We had the opportunity to attend E3 and visit Activision’s booth to check Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In a closed door area, we got to see three missions of Advanced Warfare. The first was the one shown at Xbox E3’s conference, Induction. You can watch the video for that here.

BioLab –
The second one shown to us was a mission called Biolab where an actual Sledgehammer Games developer was playing on a Xbox One console. This mission revolves around the stealth aspect, and for the first time they showed the invisibility ability in action. You use the invisibility to pass by a big portion of the area to remain undetected from the drones and enemies. There are times where you have to melee enemies. There’s one point where you go on cloak, and must hide as giant robots walk by you. Once you get through the enemies, you meet up with two new squad mates, and then repel down a cliffside to investigate a chemical outbreak. The HUD itself shows a data file about what chemicals are found and what you have to do. This section was VERY similar to CoD 4’s mission “All Ghillied Up:.


Once you reach the chemical lab, you have to take out enemies with a silenced rifle you are equipped with. You must then destroy all the items there and escape – and that’s where the action comes in this mission. You must fight through enemies in order to escape, steal an enemy vehicle and use it to get to your own friendly chopper. The vehicle you steel is quite impressive. It has many cannons, gunners, and you are at the control. You have to take down helicopters, enemy forces, and even enemy tanks as they attempt to stop you. That’s where this mission ends.

Collapse –
This was a very exciting and action packed mission. It takes place in San Francisco; some of the gameplay is in the Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer. The mission starts you off in a middle of a car chase, chasing down enemies before the hit the Golden Gate Bridge. But, you reach the bridge and your vehicle is demolished, flipped upside down. You and Gideon get out and start running on feet to stop the enemy. Exo-suit allows for a double jump, and boost features that lets you go to locations quicker and easier. The game brings new level of verticality as so many more higher areas are reachable. You engage in a battle with hostiles, and use laser guns as well as assault rifles to take them down. Similar to Induction, your player rips off a car door for cover.


At one point, you are to approach a vehicle and open the back doors to it. As you’re about to open the door, a drone carrier explodes out and sends many into the sky. The drones attach themselves into the sides of the bridge and explode, ripping the structure of the bridge apart. The next thing that happens, which was shown a little on the trailer, is that the bridge gives way, and collapses. Everything goes flying down start to death in the water. You go sliding down till you grab onto something last second; a police officer slides by you and the officer grasps your hand. As you’re climbing back up, one of your soldiers next to you gets hit by a bus and goes straight down. Gideon comes running (or, boost jumping) to you and the mission demo ended for us…

One of the things we wanted to note is that this Call of Duty has one of the best sound engines we’ve ever heard before. It was absolutely fantastic. Graphics, too, looked dramatically improved over Ghosts.

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty news!

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