Activision Blizzard has commented in a statement this afternoon after news broke that Adam Apicella was leaving MLG after being part of it for 16 years.

Apicella tweeted that he was leaving the company and was ready to move on to do other event based things in esports beyond Activision Blizzard and MLG.


Activision has now stated that they’ve closed the MLG Arena in Columbus and gave all the employee chances to apply for other positions within the company.

Activision Blizzard no longer needs its MLG Arena with the esports system for Call of a Duty moving to a home and swag structure going forward.


MLG Arena was essential to the production of weeks of CWL Pro League play each season in our history. The evolution to a home and away format for events during the 2020 Call of Duty esports season means the MLG Arena is no longer required; therefore, we’re respectfully closing the production facility.

“All employees were made aware of this decision and were given the opportunity to pursue open roles, with relocation assistance, throughout the company.


SOURCE: Esports Observer

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