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All Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes in September 2022: Free Boosts, Luck, more

Check out this list of redeemable codes for Roblox’s Clicker Simulator and boost your luck for free in September 2022.



Clicker Simulator Codes in Roblox August 2022

If you’re tired of clicking and tapping in Roblox’s Clicker Simulator, take a break and use some codes. Here’s a list of redeemable codes for Clicker Simulator that will grant you free Boosts and Double Luck in September 2022.

Clicker Simulator on Roblox is centered around the idea of clicking and tapping that can help you earn clicks. Use those clicks to buy pet eggs and double jumps to increase your clicking abilities. Once you earn enough clicks, you can rebirth to get gems that can upgrade your character even further.

There are various simulator games like Restaurant Tycoon 2, Strongman Simulator, and Factory Simulator in Roblox based around a similar gameplay style. To make your character the best, you need to upgrade them which naturally consumes a lot of resources.

While clicking and tapping all the time can get a bit hectic, some codes can be a major help by granting these upgrades for free. Here’s a list of working and expired codes as of September 2022.

Dwarves and Players in Clicker Simulator in Roblox

Working Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes in September 2022

Here’s a list of working Roblox Clicker Simulator codes:

  • 525KLIKECODE1 – Free Boosts & Luck
  • 550KCODELIKE2 – Free Boosts & Luck (new)
  • twitter200kluck – 7 hours of 2x Luck
  • CODE500KLUCK – 2 hours of Double Luck
  • 2HOUR475LUCK – 2 hours of Double Luck
  • 2HR500LIKE – 2 hours of Double Luck
  • TIK7500TOK – Free Boosts
  • LUCKY5000 – Free Boosts
  • 400DOUBLELUCK – Free Boosts
  • LUCKYCODE21 – Free Boosts
  • 2xlongluck350 – Luck Boost
  • LIKECLICK12 – Free Boosts
  • tokcodeluck12 – Free Boosts
  • twitter100k – Free Boosts
  • 325CLICKS2 – Free Boosts
  • 300DOUBLELUCK – Free Boosts
  • 300SHINYCHANCE – Free Boosts
  • 275K2XSHINY – Free Boosts
  • 250KLIKECLICKS – Free Boosts
  • 225KLIKECODE – Free Boosts
  • 200KLIKECODE – Free Boosts
  • 175KLIKELUCK – Free Boosts
  • FREEAUTOHATCH5 – 2 Hours of Auto Hatch
  • 150KCLICKS – Free Boosts
  • 125KLUCK – 2x Luck Boost
  • 100KLIKES – Free Boosts
  • 75KLIKES – Free Boosts
  • 50KLikes – Free Boosts
  • 30klikes – 2 Hours of 2x Luck
  • 20KLIKES – 3 Hours of Auto Hatch
  • freeautohatch – Free Auto Hatch

Some rewards are randomized so there is no fixed item that you can get every time you redeem the code.

Expired Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes in September 2022

Here’s a list of expired Roblox Clicker Simulator codes:

  • 10KLikes – Free Boosts
  • UPDATE4HYPE – 1 Hour of 2x Luck
  • 2022 – 2022 Champion Pet
How to redeem Clicker Simulator codes in Roblox

How to redeem Clicker Simulator Codes in Roblox

To redeem a working code from the list above in Clicker Simulator in Roblox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Clicker Simulator on Roblox on a Mobile or a PC device.
  2. Press the Menu button on the side and click the Twitter icon on your screen.
  3. Enter a code from the list above and hit Redeem.
  4. And you’re done! You can now use your rewards in-game.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive.

Clicker Simulator codes are extremely popular amongst the community as they offer some hefty rewards that you can use to ease the grind of clicking and upgrade your character faster. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more info on any active codes out there.

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Image Credits: Roblox