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2nd Image Reveals “TACITUS” Logo & NEW Hi-Res Image of “QuadRotor”




According to @Oldarobot, in Roman history theres a reference to Tactitus  and how he saw an eclipse, “Soon after the death of Augustus, Tacitus mentions a lunar eclipse, which has been identified with the eclipse of September 27, 14 CE.” Also Tacitus in Latin means “secret”. In a strange coincidence earlier today, became active today minutes after tweeted the image. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence piled up that suggest the web site is NOT part of a viral marketing campaign..

SOURCE: Via @ItsYouTubeDude

And minutes before the “TACITUS” logo was revealed on we received an exclusive image of one of their “products”:

New Hi-Res Image of “TACITUS QuadRotor”

*Click for Hi-Res.

SOURCE: @PrestigeIsKey