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Apex Legends leak reveals custom match menu & options

It seems Apex Legends players will soon be getting access to a custom match option, as leakers reveal what the menu will look like.



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An Apex Legends dataminer has revealed what the custom match for the battle royale could look like.

Although Apex Legends Season 13 is set to bring a variety of new content to the game, such as a new Legend and changes to Storm Point, players are still curious about custom lobbies coming to the battle royale.

Currently, only players on PC can create a custom match, but this requires an admin code from EA. The latest leak has revealed the menu for custom lobbies, which could indicate that it is releasing for all platforms and will be available for players to use without a code.

Reddit user 69AG420 put a post up in the ApexUncovered subreddit that reveals details and the menu for Apex Legends custom lobbies.

In the clip, the user presents the features and UI of this custom match mode, showing how players will be able to change the map, assign players on teams, allow others to spectate, and even change the individual names of each team.

There are a variety of options in the “Custom Match Settings,” including Aim Assist and Anonymous Mode. The clip also shows an option called Game Mode Variant, which allows the host to select either Standard, Tournament, or No Ring, which could make for some interesting gameplay, especially if they introduced LTMs in this option.

Further, players can also choose Arenas, and select from the array of maps available in the 3v3 mode as well. This could be a great way to set up 1v1s, or any other match-up you desire.

The option was there to choose from all of the maps the game has to offer: Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. It’s unclear which version of these maps players will be allowed to select, but it will likely be the current live versions of the maps.

The lobbies will hold a maximum of 60 players, which is the standard amount allowed in other modes of the battle royale. There is also a “Match Summary” tab, which will likely give you a rundown of where all the teams placed, as well as how individuals performed.

It’s unclear what season this will be arriving in, or if players will even have access to it as a mode. However, the demand is definitely there, with one player in the comments even saying: “I really hope everyone gets access to this, even if it is just arenas. I would just love to mess around with a small group of friends.”

As the devs have added a lot more options to the custom match menu, this would suggest it is likely to be released for all. Having said that nothing is confirmed so we’ll have to wait and see.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment