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Infinity Ward has shared some additional information on how Cross Play will work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in a new interview with GameInformer.

The details were talked about at the 46 min mark of the interview, and here’s a summary of what Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward MP Designer, said:

It is linked to auto-play at the correct timestamp, if its doesn’t just look up 46:55.

From the video:

  • Aim Assist for Controllers on PC
  • Strictly peripheral based matchmaking at launch, maybe not in the beta because they want to collect data
  • No opt-out for PC Controller vs Console Controller right now, is a possibility due to FOV advantage
  • If you’re in a party consisting of MKB and Controller, you’ll be put into lobbies with both as well
  • They’re looking into preventing the use of devices like the XIM on console (let’s you use KBM while still registering as Controller, so controller lobbies)
  • Cross Progression is being worked on, but they haven’t nailed it down exactly and therefore don’t know if they’ll have it
  • If you use a KBM, you play against other KBM players. If you use a controller but party with a KBM player, you play against KBM and other controller players doing the same thing.
  • The only opt-out they discussed was for Console Controller players to not play against PC Controller players because of the FOV advantage.

In regards to being able to completely opt out of cross play with PC, Cecot said, “we don’t know the answer to that question, because it would be pretty much the same experience. The only thing you might get would be some FOV difference there. I would have to check with Paul Hale and see, I’m pretty sure that could be an option we add if there is a problem for players. I think you can opt out by platform but I’m not sure about that.”

You can watch it here:

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