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All Lapras weaknesses in Pokemon Go and best counters

Facing a Lapras in Pokemon Go can be a nightmare during raids and PvP league battles,. Here’s how to effectively exploit it’s weaknesses.



Lapras Pokemon Go

Lapras is one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go for PvP battles and raids. However, this also makes defeating it as an opponent more challenging and this guide will cover all its weaknesses and best attack counters.

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Go belongs to certain types that range from Flying to Electric. Every type has some strengths and weaknesses and this is the basis of the game’s combat system.

When fighting formidable opponents, studying their type, weaknesses, and attack counters is a must. Lapras is no exception, so we’re breaking down its weaknesses and the best counters against it.

Lapras Pokemon Go

Lapras Weaknesses in Pokemon Go


Fighting-type Pokemon deal 160% more damage against Lapras and have decent defense against its Ice/Water attacks. They get a weather boost during Clody Weather conditions which help to deal additional damage.

Some of the best Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go are Conkeldurr, Lucario, Hariyama (Shadow preferred), Toxicroak, Blaziken, and Machamp. For best results, try unlocking moves like Aura Sphere (for Lucario), Counter, Close Combat, and Dynamic Punch.

Pokemon battles are not just about great offense as it is equally important to survive for a longer duration. Accordingly, Poliwrath can be ideal as it belongs to the Fighting and Water types. This implies that it can resist Lapras’ attacks and at the same time, deal a ton of damage with fighting moves like Power-Up Punch and Dynamic Punch.

Lucario Pokemon using Aura Sphere attack


Electric is another type that not only deals additional damage against Lapras but is also immune against its Ice and Water attacks.

Legendary Pokemon like Raikou and Zekrom are obviously the best Electric-Type options followed by Xuriktree. However, even Electivire and Magnezone are good enough to be a part of the team.

Apart from Pokemon, it is important to have an explosive list of Fast and Charged attacks. For Electric-Type, we recommend Thunder Shock as a Fast attack and Wild Charge/Thunder Bolt as a Charged TM.

Electivire Pokemon Go

Why you should not use Grass and Rock type Pokemon against Lapras

Grass and Rock also deal extra damage against Lapras. However, it is important to note that Grass is weak against Ice, and Rock is weak against Water. A Lapras can learn both Ice and Water attacks owing to which using Grass and Rock type Pokemon can be quite a risk.

A Lapras usually has around 15,000 CP in raids. In a situation like this, anyone without a level 35+ account will struggle to survive. Grass and Rock type Pokemon can certainly deal damage with attacks like Frenzy Plant, Vine Whip, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Razor Leaf, and Solar Beam, but not for long.

Best Pokemon to use against Lapras in Pokemon Go

Considering all the factors above, here are some Pokemon that should be a part of your team when you take on Lapras during raids or in the battle against Team Rocket Go Leader Sierra:

  • Zekrom
  • Lucario
  • Poliwrath
  • Raikou
  • Magnezone
  • Mega Gengar
  • Machamp
  • Tyranitar
  • Electivire
  • Hariyama
  • Blaziken
  • Luxray
  • Toxicroak

It is important to reiterate that defeating Lapras largely depends on the quality of moves your Fighting-type and Electric-Type Pokemon have. Grass and Rock should be the last resort because they aren’t durable enough.

Collecting the best Pokemon for every type can be overwhelming for Pokemon Go players, especially beginners. This is where Eevee comes into play by offering eight unique evolutions that include Electric and Grass types as well.

To know more about Eeveelutions, make sure to check our guide on the best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Go.

Image Credits: Niantic/The Pokemon Company


EA Sports’ costly mistake lets players purchase FIFA 23 for less than $1

A costly error from EA Sports has allowed FIFA 23 players to purchase the game’s Ultimate Edition for less than $1.



FIFA 23 players

Some football fans were lucky enough to purchase the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 for less than $1 following a major mistake made by EA Sports.

FIFA 23 is right around the corner and players are eager to test out all of the new features that EA Sports revealed. After presentations for Pro Clubs, Career Mode, and Ultimate Team, it’s no surprise that hype for the next stage of the football franchise is starting to build.

FIFA 23 is currently available for pre-order, with several different avenues available to players depending on the platform of their choice. FIFA’s popularity has grown over the years thanks to the success of the fan-favorite Ultimate Team mode.

While FIFA has always been a success on console, the franchise has experienced growth across the PC platform as well. According to the EA Sports FIFA 23 webpage, PC players can pre-order the game through Steam, Stadia, or the Epic Games store.

For a short period of time, players who looked to pre-order FIFA 23 through the Epic Games store were met with a shocking surprise as they found the game available for less than $1. Unfortunately for EA Sports, it seems like they have no choice but to honor the absurdly low price.

As a Reddit post puts it, at the beginning of August, FIFA 23 was available for pre-order on the Epic Games store for ₹5, which is roughly the equivalent of 0.063 USD or £0.052. The OP then adds that, “for context: that was the ultimate edition for 0.063USD.”

To put things into perspective FIFA 23’s Ultimate Edition on PC will set players back $89.99 (USD.) Following the purchases at the incorrect price, the EA Sports FIFA Team issued a statement concerning their costly mistake.

As you can see in the post above, EA took ownership of the mistake and incorrect price by stating that they will be “honoring all pre-purchases made at that price.”

If you’re disappointed that you didn’t seize the opportunity of an absolute steal for FIFA 23, it turns out that there were very specific requirements to meet. One comment states that, “it was only possible in India(or i guess with a VPN) and only for an hour or so.”

Even if you did use a VPN the incorrect price was only around for about an hour, so there’s no telling if you would have made the cut. Players who were lucky enough to capitalize on this error will practically get to enjoy FIFA 23 for free this year.

For more, check out all of the new FUT Hero cards making their way to FIFA 23 as well as how to earn a Marvel FUT Hero World Cup card for free.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players call for removal of Arenas in Season 14

Apex Legends players are calling for Arenas to be removed from the game in Season 14 as they address the lack of support for the mode.



Arenas in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community is speaking out about the lack of support the 3v3 Arenas mode has received in recent updates, calling for it to be removed in Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 has had a very successful launch, bringing a heap of players to the game thanks to exciting new content such as Vantage and Kings Canyon overhauled.

It’s clear that Apex Legends isn’t going anywhere, with Dr Disrespect explaining why he believes the BR isn’t close to dying out, but players are disappointed and now calling for the removal of Arenas.

While it isn’t the most popular mode, Arenas does have a fan base who are disappointed with the lack of support the mode has seen in recent updates, especially Season 14.

Apex Legends content creator and community figure Thordan Smash took to Twitter to discuss this lack of support, believing that Respawn should remove Arenas in favor of another game mode.

Thordan feels that Arenas should be removed for solos, TDM, or even Control, feeling as if Arenas is no longer “fun.”

The devs have already confirmed that Control will not be permanent anytime soon, but it will be returning at some point as an LTM.

Players in the comments seem to be in agreement with Thordan Smash, with a user saying that Arenas should either be removed, revamped, change, or replaced with other game modes:

“Been saying this for awhile I think they should either remove the mode, revamp it or Change the overall structure, or at the very least add other casual game modes and take arenas out for one season to work on improving its playability.”

While not everyone in the comments agrees that it should be removed, many agree that the mode deserves more attention. One comment even said, “I enjoy Arenas, but I wish it got some TLC and adjustments…it needs work for sure.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Arenas in the future, but until then, check out our review of Apex Legends Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 review: Respawn hunt issues with welcomed change

Apex Legends Season 14 has officially arrived, and Respawn have decided to freshen the game up with a variety of welcomed changes.



apex legends vantage and echo

The Apex Legends Season 14 has been well received among the community, bringing a positive buzz and increase in popularity for Respawn’s Battle Royale as they introduce mass change.

Apex Legends players have had some time to enjoy the new Season 14 update, which has brought a plethora of new content and changes to refresh the Battle Royale.

In the previous season, the popularity of Apex was in decline and players were slightly disappointed with the lack of content and meta changes. Having said that, it seems the community’s experience with Season 13 has influenced the Season 14 update.

With that said, let’s get into our review of Season 14, as it seems the update has brought some excitement back to Apex Legends, despite some minor improvements still being needed.

Apex Legends Season 14 review

Vantage and Echo bring the fun

vantage in apex legends

The Apex Legends Season 14 Legend, Vantage, has introduced a fun and exciting way to play the Battle Royale. Most FPS gamers tend to enjoy a bit of sniping every so often, as the devastating power of the weapon category can make for satisfying gameplay.

This ethos is essentially the idea behind Vantage, as her sniper-focused kit provides unique and exciting gameplay opportunities that players seem to be enjoying according to the Season 14 pick rates.

Combined with the sniper gameplay, her bat companion, Echo, also makes for some great gameplay moments, as Vantage can order Echo around the map and jump to its location.

Both the Sniper’s Mark and Echo Relocation abilities compliment each other extremely well and having the mobility option also means that Vantage can compete with the meta, which is dominated by Legends who have quick relocation/escape tools.

King’s Canyon refreshed with Relic and more

apex legends kings canyon relic poi season 14

With the Season 14 update, Kings Canyon finally returned to the map rotation, but with some pretty drastic changes.

First off, the brand-new Relic POI is a great location for players to drop hot and battle it out, much like its predecessor, Skulltown. Unlike the chaotic experience that was Skulltown, Relic is more open and provides many more opportunities for players to get loot in the area.

Having said that, it still provides the thrill and excitement of Skulltown, giving players a great POI to land at if they wish to engage right off drop.

Further, Kings Canyon has also had many more minor changes which have greatly helped the map’s flow. Choke points and various other rotations have been tweaked so that players can predict enemy movements better. These changes have helped Kings Canyon become a more formulated experience rather than third-party central.

Buffs & nerfs bring a much-needed meta shift

Caustic holding mug up in apex legends

Apex Legends Season 14 saw a heap of changes in the patch notes, including a variety of buffs and nerfs to both Legends and weapons. Prior to this season, players had been calling for the devs to bring a drastic meta change, and so far, it seems the devs have delivered.

The buffs to Mad Maggie have brought huge ramifications to the overall Legend meta, as Maggie is now an extremely good counter to Gibraltar and various other defensive Legends.

The Valkyrie nerfs have tamed the incredibly popular Recon Legend, bringing her back in line with the rest. Further, the buff to Newcastle has also increased the Legend output greatly, now possessing arguably the best revive in the game.

Weapons saw some pretty huge changes as well, with the Spitfire and Wingman both changing weapon categories. The overall balancing and RNG for weapons found in floor loot feels a lot better than last season, which will have also been influenced by the Replicator and Care Package changes.

Overall, the changes to both weapons and Legends have brought a healthy shift in the meta, giving rise to the more underused Legends in the game and also giving players a reason to use a wider range of Legends thanks to buffs and nerfs.

Verdict 8/10

Despite minor issues with glitches and bugs, Apex Legends Season 14 is a refreshing update that brings fun and excitement back to Respawn’s Battle Royale. The devs are clearly listening to the community as well, providing a wanted quality of life change, ranked changes, and offering more than one way to play with the new Battle Pass challenges.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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