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All Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paldea Gym Leaders revealed so far

With a new region to explore, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce a set of Gym Leaders to challenge across Paldea.



Grusha Gym leader Pokemon Scarlet & violet

The Gym Leader challenge is a staple of Pokemon games and here’s a look at all of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leaders you’ll come across in the Paldea region.

For years players have embarked on Pokemon journeys that consist of proving their dominance in battles and aiming for the title of Champion. Before a player can be crowned Champion, they must earn the right to challenge the Elite Four by taking on a series of battles across the region.

The journey traditionally involves defeating Gym Leaders and collecting badges along the way. While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will innovate the franchise’s storytelling by offering three separate journeys to complete, one of them will be the familiar Gym Leader challenge.

In order to gather intel on your opponents across the Paldea region, here’s a list of all the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Every Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will offer players a ton of content to enjoy including Gym Leader battles. These are known to be some of the most difficult battles you’ll encounter throughout the game.

You can expect there to be the classic number of eight gyms to conquer. Usually, gyms will deliver a few warmup battles that you’ll have to win before you can challenge the Gym Leader.

Here’s a breakdown of every Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far, along with their Pokemon type specialization.

Grusha – Glaseado Gym

Grusha and Cetitan Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Grusha was the first Scarlet & Violet Gym Leader revealed by The Pokemon Company. We know that Grusha is the Leader of the Glaseado Gym and that he’s an Ice-type specialist.

Grusha utilizes the Paldea region’s Cetitan as his main Pokemon companion. Cetitan is an Ice-type Pokemon that can access the fantastic Thick Fat or Slush Rush abilities. Don’t be surprised to see most Gym Leaders utilize Pokemon from the Paldea region as their ace Pokemon.

Grusha used to be a professional snowboarder and you can tell from the image above that his Gym setting is winterized with a ton of snow and ice.

Brassius – Artazon Gym

Brassius Artazon Gym leader Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As the Gym Leader of Artazon town, Brassius specializes in utilizing Grass-type Pokemon. Artazon town itself is full of vibrant colors, flowers, and art, which makes Brassius the ideal Gym Leader.

It is said that Brassius uses his position as a Gym Leader to judge the aesthetic sensibilities of trainers. Brassius is always on the lookout for art and thus treats Pokemon battles as works of art.

It remains to be seen which Paldea region Pokemon Brassius is partnered with, but Smoliv would be an astute guess.

Geeta – Champion & Chairwoman of the Pokemon League

Ms. Geeta Champion Pokemon Scarlet Violet

On your journey to becoming a Champion-ranked trainer in the Paldea region, you’ll likely run into Geeta quite often seeing as she is the Chairwoman of the Pokemon League that oversees the Gym challenge.

Geeta is also the best and most skilled Champion-ranked trainer in Paldea, which means she is essentially Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s ultimate test.

While trainers are inspired by Geeta, she’s always on the lookout for young talent to test their skills through the Pokemon League, and she has her eye on you.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leader challenge explained

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gyms

For starters, the formula of defeating eight Gym Leaders, collecting eight badges, challenging the Elite Four, and becoming Champion will persist in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, players will have to complete a Gym Test before challenging the Gym Leader.

However, one major change that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will deliver is the ability to challenge the Gym Leaders in any order. Previously Pokemon games would set players on a linear path that presented one Gym Leader after another, with a notable increase in difficulty along the way.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you’ll have the freedom to explore cities and challenge Gym Leaders at your own pace. It remains to be seen if and how the game will factor in a gradual escalation in difficulty, but perhaps Gym Leaders’ Pokemon party and levels will alter depending on the number of badges you possess.

To find out if there are any version exclusive Gym Leaders, check out our guide to all of the differences between Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Image Credit: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company