A lucky NeoGaf user by the name of Macsta was able to get Advanced Warfare on PS4 early and posted the first ever hi-res screenshots of Advanced Warfare on the PS4.

Now, NeoGaf user Durante was able to determine that based on the hi-res screengrabs, it appears Call of Duty will once again be running native 1080p on Playstation 4. Durante has a really good reputation for being right on this stuff and it shouldnt be a surprise that its 1080p again on PS4.


Previsously, Xbox One has been rumored to run in native 900p based on previous showings. Keep in mind that Sledgehammer Games has not confirmed what the final resolution is for both games yet. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more…

Native 1080p with ~8 pixel wide medium quality post-aa solution.

First ever PlayStation 4 hi-res screenshots:



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