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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

All equipment in Modern Warfare 2 beta: Lethals & Tacticals explained, Heartbeat Sensor nerf

Here’s an overview of all the Lethal and Tactical equipment at your disposal in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.



Modern Warfare 2 Operator with drone

The Modern Warfare 2 beta will feature a new set of Tactical and Lethal equipment that players could choose from. Here’s an explanation of all the equipment in Modern Warfare 2’s beta.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is set to begin on September 16 for those with early access. Whether you’ll be testing the brand-new Call of Duty title early or patiently waiting your turn, you’ll want all the intel possible to get you ready for battle.

Thankfully, the devs have provided a list of all the Lethal and Tactical equipment available in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Players will notice some old favorites returning as well as some new innovations entering the fold.

Modern Warfare 2 beta Lethal equipment

Modern Warfare 2 Throwing Knife

Players will have nine options when it comes to selecting Lethal equipment in Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty classics like the Claymore, C4, and Throwing Knife are up for grabs once more.

However, Infinity Ward also brought a new Lethal to the table called the Drill Charge, which can damage players hiding on the other side of a surface. The Drill Charge will add another layer to the strategy of clearing closed areas in Modern Warfare 2.

Meanwhile, you’ll notice the classic Semtex Grenade has been renamed the Sticky Grenade, and the Proximity Mine is similar to a modern Bouncing Betty.

  • Claymore: Proximity-activated explosive mine.
  • Frag Grenade: Cookable fragmentation grenade.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Improvised incendiary device that explodes on impact.
  • C4: Large explosive that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated remotely when the equipment is depleted.
  • Drill Charge: Charge with a thermal lance that can burrow into surfaces before exploding.
  • Sticky Grenade: Timed sticky grenade.
  • Throwing Knife: Retrievable knife that is lethal on impact.
  • Proximity Mine: Proximity-triggered explosive that launches in the air, and deals heavy damage to the surrounding area.
  • Thermite: Explosive incendiary device that sticks to surfaces.

Modern Warfare 2 beta Tactical equipment

Modern Warfare 2 Heartbeat Sensor

Once again, players will notice their tried and true favorites like the Stun Grenade, Flash Grenade, and Smoke Grenade. However, this doesn’t mean that classics can’t undergo drastic changes.

Infinity Ward decided to nerf the Heartbeat Sensor Tactical by limiting its use with a battery charge. You’ll have to find the optimal time to use the Heartbeat Sensor. Spamming the equipment will make the battery charge run out and render it useless.

Another important feature you’ll want to take note of is the Smoke Grenade’s ability to prevent automated targeting systems to lock on to you. In addition, you’ll be able to use a weapon one-handed while activating your Stim.

  • Spotter Scope: Spot and mark enemies from a distance.
  • Flash Grenade: Blinds and deafens targets.
  • Stun Grenade: Slows victim’s movement and aiming.
  • Smoke Grenade: Deploys a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems.
  • Snapshot Grenade: Provides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius for your squad.
  • Heartbeat Sensor: A limited use tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies.
  • Stim: Military injection that heals for maximum health over 2 seconds. Weapons can be used one handed during this time.
  • Decoy Grenade: Counter-intel grenade that simulates gunfire, movement, and radar signatures to confuse the enemy.
  • Gas Grenade: Releases a lingering cloud of tear gas that causes slowed movement, blurred vision, and coughing.
  • Shock Stick: Electrical device that sticks to surfaces. Electrocutes enemies, destroys equipment, and causes vehicles to go haywire.

Once we get our hands on the Modern Warfare 2 beta, we’ll be sure to include the unlock levels for each of these Lethal and Tactical pieces of equipment.

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Source: Modern Warfare 2 beta guide

Image Credit: Activision