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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Arenas tier list for Season 10: Emergence

Apex Legends Arenas is much different to battle royale and some characters fair better than others, here is our tier list for the 3v3 mode.



apex legends arenas tier list

Apex Legend’s 3v3 mode, Arenas, forces a new, isolated way to play the battle royale which causes some Legends to be more useful than others, so we created a tier list to help you decide on team composition.

Since the launch of Season 10, players have been getting to grips with all the changes listed in the patch notes. From a new Decimated World’s Edge to explore to the new Legend Seer, players have had their hands full with new content.

As well as all this, players have finally been gifted with a ranked playlist for Arenas, which was heavily requested since the 3v3 mode’s launch in Season 9. To help you in this competitive mode, here’s our tier list for the best Legends to use in Arenas.

apex legends arenas 3v3

Keep in mind that this tier list is solely based on a Legend’s contribution to the team within Arenas. Some of these Legends are still great. However, they may be lower on the list due to their lack of contribution to the team.

The tier system:

  • S-Tier Legends are the most useful
  • A-Tier are amazing in their own right
  • B-Tier Legends are just missing something
  • C-Tier are Legends that are outclassed

Apex Legends Arenas tier list

  • S-Tier: Lifeline, Octane, Seer, Gibraltar
  • A-Tier: Pathfinder, Rampart, Valkyrie, Bangalore, Fuse, Bloodhound
  • B-Tier: Crypto, Horizon, Mirage, Wraith, Revenant
  • C-Tier: Wattson, Caustic, Loba

Best Legends in Apex Legends Arenas

3. Lifeline

apex legends arenas Lifeline

Lifeline is a great option for Arenas, especially with Low Profile being removed from the game in the Season 9 patch notes.

Not only is Lifeline much better at staying alive nowadays, but she is also a great asset to the team and could win you the game just off her revive capabilities.

With the Legendary backpack only costing 250 crafting credits, Lifeline can revive her teammates and get them straight back into the fight effortlessly. Most experienced teams will already know about this, so having Lifeline on your team will either put you at a great advantage or a level playing field.

2. Octane

Apex Legends Arenas Octane

Octane is the best mobility character in Arenas due to his ability to stim fast to the heals and crafting credit tanks. An Octane who knows exactly how to use the stim effectively and go straight for the consumables and crafting credits will have your team at an instant advantage every round.

Octane can reach these important points in the map faster than any other Legend, and can even take the team with him when purchasing his Launch Pad Ultimate. Flanking teams, taking the consumables, and taking different angles while also being able to get back to the team fast is exactly why Octane is so strong in Arenas.

1. Seer

apex legends arenas seer

Finally, we have Seer, whose abilities are great in Arenas due to their effectiveness at gaining information on the enemy team. Seer’s abilities are very strong in Arenas, however, you’ll definitely need to master them before getting the most out of his kit.

The Focus of Attention tactical ability can prevent the enemy team from reviving a downed player, healing, using abilities, and also show you their health so you know whether it’s a good idea to push or not. Paired with Seer’s heartbeat sensor passive, he is great for letting your team know where the enemy is.

Furthermore, Seer’s ultimate is also very useful in Arenas, as although you won’t have access to it every round when you do it may just win you the round if used correctly. The area of effect on Seer’s ultimate can cover up most of an Arenas map. Meaning if you throw it in the right place, you will have constant information on the enemy team’s whereabouts, or prevent them from playing aggressively.

It’s the sheer amount of information Seer provides his team with that makes him so strong in Arenas and is also why he is so high up on our Arenas tier list.

That’s it for our Apex Legends Arenas tier list. For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our other tier list on the best weapons to use in Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Team Deathmatch mode might be coming to console & PC

Apex Legends new Team Deathmatch mode in the Mobile Beta could also be seen in the console and PC version according to leaks.



The latest updates to the Apex Legends Mobile Beta have brought a new 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode, which some players are suggesting will also release on PC and console in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta was released for even more regions on September 24, allowing those who registered to enjoy early access to the battle royales mobile port.

The extension to more regions also brought some new features for the game, such as an upgrade system for Legends and a new Team Deathmatch mode.

The new Team Deathmatch mode may be seen in the PC and Console versions of the game in the future according to code found by dataminers, which may not arrive in Season 10, but rather sometime down the line.

apex legends mobile team deathmatch map

Recent leaks surrounding Apex Legends have revealed various future content such as Wattson’s Heirloom, a new map for Season 11, and an interesting new Legend that was found in the code.

Although the console and PC versions of Apex Legends have suffered since the Evolution Collection Event, with a recent update supposedly fixing all the server issues, the game’s Mobile version is developing nicely.

As well as being able to play the standard battle royale mode and Arenas on Apex Legends mobile, players will now also be able to hop into a Team Deathmatch mode.

The mode features two teams of six, spawning into similar-sized maps as Arenas, with Artillery being the current map available to the mode.

If you’re lucky enough to be participating in the Mobile Beta, you will be able to play this exclusive mode. However, dataminers may have uncovered code that suggests its arrival on PC and console in the future.

Thordan Smash‘s YouTube video regarding Team Deathmatch coming to Apex Legends features Shrugtal, a popular dataminer who has found code suggesting there will indeed be a team-based game mode arriving in the future.

This team-based game mode could either be Team Deathmatch or what Shrugtal is calling “Control,” a point-based mode similar to that of Domination in Call of Duty.

Further, Thordan also featured an interview with someone he claims works for EA, where the employee confirms that there will be a variety of team-based modes coming to Apex Legends in the future: “there will be a bunch of other modes, like capture the flag…or the bomb one.”

These rumors and leaks seem more viable now that the mobile version of Apex Legends has a Team Deathmatch mode in its Closed Beta.

However, it could be a while until we see these modes on PC and console, and they may also be slightly different from the 6v6 Team Deathmatch on mobile.

That’s all for Apex Legends Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode possibly coming to console and PC. For more, check out everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Halloween Event.

Image Credits & Source: Respawn Entertainment / AlphaINTEL

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Every Apex Legends Mobile Beta region

The Apex Legends Mobile Beta is live in multiple regions after its initial release in India, here’s all the current areas it’s available in.



apex legends mobile beta regions

The Apex Legends Mobile Beta is now live in various regions, if you’re interested in getting involved and trying out the mobile version of the battle royale, here are all the details you need to know.

Apex Legends Season 10 has added a heap of new content since its launch, and meanwhile, Respawn Entertainment has also been hard at work developing Apex Legends for mobile gamers.

The mobile beta was originally only available in India. However, as of September 24, the Closed Beta became available for those registered in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. The beta has also been announced for even more regions in the future, so let’s get into it.

bangalore in apex legends mobile

Apex Legends has made its mark in the battle royale genre and is considered one of the best purely because of its gameplay, great developer communication, and constant updates.

The latest update saw many changes in the patch notes. However, Apex Legends on console and PC isn’t the only thing the developers have focused on, as the mobile version will be released by the end of 2021.

Apex Legends Mobile beta regions

all legends in apex legends mobile

The Apex Legends Mobile Beta is currently available in five regions for those who registered through the Google Play store to experience the battle royale on Android. Here are all the regions it is currently available in:

  • India
  • the Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Peru

There are currently only a few Legends available in the beta, with maybe more releasing when the game officially launches. The beta will also feature mobile-exclusive maps and even the new 3v3 Arenas mode.

It seems to have been a success, with the beta now coming on October 6 for Turkey and Egypt.

Be sure to register as soon as possible, as if you miss it or were too late and don’t receive an email from EA. Unfortunately, this is a Closed Beta, and you will not participate.

However, having said that, Apex Legends Mobile is set to be released by the end of this year, and the beta is becoming available in more regions as long as things go smoothly.

If you’re interested in participating in the beta, or even when the full game releases, you can stay updated about the Apex Legends Mobile version through this page.

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the most popular Legends in Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends 1.81 patch notes: Server stability, Shiela & Rampart fixes, more

In response to all of the server issues in Apex Legends, the developers have released the September 22 update that should will resolve them.



apex legends wraith pathfinder rampart

Apex Legends has had severe server issues since the release of the Evolution Collection Event. Thankfully, the developers have shipped a patch to address these problems.

The server issues began for Apex Legends as soon as the Evolution Collection Event dropped in Season 10. The update caused players to crash and disconnect from lobbies, causing frustration for the community.

Despite some improvements with various hotfixes looking to address the issue, the servers were still dodgy.

Luckily, Respawn has shipped a new, more significant update that promises to fix all the issues players have been experiencing, which don’t just concern the servers.

apex legends rampart

Apex Legends has had a pretty rough time since the Evolution Collection Event dropped, with players crashing and disconnecting from games due to server instability.

Despite the update giving dataminers new code to dig through, allowing the community to glimpse future content such as Wattson’s Heirloom and the Loba Edition skin, players were pretty unhappy with the update.

The update also brought significant changes to Rampart, which the community welcomed and featured some pretty interesting bugs. Luckily, the new patch addresses all these issues and hopefully puts the game’s servers back on track.

Apex Legends September 22 update patch notes

“We’ve just shipped a client-side patch for @playapex, which fixes numerous bugs, including some that can cause crashes and disconnects. See the full list below. We’re also aware that there are still reports of slo-mo servers, and are looking into it!”

Some of the bugs fixed are associated with Rampart’s new changes following the Evolution Collection Event update.

The update saw Rampart’s minigun, Shiela, go mobile. However, this caused some issues with meleeing and exploits that allowed players to instantly reload Shiela without deploying it.

apex legends rampart shiela

Respawn previously dropped an update to fix teleporting and game lag, but players were still reporting issues.

In the patch, Respawn claims to have fixed most issues with servers, including a problem with animated banner poses that were reportedly causing players to crash.

The players responded to the update stating that they were still experiencing issues, but Respawn quickly replied and pushed another change to fix “slow-mo servers and poor performance.”

As Respawn said, players will need to “give it a try” and see if the issues have been fixed. That’s all on the September 22 update. For more on Apex Legends, check out our article on who the most popular Legend is in Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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