A first for Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games is bringing a Virtual Firing Range to Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. You can use the firing range in Create a Operator mode, and even between matches. There’s no map load screen; all you have to do is press the button and you’ll be entered into the firing range. Now, you won’t have to go into a match with a class you haven’t tested out before.

An all-new feature, and a first for Call of Duty.  From the Create-a-Class menu or between matches, players can instantly hit the Virtual Firing Range to try out a new item with just a press of the button.  No map load, no having to blindly go into a match with a new loadout.  Now, players can get an immediate feel for things like the sights, attachments, bullet spread, recoil, and more before the next match even starts.  It’s a great way to test-drive a new weapon before heading into battle.

Checkout our YouTube video showing the Firing Range in action: