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All Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Exotic weapons locations

Exotic weapons are some of the most rare items in Fortnite, so here’s how you can get your hands on them in Chapter 3, Season 3.



Exotic weapons are some of the most powerful and rarest Fortnite weapons, so here are all the ones in the game along with their locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3.

Fortnite features a wide assortment of weapons to choose from, with the most powerful one being the extremely rare Exotic weapons that first made their appearance during Chapter 2, Season 5.

With all the brand-new changes in Chapter 3, it was unclear if Exotic weapons would still be available in the game. Fortunately, they’re still around, but their locations on the map have changed.

Here are all the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Exotic weapon locations.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Exotic weapon locations

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Exotic weapon locations

At the time of writing, you can find a total of 5 Exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, but we expect this number to grow as the developers are always adding new content to the game.

You can purchase these from NPCs for the right amount of Gold Bars. Every Exotic weapon has distinct attributes and using them can help you secure a Victory Royale, so we’ll go over their locations on the map, along with the costs, and NPCs that you need to visit.

Boom Sniper Rifle

Boom Sniper Rifle in Fortnite

You can get this Exotic Weapon for 600 Gold Bars from The Visitor who can be found at Sanctuary. You’ll have to head over to that location and interact with the NPC in order to purchase this gun.

The Boom Sniper Rifle is similar to the Heavy Sniper Rifle, with the biggest difference being that your targets will take 10 contact damage from the clinger, and then the projectile will explode and deal 60 bonus damage to them.

Shadow Tracker Pistol

Shadow tracker pistol in Fortnite

You can purchase the Shadow Tracker Pistol from Sunbird who is located at the Temple. Simply head over there and purchase it by spending 400 Gold Bars.

This semi-automatic sidearm is equipped with a silencer and is capable of dishing out 195.7 damage per second. It also boasts an impressive rate of fire along with a large magazine. The main appeal of this weapon is that it marks hits targets with a tracker.

The Dub

The Dub Exotic Weapon in Fortnite

This Exotic, double-barreled beauty can dish out some serious damage to your opponents, and you can purchase it from Ludwig, Mullet Marauder, & Jonesy the First who are all located at The Joneses.

Purchasing this Exotic shotgun will cost you 600 Gold Bars. While the weapon has low range and a small magazine, it’s capable of annihilating your enemies in close combat, so it’s worth getting.

Marksman Six Shooter

Marksman Six Shooter in Fortnite

The Marksman Six Shooter costs 400 Gold Bars and you can purchase it from the NPC Cuddle Team Leader at Camp Cuddle.

This “fast-firing sidearm” can dish out 24 damage-per-shot with a magazine size of six. While it doesn’t hold many bullets, the reload time of 2.1 seconds makes ensures that you have a more consistent fire rate.

Chug Cannon

Chug Cannon in Fortnite

You can get the Chug Cannon from the NPC Kyle who can be found at Logjam Lumberyard. Purchasing this weapon will cost you 600 Gold Bars.

The Chug Cannon allows you to heal your teammates if they take too much damage. it regenerates ammo when it’s in your inventory where it takes up two slots.

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Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite GG