Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey has posted an update on Reddit that there will be updates for shotguns coming to Call of Duty: WWII in the near future. There will be nerfs for some weapons and buffs for other shotguns, Condrey confirmed.

Here’s what they are planning to do:

  • Nerf the range of the Combat Shotgun (nerf by -20), so it will be net +30 range
  • Buff to the M21 Sawed-Off Shotgun
    • Testing out changes to either the reload time or increasing the range

SOURCE: Reddit

  • Meh

    Just the sawed off? Not the other DB? When the majority asked for both from the very beginning
    But it’s easy to change the M1 when hardly anyone asked for it 🙂

    • Skillreks

      That’s true, but the sawed off is the worst one by far. at least the DB has a bit more range. and an attachment that lets you snipe unsuspecting people with it

      • ccrows

        Couldn’t agree with you more, with all of that.

        Camo challenges are much easier on the other DB…

      • Jessica

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    • Hxcktic

      Their buffs/nerfs are mainly targeted towards comp who cares about pubs?

    • I Don’t Read replies(So Dance)

      So most of the community is hardly anyone?

  • Emre

    All the shotguns need huge buffing.
    More damage and range and quicker reload.

    • You mad huh?

      the toggle action needs damage and the double barrels need range and faster reloading(without hustle).

    • Legion DC

      and stack all that with incendiary rounds??? you lost your mind

  • Elite Predator

    Yeah I’m definitely not coming back to this game. One of the many fun components in this game was sitting back, and pulling out my baby on many of the maps. This is so fuckin garbage -20 range to now +30, that’s cutting half it’s range, I fuckin hate these players who bitch about every death I never had a problem used against me. Just play the game, have fun and stfu. Now it all comes down to automatic weapons, ooh I’m so fuckin with this, so pissed they listen to the side of players bitching about it, I hate their opinion. What was wrong with the Combat shotgun? It wasn’t OP, makes me wanna cry 😭❤

  • Elite Predator

    Wow they’re cutting the range 20 and leaving it at 30. So that’s 2/3 range cut from where it’s going to stand. This is something wrong they are listening to the players that eat SMGs and automatics. From my experience, shotguns are a key component to any shooter. Who the hell likes using the same classes all the time is ruining it for map designs and what’s more viable in a gunfight. I fucking hate that!!!!

    This just discourages me further from coming back and playing this game again. Glad I left, and left it to the SMGs and automatics community. You can go fuck yourself with it.

    • EldtinbGamer

      They arent making the range 30. They are cutting 20 of so it will be(original range+50(last buff)-20(this nerf). So it will still be a 30 increase over the earlier version.

    • Jay

      Or you could stop dick riding the combat shotgun like a fucking bitch, only thing worse than homos that ise the combat shotgun are gay cunt that use the kar98k (gonna love this new patch)

      • Elite Predator

        Lmao. You’re gonna hate me for this, but I was having a blast with it all the time, I use everything but once you get bored if the same set up and run, you’re going to appreciate variety in gun classes that actually offer more game play

      • Igor Araujo

        Someone’s been rushing a lot and dying a lot lately lol

  • Andy

    Enough with all the “pro scene” bullshit. Remember the mw2 days when every gun was op and fun to use. Spas 12 as secondary, akimbo rangers, the fal, scar h, tar 21 were some of all times favourite. Just make a separate build of the game for “pro bitches” and don’t mess around with the public playlists. Activision should not forget that 90% of their profits come straight from the public scene by buying their game, season pass, dlcs and supply drops so Condrey be advised: don’t make the masses unhappy or only the pro players will remain playing your game.

    • I miss the MW2 days very much. I miss all the fun and OP shit in the game Call of Duty use to have. So fun and satisfying

      • lunator100hd .

        I wasn’t care about shotguns or snipers or noob tubes, like use whatever you want bitch, i will take a silenced UMP45 with marathon any day of the week over them, in mw2 you could play however you want and still be effective because everything had potential if you knew how to play with, now its all about 2-3 guns and 2-3 perks that work, everything else are garbage.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          True, making these the shittiest weakest guns in COD history is what’s causing them all these balancing headaches. They shouldn’t nerf the Garand they should just buff everything else up.

  • I was hoping shotgun buffs were coming, especially the Sawed-Off! Also, I got the Combat Shotgun to gold last week, so I’m glad they waited to nerf it LOL. 🙂

  • curi0us

    Good. The sawed off is complete trash. At least the reload time would make it tolerable.

    • Tahmidul Amin

      I can deal with the reload but getting hitmarkers when an enemy is pointblank range is the moat frustrating thing ever.

  • TheAdversary

    Incendiary rounds was a stupid fucking idea which made the shotties weak as hell in the first place. SHG should find something much better to use as an ability for shotgun users, but that won’t actually happen.

    • Eddie Tupy

      ya something that increases the fucking range!
      i want spas12 lmao

  • NicoAllen

    buff toggle action

  • John Smith

    @micheal condrey…. you cannot try to tell us your listening to the community when the number 1 thing that keeps been asked for, and now the community is begging for is being completely ignored.

    We want you to make small changes here to help promote player movement around the map, which is very much needed, but the disadvantage of not even being able to fire off a shot before dieing against the opposition who spawned and walked to the closest corner and ADS the area infront of him until he dies, and then repeats they at next spawn.

    Tdm games for example should be over a majority of the time in u der 4 minutes due the lame & boring maps in this game yet mos either end due to time limit or only barely reach required score with under a minute remaining.

    The community wants this to help combat the boring and significantly slower gameplay which is the slowest of any cod to date, and that’s not what anyone was asking for when they asked for boots on the ground.

  • Manx Mouse

    I don’t understand why they are changing the M1 because the pros say its OP.. Just give me MW2 back so I can continue playing that and not have to worry about them changing things that don’t need to be changed