Season 5 – Steel Legion – begins in Call of Duty: Mobile on Wednesday, April 1 bringing a brand new Battle Pass, new Killstreak, and a new mode.

The new mode is called 2v2 Showdown. It’s a 2v2 mode for players to team up with a friend and go against another duo. Similar to Modern Warfare’s Gunfight, 2v2 Showdown has randomized create a class loadouts for players.


2v2 Showdown, a new game mode, where duos face-off in a round based brawl to the death. Similar to Modern Warfare Gunfight, 2v2 Showdown dishes out randomized loadouts each round, players’ health does not regenerate, and you must eliminate the other team or capture the overtime flag to win. The first team to take five rounds wins the game. Squad up with your friend or just practice your quick draw with a variety of weapons in 2v2 Showdown. 

It’s not clear which maps 2v2 Showdown is played on in Call of Duty: Mobile, but based on the Activision Blog post it looks to be in the standard set of MP maps available in the mobile game.


SOURCE: Activision

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