In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has provided an explanation about the ADS time out of sprint in Call of Duty: WWII and stated that SHG will not be making any changes to it in the ‘short term.’

Condrey says that previous Call of Duty games had a Dexterity perk which became a ‘crutch’ perk that all players would use to increase ADS time out sprint. SHG did not want to have a ‘crutch’ perk that all players would use. They did have a Basic Training with Dexterity function in testing, but decided against adding it.

In past Call of Duty games the Dexterity perk made the ADS time out of sprint faster, in some cases +50% faster than without dexterity. This made it a crutch perk and by far the most used perk in those games. We initially had a Basic Training that offered this functionality, but found that it was once again being chosen much more often than the other options presented. When there’s a “crutch” perk like this, it results in a non-choice for players since they feel they need to take that perk or Basic Training just to be competitive. This problem was exacerbated with our Divisions CAC system which promotes a more focused playstyle through a sole, meaningful Basic Training choice rather than a multi-choice Pick system.

Additionally, a main design pillar we had in this game was “boots on the ground in a WW2 era.” That meant more than just not having boost jump and an arsenal of speed buffs; it also meant a return to an overall more strategic and slower pace of conflict. The removal of boost / thrust also gave us predictable places from which threats could appear, and a more consistent closing speed between players. The question for us became, “Do we want a crutch perk that also makes the game play faster?” Our answer was no.

Because they wanted to fully return to the roots with this game, they ended up having the ADS time out of sprint match the standard ADS time and not offer any ability to reduce the time other than using quickdraw, which Condrey says is one of the most used attachments.

We decided to make the ADS time out of sprint the same as the normal ADS time and not offer a means to make it faster. We do have the Quickdraw attachment, which makes ADS speed faster across the board and, as you can imagine, it’s super popular. A dexterity perk + quickdraw attachment “crutch combo’ just didn’t work for our design ambitions and game feel for WWII.

Internally, Condrey says there was some discussion about a possible buff to the ADS time out of sprint for Airborne Division, but they decided against this because they did not want all players using Airborne and turn the game into a SMG heavy meta.

We have discussed a buff to ADS sprint out times for Airborne, but we already have an SMG heavy meta and we’re not convinced that’s the best option for the game. I don’t think a Dexterity Basic Training is either. Perhaps a new movement focused Division, with other trade-offs built in, would be a future option (but don’t hold us to that).

I’m sure for some people this will go down like a lead ballon. Given everything we see across all players, regions, game modes, skill levels, etc, we’re definitely listening here but not acting on any sprint out changes in the short term. Hope this update helps provide context, if nothing more.

SOURCE: Reddit

  • From what I hear in this interview, they wanted the classic system because reasons–regardless of how it’s extremely slow and doesn’t work well.

    Here’s an idea: Make fast ADS, fast ADS sprint out, and fast movement while in ADS default without the need to equip anything. In other words, no more quickdraw, no more stock, and no more fast hands.

    • jt3z

      Stop it theyll just do the opposite and make sprint out times even slower lol. These guys refuse to listen to the community, hell check the reddit post theres nothing but hate for their decision.

      • SHG have this terrible habit of sticking to their vision regardless if it works or not. They’d rather keep the game terrible than do something basically the entire fanbase wants.

  • PoonjabMcDaddy

    I understand taking away “super soldier” abilities but being able to aim quickly out sprint is not one of those. And I definitely understand not wanting crutches in the game – so improve it across the board! Not that difficult FFS!

    At the very least just fix the damn Quickdraw+Gunslinger bug where you lose the ADS benefit if you don’t start shooting before you aim!

    • Jessica

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      • AC

        Catherine? Your name was Carolyn last week. Lying whore.

  • Elite Predator

    I’m officially coming back to be playing this game in the short run, possibly around DLC one it’ll feel like brand new after a month besides recently replaying the Campaign to judge the missions and story after completing the first run on Veteren. I feel like I’m getting way more out of the story than I did at glance inconsistencies of it.

    Anyways, I’m really happy about that. This tells me they’re also taking this type of game play in affect to map designs. This’ll give it a more grounded experience, with recoil. Welcome back

  • jt3z

    Only thing that would have brought me back to the game. Oh well ill just wait for the only decent COD makers in Treyarc to make an actual decent COD. This game caters to campers way to much and this would have gone a long way into fixing that.

  • Bryce Dietze

    Why not just reduce the time in general, not specific to perks or attachments? Take it 0.2 seconds across the board.

    I play run and gun style, I find it terribly difficult to do, I’m forced to stop running and zoom in on high traffic areas before I hit them otherwise I can’t ads fast enough against campers, where historically I would have no issues.

    • Yeah, I’m with you man. I’m primarily working on getting shotguns gold right now, and before each round I pray for Pointe Du Hoc LOL.

      • Bryce Dietze

        Ya, I hit post I realized point du hoc and london docks kind of have alternative paths. But nothing like, say for example, highrise from MW2. I argue it’s one of the best maps of all time. The whole top level is head to head lots of angles, but you got running lanes below that able to come up in the middle of the map or on the other side.

        All that being said, I can’t think of a map I hated in MW2. Where as, I can only think of the 2 before mentioned being “ok” lay outs.

        Ardeenes forest is one of the worst, no running lanes, 3 paths covered by multiple camping spots with a nasty spawn trap on either side. In my opinion one of the worst maps ever made.

  • ccrows

    I mainly Run N Gun/Flank when I play COD. I used to rely on QD/RU perks all the time, but it was a “habit” that I noticed that I was relying on too much. (some may even call it a crutch IDK whatever)

    Since Ghosts, I’ve tapered off that stuff a lot. Sure it was hard at first (and sometimes I still use it from time to time) but it’s not relying on it like I did in BO2.

    (IMO) Once you learn how to rush and flank without that stuff. It opens the door for more variety/options, and makes you a better player, since you’re not as limited in your class setups… *shrugs*

    • Elite Predator

      So what are you saying bro?? Are you with older Call Of Duty style, think MW 2, the first Black ops, eliminating the crutch rush-in class is the next best thing to get this franchise relevent again, thus truly appreciate the design of the older games, takes a lot look how linear the maps are today. Bcuz they’ve been listening to these faggot ass rush-in set up players.

  • TheAdversary

    There are still an abundance of crutches in this CoD. Hell, I’ve made it a point to use nothing but Infantry IV + Lookout, since there’s no combination of in-game choices that benefit the player more than being able to see enemies from extreme distances, strafing quickly, having extra ammo and another attachment for my primary. The balancing is much worse than it was in any other CoD because there are even fewer viable options for players to utilize. All manner of play styles are Nerfed in this CoD, from rushing to camping, as well as anywhere in-between. Weapons like the Lewis, the MG42, the M1 Garand, the BAR, the Thompson, the PPSH, the Kar98, the P08 and the Combat shotgun are objectively much better to use than their contemporary options, making the game play much less varied. As a result, the game becomes a droning experience, because SHG are trying to whittle away at these supposed crutches, opening the game up for different class setups that become the norm crutch setups.

  • Wetty Fap – Not The 3rd

    So basically this game is fucked.

    Ok. Time to take my ass back to infinite warfare.

  • Unclecoon

    But QuickDraw doesn’t work anyway unless you’re not sprinting… which everyone does

    • lunator100hd .

      All these were poor excuses to hide the true reason, they just want to temper down the skill gap in this game, they don’t want the experienced rushers running around with an smg slaying everything in their path, noobs need to keep playing and spending money, this is why maps are so terrible and scortsreaks are bad.

      • Elite Predator

        Bro, that’s what’s been ruining Call Of Duty. This is the right direction, I’ve long awaited this and I’m so happy. Think about what you just said, ever since they added that rush-in class everybody been playing the same classes, and it affects map design. I really see how bad they’ve directed Cod and I’m proud they’re not afraid to revert that. I look back at the older games, and that’s what made Call Of Duty so great!!!

        • lunator100hd .

          Soon enough only you and a couple of faze-wannabes kids will be playing cod, IW and SHG are getting worst and worst with every release, snipers and shotguns are more and more annoying as the ARs/smgs getting nerfed every year with various ways, they keep nerfing the things that make ppl move so the noob who only knows how to shoot in a corner has a fair chance, if this the cod you want then by all means have fun with ww2, im enjoying mw remastered more because my AR/smg in this game is not a pee shooter, 99% of the time im gonna kill a sniper from close range.

          • Elite Predator

            Well to be fair, I haven’t been that involved in this CoD, so I don’t really know what’s been going on other than Infinite Warfare’s atrocious snipers although jet packs doesn’t justify the quickness and aim assist, sniping was actually easy if aiming towards a soldier at the ground.

            Idk what era you’re from man, I’m just saying that the newer games have basic knowledge to the maps, and that CoD has steered from what’s made the older games like the first Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 so great. It’s crazy that I still prefer Black Ops over WW II, both use the same formula, Black Ops just has a sexy pace, and really amazing maps bro I can go back and play that game for days, all night. I’m crying inside bcuz of how fun my experience with that game is gone. Honestly, the newer cod doesn’t even match and it has the same formula. The maps are honestly good in this game, but they aren’t unique, it’s not enough to make each map look and play different.

            Think Summit, I actually like Havanna, think firing range. Dude it’s all of the maps. And Black Ops III is so basic as well. The only good thing about that game was that it wasn’t afraid to go crazy with specialists with different abilities or weapons with the jetpacks and wallrunning, it was all controlled, fast paced, the things I was capable of doing chaining a combo in the movement left the feeling in the experience unforgettable. Infinite Warfare was just a less fun version of that. The maps were more basic in Infinite Warfare it had everybody maneavering in three lanes with no strategy in play. I think Infinite Warfare caused me brain damage bcuz of how easy it was spanking noobs. Just jumping and running around, and all these new kids glorify the fuck out of that game like we weren’t able to pick the controller and play it. BO III took more skill, which with maps and movement was burnt as well by the end it’s cycle. But nooo, everybody’s just a hater, accordingly.

          • Elite Predator

            Like, I haven’t played this game (besides literally one game and another just the other day, and couldn’t even finish the match) since the beginning of December.

            I didn’t even get on for Christmas noobs. Nothing about this multiplayer interests me. The little experience it had in War is so November ago. This game is over for me. Been Rainbow Six, and many interesting Single Player games with worlds beyond what this game can offer me. Everything about this game I already experienced before, the multiplayer is so shallow. How are you really even still playing it?

            The only difference between this game and I’m talking botg Cods only since this is reiterating that expectation, is this one feels like Cod in a shell my dude. Specifically speaking with the maps, the gun play and graphics are actually pretty good. But don’t get it twisted, the worst part is how casual the fuckin gun play is, and you have the fucking nerve to not see this while dare to call me a faze wannabe? Reflecting in the mirror there?

          • Elite Predator

            Dude, this cod is so November ago. I’m actually grown out of CoD, unless it’s the first Black Ops. And you sound like you don’t like Shotguns, you’re ass for that. Call Of Duty stopped being good when they made the game a fair and casual experience. Assault Rifles, and SMGs mainly dominant is ass. You sound like one of those players, a twitch shooter, a faze wannabe,and I don’t even have this game installed to my hard drive the only thing WW II esque about this game is the Campaign.

          • Elite Predator

            Oh you wanna play rough?

            -Casual Gunplay
            -Linear maps/Basic Knowledge
            -Good graphics
            -Sprint out time doesn’t require experience, let alone a thoughtful approach.
            -Shotguns are fun
            -Bad shotguns/less variety

            Overall, I dropped this game for better games long before you could call me a faze wannabe, faggot.

          • Aridax

            ^ You sir are the type of person who needs to have a “Tactical” approach to do good in an arcade like FPS. Call of Duty is only big because of the competitive scene . You and half of the scrub ass community are why the competitive scene are going to shit and ruining Call of Duty. have a good day.

          • Elite Predator

            Yo stfu, you’re so immature.

          • Elite Predator

            Ah, the typical twitch shooter who made cod go to shit for years is now calling me a scrub. Dude, reading your comment gave me brain damage, I can’t fathom.

          • Elite Predator

            Yeah just run and spray bro, let them design your maps for that shit playstyles too. Let Assault Rifles and SMGs be the most used/viable classes. Like you’re gonna sit here and tell me what Call Of Duty is… I’m not from your era kid so stfu with your trash talking. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Fuck your garbage playstyle too. All you care about is your balance, that’s why maps are so linear, and Gunplay is casual, but you complain about ads time, man stfu and eat a dick.

          • I wouldn’t say they’re buffing snipers. They certainly weren’t OP in Ghosts, AW, BO3 and IW. Shotguns were especially piss poor in those games besides BO3, but it was mostly the Brecci that was stupid OP.

          • Elite Predator

            Dude, anything developers do that get scrubs like this out of their comfort zone they immediately start twitching and act like cunts about it. The best thing they can do is drop the new traditional formula and go back to what made Call Of Duty great. Not these garbage ass scrubs that came years later into the making. And that’s where I stand. My dude, if anything in this game doesn’t stand out to you what’s wrong with it, CoD is doomed. The maps are so linear, and I think they were going to pander on the twitch player’s set up, and upon delivering the game and designing the maps in mind, but reverted back where they want players to take a more strategic approach. The thing is, for this game the damage has already been done. And I just don’t see the need to act salty with others without hearing them out first, called me names. Which his play style is the twitchy faze wanna be. Dude I’ve wanted this change since I went back to playing the first Black Ops and still wish I had my Xbox. Bcuz right now I’m playing anything besides the last three Call Of Duty games. This run and gun era is coming to an end. And anybody who stands against how the first Black Ops game was great for, take a look at how unique the game offered in experiences with each map. All WW II maps are close quarters bro, further proof that they did design these maps to pander SMG users. This cocksucker is so shallow.

          • Elite Predator

            Dude, anything developers do that get scrubs like this out of their comfort zone they immediately start twitching and act like cunts about it. The best thing they can do is drop the new traditional formula and go back to what made Call Of Duty great. The maps are already close quartered, and upon beta feedback with SMGs were the most dominant, and I think they were going to pander on the twitch player’s set up, with a linear experience bcuz of how small the maps are. It’s not so much as run and gunning a fundamental issue inside the game, they’re pushing SMGs back bcuz unfortunately it’s all that they could do and note while this is short term, subject to change upon releasing better maps to fit universal playstyles. SMGs would be the most dominant class if they increased it’s ads like how Lunator clearly thinks only for himself. Fuck that asshole. Such a shallow cunt.

          • Elite Predator

            Anyways, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t play WW II. I’m just seeing the mindset of this community, and knowing that Treyarch knows where to go. I just know their next game is going to take a big leap in skill map. That will range in map logic, and gunplay. Bcuz Fortnite, R6 is where the real CoD players left to play, not this casual shit that makes 5 year olds jizz in their pants and feel good about themselves. Have you noticed some of the weapons sound exactly like the KF 5? That speaks volumes to me

          • lunator100hd .

            WW2 snipers are the worst i have seen since bo2, also the maps are bad too, im out.

          • You have to pretty damn bad at the game to not find the Springfield or Kar98 pretty strong.

          • Elite Predator

            Yeah, thanks for calling me a twitch wanna be. I think you underestimate how OP SMGs will be dominant in almost every gun battle if they did as you requested. Almost all these maps are close quarters focused. Somehow having the fastest agility, exploiting linear maps doesn’t seem broken. I guess I can’t change your mind. Sorry I bothered.

      • Elite Predator

        Dude, your logic is so horrible that this main idea has gotten more popular it’s starting to scare me. An experienced rusher for your arrogance, doesn’t need much experience bcuz it’s a twitch shooter. That’s what rammed Call Of Duty to the dirt. That’s a faze player, I can’t believe you try to justify how forgiving that set up is to a rusher. They aren’t experienced, it doesn’t require a thoughtful approach. It’s players like you who developers been pandering to for years and it doesn’t matter to me I already moved on to better engines, better gunplay, better experiences. So you can talk it up how shitty a person I am, but you’re really just a sad twitch shooting cunt about it. I know it’s not going to last, bcuz of the popular vote, players like you. The casual base, fuck the minorities. Thinking you’re entitled to second chances in a gun fights and cry bcuz horrible map designs just doesn’t work in your favor (WW II)

      • Carl Dissmeyer

        You know what all the complaints from so called pro gamers sound like to me? They sound like a bunch of whiny b*tches that are upset they aren’t beasting at this game like they didn’t on the previous COD. What? You mean it’s a different game with different parameters? Say it ain’t so! Wah wah wah. And all I hear from y’all is “change the game back to the way I could pick at the low hanging fruit and own every match.” Stfu.

        • Elite Predator

          These are the same players who called Ghosts trash, when Ghosts had a much bigger skill gap in maps, and weapon control. And if you look how awful Infinite Warfare turned out, not because it was a third game with advanced movement in a row, we’re just haters, we just suck at the game. We weren’t burnt out, it’s incredibly low performance in sales wasn’t good enough for them to understand players know what they want. To the point CEO of Activision said it himself that Infinite Warfare wasn’t the success that they had intended for it, while they brought back all the stuff players hate, variants in Supply Drops, with a better system than AW and introduced salvage, gave us free weapons only bcuz it’s player base was so low once we got leaderboards we’re only ranking in the top 10,000 or we just can’t see our world rank period, it’s that sad. Infinite Warfare was just a space skin with improved visuals but basic knowledge for the maps were literally a child’s play. Minecraft is more creative and engaging than that game was. And I blame it all on this side of the community bcuz they steered Activision, and Infinity Ward was already in trouble.

          Bro this is the real story, many of the old players overtime stopped buying the games through each release, the replacement got fleshed out with newcomers. Any old school fan of Call Of Duty would prefer the first Black Ops over the second. Sure Ghosts wasn’t a Modern Warfare game, but it was hella fun and I won’t say it’s better than Black Ops 2 bcuz both are completely different in pace and style. Players just went back to Black Ops 2 bcuz Ghosts just wasn’t working out for them, and now we have Infinite Warfare, while SHG is being called incompetent for going by personal designers instinct. In the end, this cocksucker (Lunator) is delusional because he actually thinks his twitchy play style is actually tactical and he thinks it takes skill look at the maps, how linear they’ve become. And this run and gun shit has been the leading fucking cause, SO EXCUSE ME, IF I’M PERHAPS A LITTLE AGITATED. Kinda sick and tired of bitches getting their way.

        • Elite Predator

          He’s just mad bcuz the pew pew twitch shooter is being forced out of his casual approach, the thing is, the maps in this game were designed close quarters and they reverted the changes in the beta, it was too late.

        • lunator100hd .

          Yeah nice try sir, the maps are trash , the way the spawn works you arent make sense ether, snipers are ridiculous and smgs are underpowered, have with this game, im leaving, i dont wanna play this shit anymore, im probably better than you so a game that caters to scrubs as all you want, then have fun.

          • Carl Dissmeyer

            Yeah the maps are definitely trash and the spawns suck bad… but everything else is all horseshit. You’d rather cry your ass off about how a game isn’t built for your trolling ass style of play instead of just leaving and shutting up. You’re a sweaty moron.

          • lunator100hd .

            I have sold after 2 weeks, you really think im still playing that garbage, im pretty sure over half of the community has already given up on ww2. BO1 has more ppl playing than this, thats how bad it is.

        • Erthqake

          I totally agree with you, all this bullshit is pathetic, from so called pro gamers, and so called super stars of the game. They just want stuff to give them advantages. It’s the perks and attachments that make them NOT ANY KIND OF SKILL. Stop your fu–ing crying, and play the game as is, or just don’t play it at all, makes no difference to the rest of us which one you do.

  • See this is the difference between 3arc and SHG

    Treyarch sees Toughness as a crutch perk so they remove it entirely, but make it built in.

    SHG sees Dexterity as a crutch perk so they just remove it entirely instead of being built in.

    Also find it kind of funny that during development they saw Toughness as perfectly fine, but not Dexterity. I’d rather have Infinity Ward than SHG at this point.

    • Yeah, at least Infinity Ward listened to community. These guys at SHGames are hella stubborn.

    • Elite Predator

      Starting to see your point. It’s either with or without I’m seeing it now. I was thinking crutch, since as far my memory can go back for, I’ve long wanted it gone, but the game has to have good mechanics. I feel some of the weapons in Black Ops III and it feels like I’m not holding a weapon in my hand, aside from quite an amount telling me otherwise. The sprint mechanic, and ads in Ghosts feels fluent and fast pace. I think that’s a good pace when using the perk, but next year I totally see Treyarch unlocking it from a specific perk. It can return but it has to be like the first Black Ops did have a quick draw perk from a pro upgrade I didn’t even use it so I can’t remember under which perk was quick draw an additional upgrade to one of the original perks. Anyways, with the ads time I didn’t even know the first Black Ops had quickdraw as a pro perk till I reached second prestige. Lmfao

  • “dexterity perk + quickdraw attachment “crutch combo’ just didn’t work for our design ambitions and game feel for WWII.”

    These guys say they want the game to feel like World War 2 yet these are same devs that allows you to play as a black female German. This reasoning is stupid.

    • Elite Predator

      Wow, it’s like you read my mind. While I was trying to understand that today has a wider female player base and so it’s fucked up and would feel disinclusive but why didn’t they just say that from the start. Bcuz all I hear is how they wanted to capture the war, and I’m convinced the Campaign does an excellent job for the big notes, supposedly we’re playing on real land reimagined, the weapons shoot and feel like they should, better graphics, they don’t fuckin shy from Racism, Black and German party in
      references, a rape scene, Swastikas feel appropriate, theand their Zombies and Multiplayer is a whole other dimension and arena

  • Matthew Bellows

    talk about a strong opinion here, though i’ve never really had a problem with it, i do understand why he doesn’t want it changed., i’ll agree dexterity was the best park in that category in black ops 2. a crutch? no just very helpful, and definitely made gun fights easier. i dont seem to have a problem with the gun fights recently just have to make sure i’m aware of what’s it front of me, QD has always been an attachment of choice but sometimes i try to go without it. good on you condrey, you actually make sense.

  • Elite Predator

    Idky people have a problem about this. This is the best direction to head this series into. Back to a grounded experience and feel of the weapons, with a more thoughtful approach better than a 5 year old Jimmy running into a corridor (rush-in) needs to die.

    In the event, going back to the first Black Ops, the game just played so well, linear strategy, had your gadgets played a more useful role, with a legendary and yet lively artwork like jungle, and the graphics/art better than all of the games today. Today is just sprint and shoot, it has gotten repetitive

    This whole “run and gun” is what’s making CoD feel like a twitch shooter, and tbh I’m happy about this change. Because I wanted it to go back since before the first Black Ops went backwards compatible (sold my Xbox One) so please, understand before they revert the changes for you c***suckers

  • AC

    So with this “boots on the ground” idea behind WWII, tell me how people can still bunny hop over gunfire.