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Activision Blizzard says Google partnership does not include Google Stadia



Activision Blizzard commented during their Q4 Investor Call in regards to their Google partnership, where Google Cloud will be used as the infrastructure for the company’s games, and YouTube Gaming will be used as the live streaming platform for esports leagues.

The initial announcement noted that the partnership will enable players to play on Google Cloud technology.

Players will benefit by experiencing premium network quality-of-service, including low latency and packet loss when playing high-fidelity games on any device. They will also have optimal personalized interactions, as Activision Blizzard can tap into Google Cloud’s AI tools to offer curated recommendations for in-game offers and differentiated gaming experiences. 

Now, during the investor call, the company’s Chief Operating Officer has stated that the Google Cloud and Activision Blizzard partnership does not include Google Stadia, Google’s first big push into the gaming world.

The company has no plans for any new titles to come to Google Stadia and that they are actively looking at cloud based initiatives and how their games will work on the cloud platforms.

Google Stadia has had a rocky start with many key features missing since its initial launch. Google Stadia currently only offers a paid subscription on top of then purchasing the games itself.