Infinity Ward has replaced Spec Ops with a brand new Squads mode for the third game mode. Playing Squads impacts MP; it helps you earn XP, unlocks and more.

In Squads, there are several game modes available to play:

  • Squad Assault – Play in an epic 6 player co-op match against an offline squad
  • Safe Guard – 4 player Co-Op mode inspired by Survival from MW3. It’s wave based.
  • Safe Guard Infinite
  • Squad vs. Squad – compete against others, 1v1 with your Squad as team mates
  • War Game – You hand pick 5 Squad mates to play against another hand picked team

Players of all skill levels can take their squad of soldiers into Call of Duty: Ghosts’ all-new third mode of play called Squads, where they can enlist to play solo, cooperatively up to 6-players, or competitively for one vs. one, head-on matches pitting players and their squads against others and their squads. Squads features a variety of play-types, allowing fans at any time to swap-out their custom A.I. soldiers with real friends for quick-action co-op. The competition can be fierce as squad soldiers display life-like, skilled tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more. Players, plus their squads, will earn XP, and if you’re offline, be prepared as your squad may get challenged for play without you.


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