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A look at what Broadcaster Mode can do in Ghosts



Broadcaster Mode is Infinity Ward’s partial answer to Treyarch’s CODCast mode. The new Broadcaster Mode provides the necessary features for eSports, and for casters to cast and fans to watch. The new mode has been released for PS4, and we’ve been using it in private matches. Here’s a look at what you can do with this new mode.

  • To activate Broadcaster Mode, you go to a private match; then hit the button to enable CODeSports rules. Then click on a certain GT in the lobby, and then ‘Enable Broadcaster Mode.’ Next to your GT, there will be a small camera icon to note that you are the broadcaster person in the lobby.
  • You have the option to bring up the map to fill up the screen completely, and see the enemies’ positions and directions. You can bring it up on partially if you don’t want it to cover the screen.
  • For every map, the D-Pad has four set camera locations across the corners of the map. So you can quickly go to a certain area of the map with one touch of a button.
  • There’s an option to use third or first person mode, and you can easily switch between players.
  • You can also bring up the leaderboards during a match – the leaderboards are in the top right, and you can highlight a certain player’s name.
  • There will be a little camera icon next to a person’s user name while you are spectating them.
  • At the top of the screen, there’s the scoreboard with the name of the game type, map name, score count, and timer.