In a new post on the Call of Duty League website, Activision has explained the decision behind the new logo for the Call of Duty League.

There’s three pillars of the logo that represent three things: Professional, Amateur, and Community.


As part of that post, Activision confirms that there will be online and LAN open bracket events during the 2020 Call of Duty League season.

The apex of the logo represents professional players from around the world who compete on city-based teams for the Call of Duty League Championship. Pro players are the lifeblood of the league and embody the greatest skill, strategy, and competitive excellence.


The second level of the logo represents the league’s amateur system, where aspiring players who seek to “go pro” can compete for dedicated prize pools. The amateur system will resemble the professional system’s gameplay and will feature both online and LAN (Local Area Network) open bracket events throughout the year.

The third and foundational level represents the Call of Duty League fan community, whose incredible passion for the game and desire to connect and compete in dynamic ways makes the Call of Duty League experience truly unique.



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