategy picking up the formula, thus picking up wall running and jetpacks after Titanfall. So with my knowledge I’m not the new kid who likes Black Ops III I’ve always played Call Of Duty

          • TheAdversary

            That’s not the problem. The issue is within the concept of Specialist. It rewards players with a devastating streak whether they deserve it or not. It’s the worst culmination of noob pandering that has been implemented in CoD, and it definitely shows now that I look back on it. Players in a single match of TDM can earn anywhere from 2-3 Specialist weapons, which are effectively free kills even in the hands of vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you can handle it. What matters is that the system is designed to reward even the worst possible players, just to blur the lines between a shit player and a good player. At the very least deathstreaks had to be earned to take effect, and didn’t always benefit the user.

          • Elite Predator

            Well that’s honestly just your perception, my take of it is I was more worried about the idea of specialists before the game came out. Like I said, wallrunning, dash to the ground, jetpack in the air, it just added seasoning to the steak, an extra element in the experience that was rapid, fast paced, controlled. I had no problem with noobs having a piece of the pie, the experience that they payed for. And CoD 4 is so punishing to the losing team, and specialists were supposed to be a one time thing to add fun and crazy shit to the same formula

          • Elite Predator

            Excuse me on the behalf of your statement with death streaks, does martyrdom ring a bell in your memory? Bcuz it sure as hell in the aspect of gaming ever gonna be something I forget for how rage enducing it was. How exactly, your comment isn’t making any sense. Death streaks never took earn rate other than dying over and MW 3 introduced support streaks you might be thinking that.

          • TheAdversary

            I don’t die to Martyrdom nearly as often as I am killed by a super-weapon with heavy amounts of aim-assist. People seem to give BO3 a free pass simply because it’s Treyarch and their last CoD games were the best in the series. BO3 has the potential to be great, but was ruined by a mechanic that rewards players equally whether they earn it or not. I can do nothing and get myself a war machine, or a lightning gun that’ll garuantee me 2-6 kills. MW3 support utilized a similar trashy concept, but at least the player had to be capable of getting the kills required for their support streaks. And yes, deathstreaks were an annoyance, but they required that a player be legitimately bad at the game or extremely unlucky to take effect. As stated earlier, I’ll accept the return of deathstreaks if CoD gets rid of the “support streak” mechanic.

          • I think this is my view on BO3. As much as I enjoyed it, I never really fell in love with it. Advanced Warfare I loved and really, really enjoyed, but BO3 didn’t have that same impact.

            People seem to think that Infinity Ward gave up trying, SHG promise greatness but ruin the franchise and Treyarch come to save the day, and I just don’t think it’s that straightforward.

            If Treyarch come out with Black Ops 4 and it’s closer to BO3 than it is to WWII then SHG will end up being my favourite of the 3 (unpopular opinion, but both their games I’ve loved so far).

          • It was definitely different, by the end I was so sick of Specialists though haha. Half the time I struggled to get the hang of the new abilities, plus I hated how they dumbed down the character customisation that AW had and restricted it to a few characters with set outfits. It did definitely take a lot of skill to get used to BO3 and they perfected the advanced movement system AW started, but I’m glad SHG took it back to basics. I just hope Treyarch do what they did with BO3 and take what SHG did, but innovate and perfect it again.

          • Mike C

            Black Ops 3 was watered-down trash. And for you to equate specialist weapons with skill is absurd. Ripper indeed! Press X to win.

          • Elite Predator

            But that’s your opinion tho. Like I said, with wall running and jet packs, dashing, the whole movement and chaining it together with well designed maps, the specialists just made the game more exploding. By anything, the first Black Ops just the feel and overall animations are beautiful and I would say it’s a much preffered game over BO III

          • Caleb Watson

            Yea but it took almost 1300 and 1600 score to get, not an easy task, CoD was founded upon the idea of overpowered streaks that rewarded good players heavily, lesser streaks is part of the all inclusive thing CoD has going on right now and its one of the reasons its declining

      • It was, but the streaks in this game are no where near as OP as in other games, so that doesn’t bug me too much. Honestly if more people actually bothered to use launchers it wouldn’t be such a problem any way (I finally stopped using launchers for the first time yesterday and no one shot down a single recon plane in hardcore, so annoying).

  • ccrows

    Dom 100? Spectator bug fix? K98 finally nerfed? I am very happy ATM! 🙂

    * Oh wait.. We’re at that point in the COD cycle where it’s not cool to like the current COD. OK.. I got this *

    Fix your game Sledgehammer! You suck!… *whew*

    • Ernestina

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    • Elite Predator

      Exactly people are so corny and fucking retarded😄, it makes me cringe

    • Former

      Yeah, let’s wait until they actually fix stuff before we get excited. We both know SHG will fuck something up.

  • jt3z

    Too little too late. And it still seems like they are gonna let sprint out times stay the same SAD!

  • Nick

    No matter what they do, they’ll never make the cod community happy.

    • Elite Predator

      >Community will never be happy

      The word you’re thinking of, you just can’t get it right. They can’t make everybody happy. They can either make their new players happy, or never have sold out this franchise and stopped reinventing the formula without jetpacks like how CoD did with CoD 4, and MW 2 was a mastery of what they invented in the first one

  • Mick

    They also mentioned something about the FG-42 getting rebalanced or whatever? I honestly thought the FG-42 was fine the way it was before. It’s still good now but I prefer the old version. I hope this update and new event coming soon really does change the game for the better.

    • You mad huh?

      higher fire rate. but the weapon is great as it is and not many people use it. reminds me of the man-o-war

      • Mick

        They may increase the fire rate slightly. I could have sworn Michael Condrey addressed this on Reddit that they were a bit “harsh” with the new change to the FG-42 and they would balance so it could compete with the other rifles such as the STG-44 and BAR.

  • You mad huh?

    wait a sec? is SHG actually listening to the paying customers?!

    • Felix Plante

      Wait for the weapon balance tuning. If they tuned them the way “pro” players wanted, then it means nothing.

      • jt3z

        That all they seem to care about if you look at them doing nothing but reply to the pro/youtubers. Oh well all i can hope for is Treyarc to save us from this madness.

  • Asian Butterfly

    Drop dead COD . You dont give a FUCK about the pc version

    • Elite Predator

      I don’t blame them, they make no money off PC port a majority of the PC users just pirate everything unless it’s on Steam, and Steam’s dead for CoD bcuz CoD sucks ass lmao

      • RdJokr

        You’re insane if you think piracy causes problems for COD on PC. The only thing you can play with a pirated copy is campaign (and local play for any game that actually supports it on PC).

  • Cj

    All this but still cant fix the constant freezing in game problem.

  • Why do they need to “test” it?

    • Subaru

      So they can have an excuse not to add it fully, I don’t really want it regardless but it’s pretty obvious they most likely won’t add it in full time and are only doing this as a way to try and chill the people who are mad about it for the time being.

      “We tested it, the data shows it isn’t beneficial”

  • So Domination might actually be fun now?

  • Subaru

    Some people are never happy, thanks Sledgehammer for FINALLY listening.

  • I was reading this on Reddit earlier and I’m very pleased. I always knew it’d come, just wish it came sooner to silence all the whining fannies that think Condrey is Hitler because he didn’t respond to their messages.

    When the spectator glitch is fixed the game will be spot on for me, so really excited for this, and the events they’re mentioning too.

    Dom 100 is great too, I don’t see what difference the playlist will make though other than the fact that everyone will play that over regular Dom for the extra points… why not just up the points on regular Dom and everyone is happy!

  • Diego Diniz

    Defending a Bunker LIKE A BOSS!!!

    • i hope you understand that when you self advertise where nobody cares or wants you to, the only traffic you gain from doing this is negative.

  • Don’t want to jinx it because it’s probably not happened yet and just coincidence, but tonight was the first time I didn’t get the spectator bug once.

  • Preachaaah

    @Asian Butterfly why you’re wondering. CoD is a console game they also have the contract with playstation its normal that they prefer the ones who they have contracts with.

  • Marcus Clark

    No spawn fixes?

  • Stewart Mallin

    Is there a fourth war game in ww11 ?.

  • Matthew Bellows

    looking forward to it, but i dont have a problem with domination at 50.

  • Mat Coffidis

    I’d be happy with unlock tokens when I prestige in zombies. I’m almost at 2nd prestige, but I don’t want/need another create a class option…