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Multiple people have indicated receiving an email to possibly attend a Call of Duty Playtest or focus group on Monday May 20th OR Tuesday May 21st. The event is only open to residents of Los Angeles, and only through a special invite through ELiTE. According to the survey, the playtest will last 2 to 2.5 hours and will pay the lucky participants $60 for attending. The original email indicates the focus group is to “help improve and shape the future of Call of Duty“.

No other info is known about the event. No word on if its singleplayer or multiplayer and no word on how many will actually be invited or where it will be held. Judging by the timing and wording of the email, it’s a good bet that a lucky few will get their hands on Call of Duty Ghosts soon. And it appears a few will even see it a day before the reveal…

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