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Academy Award Winner ‘Stephen Gaghan’ possible SCREENWRITER for Call of Duty Ghosts – UPDATE



It appears that Activision is hiring top Hollywood talent again for the next Call of Duty since the most recent Teaser hints at “S. Gaghan”. Digital Warfare 24/7 searched online for any possible matches and came up with non other than Acadamy Award Winner Stephen Gaghan.

Stephen is an American screenwriter and director who is famous for writing the screenplay for Steven Soderbergh’s film Traffic but he also reached critical acclaim and the Oscar for writing and directing “Syriana” in 2005 with George Clooney. For those that havent seen it, Syianna deals with the CIA and the oil industry.

Additionally, it looks like Infinity Ward’s Community Managers Tina and Candice follow him on Twitter (@gaghan) which gives more credit to the rumor. We should know for sure on Tuesday when Call of Duty Ghosts is fully revealed.

“Great line – move to later. some play – S. Gaghan”


UPDATE: Stephen Gaghan has tweeted confirming his involvement in Call of Duty: Ghosts