Beachhead Studio and Activision have announced the first details for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s companion app and Clan Wars.

The companion app will be a new and improved app, launching alongside Day Zero on Nov. 3rd for iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle devices.


We are proud to announce that beginning November 3rd, alongside our Day Zero edition, you will be able to download the new Call of Duty® companion app on select iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle devices.

This year, the app focuses on an enhanced Clan Wars experience, enriched Clan management, and unique content creation.

Beachhead has confirmed that the first Clan War is Nov. 26th and they’ve revealed some new gear for top placing clans:

Players who participated in the final Clan Wars engagement for Call of Duty®: Ghosts and met the criteria to unlock the first piece of Clan Wars gear for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare will be able to access the Centurion Exo on Day Zero. Congratulations!

They’ve also announced a new War Room feature, which.


Your new Clan Wars experience begins with the War Room, providing a commander’s oversight of the most important Clan Wars activity. Three scrollable panels offer pertinent info on the current Clan War, previous engagements, and Top War Contributors.

Utilize the Battle Report for a quick overview of current Clan Wars activity. Tap and scroll through nodes for a detailed view of capture objectives, Clan wins, and multiplayer XP bonuses. Check the Clan Wars scoreboard to see where your Clan ranks against the competition. Review Top War Contributors to discover your most impactful members during each engagement.

Reach into the Clan Wars Vault for an archived history of past triumphs and defeats. See your final standing, accumulated Clan XP, and any earned rewards.

In addition, Beachhead Studio is also adding new Active Roster feature, which will allow clan leaders to move players who won’t be participating out of the active roster, so their record doesn’t count against the clan during a Clan War. Popular emblem editing features will also be returning, and fans will be able to earn new clan emblem packs by placing highly in Clan Wars.

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