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Sledgehammer Games has taken to Reddit to announce that 24 new Weapon Variants were added to the Call of Duty: WWII loot pool in the Tuesday, March 5th update.

In early February, Sledgehammer announced that WWII would be receiving new variants in March and all-new weapons in Spring 2019.

As of 10AM PT, the following list of variants are obtainable in-game…

  • M1 Garand Independent
  • Stg44 Haywire
  • SVT-40 Siberian II
  • M1A1 Carbine Lil’ Biscuit II
  • FG42 Kampfflugzeug II
  • Shovel Eureka
  • Shovel Army Banjo II
  • Machine Pistol Metallisch II
  • Machine Pistol Schlange
  • Machine Pistol Schlange II
  • Bazooka Eagle’s Nest II
  • Bazooka Vulcan II
  • Panzerschreck Stove Pipe II
  • Panzerschreck Thunderclap II
  • Panzerschreck Blitzkrieg
  • Panzerschreck Blitzkrieg II
  • Toggle Action Dynamo II
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun Acrobat II
  • Grease Gun Brandi II
  • Grease Gun Rosie
  • Waffe 28 Soggy II
  • M1903 Gum Shoe II
  • M1903 Warbird
  • Lee Enfield The Royal II

Sledgehammer provided a short and sweet message for all WWII players which also confirms that new weapons are still set for this Spring.

Hello, friends.
… Thanks so much for your continued support of Call of Duty: WWII!
And don’t forget, there are more to come later this spring. Happy hunting!

SOURCE: Reddit

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