Activision’s Noah Heller talked with EuroGamer recently and he gave a few updates.

In regards to Elite 2.0 he described it that itneeds to be in” the next Call of Duty. He went on,“We’ll be back at some point to talk about that game, and when we do, we’ll reveal a lot more. Long term, we’re making Elite and the game synonymous. If you want to play solo or single-player, you might never notice Elite. But the moment you dip your toe into multiplayer, you’re part of Elite. It’s just up to you whether you take full advantage of the features or not. When we start looking towards the next game, our focus is on in-game integration. The features that have captured player imagination are things like push to game, seeing your clan elements in the game itself. And so our absolute focus for this year is on deeper and deeper integration.”

He gave a little reason on the confusion of “2.0” by saying, “2.0 is an internal codename, so we probably shouldn’t be using that externally, because it can be a little confusing. We should have called it Elite Zimbabwe.”

He also gave an update on the Clans, stating that there are currently 670,000 clans active on ELITE. He also stated that two new shows are coming to ELITE TV. One being the just announced “n00b tube” and the other being an animated show called Cocked Hammers.

In regards to PC support Noah stated, “Unfortunately I don’t have an update for you at this time. We’re still working on it. We can’t date it yet. It’s a challenging piece of development. It’s really all I can say. I get several emails a day. It’s a vocal, passionate audience. What we need to ensure is that when we ship something for them, it’s quality. We cannot make them wait this long and then deliver something that isn’t quality.”

At GDC, Beachhead Studio confirmed that Elite Mobile App update version 1.2 has Tablet Optimized versions but no confirmed release date for that update. He also gave a update on the Tablet COD Elite App stating, “We’re working hard right now on the tablet application. I can’t date it for you guys yet, but I’ll tell you it’s not a port. It’s built specifically for that platform, and built with this two screen idea in mind, the idea people are going to be playing the game and might have this on their lap, to check with their friends to see what their progress is like in real-time.”

SOURCE:  Eurogamer

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