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Apex Legends dev details Olympus changes & Icarus POI for Season 9: Legacy update

Apex Legends developers have released a blog featuring details on the new POI and some smaller map changes coming in Legacy.



Apex Legends Legacy Olympus

As we edge closer to the Apex Legends Legacy update, Respawn Entertainment’s lead level designer provided fans a more detailed look into Infested Olympus and the new POI, Icarus.

Respawn Entertainment has been pumping out news around Apex Legends recently, with the official gameplay reveal of the new season, Legacy.

On top of a whole new mode, weapon, and Legend, Apex Legends has also just released a walkthrough of all the changes coming to Olympus in Apex Legends: Legacy.

Apex Legends Legacy Icarus

Apex Legends: Legacy is set to be the biggest season released by Respawn Entertainment since its launch back in 2019. Legacy isn’t just bringing meta changes, a new Legend, and the Arena mode, it is also bringing a huge change to Olympus with Icarus.

Last week players saw ships in the sky on Olympus, teasing what’s to come in Legacy. Apex Legends developer Dave Osei has officially revealed the details behind these invading ships and how they will be changing Olympus.

Dave Osei starts by stating their goals for Olympus in Legacy, and how they wanted to change it for the better: “we knew Olympus launched with fewer points of interest (POIs) than our previous maps, so we wanted to tackle that first and lay the seeds for future content.”

This is also something that we saw with World’s Edge, as after its introduction in Season 3, we saw a huge amount of updates to the map, adding numerous POIs and content through the following seasons.

Apex Legends Legacy: Icarus POI

The Icarus POI will be located between Bonsai Plaza, Solar Array, and Orbital Cannon, replacing the unnamed smaller buildings the developers are calling “Crossroads.”

This location is currently a bit of an odd spot, as it almost acts as a stop-off point in between the surrounding locations, sometimes spawning a beacon for survey characters to scan.

The Apex Legends developer doesn’t fully explain why they chose this location specifically, however, it seems they may have felt Crossroads had too many long lines of sight to multiple locations.

The Icarus will block most of these lines of sight, perhaps reducing the number of third parties in the area, although players will still be able to take advantage of the height outside of Bonsai Plaza.

Apex Legends Legacy bridge Keycard

The Icarus will house an abundance of loot, with “four large rooms” full of items. On top of this, the Icarus will also feature a locked room at the front of the ship filled with high-tier loot much like the vaults in World’s edge.

To access this room players must find the “Bridge Keycard”, which will spawn randomly on one of the leftover scientist’s bodies aboard the Icarus.

Inside this room, players will also be able to gain a great vantage point over Solar Array, allowing squads to plan their rotation effectively. Dave Osei does warn players that the keycard can be stolen from your deathbox, so be wary of ambushes.

Smaller changes to Olympus

Dave Osei also went through some of the smaller changes they decided to implement for Olympus in the Legacy update, including the removal of certain redeploy balloons.

The devs feel as if the Trident, Olympus’ exclusive vehicle, is a powerful rotation tool allowing them to remove some of the redeploy beacons in an attempt to reduce third parties.

Apex Legends Legacy trident

The redeploy beacon outside of Gardens has been removed as David describes it as “too powerful of a rotation option with few drawbacks,” allowing players to drop on unsuspecting enemies in multiple locations.

The other balloon to get removed is the one outside of Orbital Cannon, which is in light of the new POI Icarus, as it has increased its potential in terms of rotating to a third party. This balloon was considered fine when the map still had Crossroads in it, but since the Infested Olympus change the devs wanted to get players focussing on the two Tridents located there rather than the redeploy balloon.

Lastly, the redeploy balloons at Solar Array and Energy Depot have been reduced in height to again reduce third-partying and increase intentional rotations.

For more on Apex Legends Legacy update, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the Season 8 ranked rewards and split dates for Legacy.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Overpowered Apex Legends double pump glitch returns in Season 14

Apex Legends players have discovered the return of the double pump glitch in Season 14, creating controversy in the community.



apex legends peacekeeper

The infamous double pump glitch has returned in Apex Legends Season 14, leaving players worried about people abusing the bug.

The Apex Legends Season 14 update brought a variety of changes to the game, giving dataminers a new game version to sift through and find details around the potential Season 15 Legend.

As the update brought so much new content and changes, it’s normal for new bugs and glitches to show up, which players have seen with the unlimited loot exploit.

However, players have now discovered that the infamous double pump glitch has returned, making the Peacekeeper and Sentinel even more deadly for those who abuse the bug.

Apex Legends content creator Mokeysniper brought the return of the double pump glitch to the community’s attention on August 18, posting a video of it in action.

The glitch allows players to shoot the Peacekeeper and Sentinel much faster than they should be able to, giving those who use the glitch an unfair advantage over others.

The glitch is done by shooting, reloading, swapping to your secondary, and swapping back very quickly. If players are able to get the timing right, they can repeat this process to shoot the Peacekeeper/Sentinel in a ridiculously fast manner.

This is clearly a glitch that needs to be addressed and resolved quickly by Respawn, as if it starts to be abused by players, it could create chaos.

In the comments of the Twitter post, there are a few videos of players showing them doing it in-game, which is a worrying sign. Some are very worried about it being absued, with one comment saying “I actually hate that you guys post this kinda s***. It’s always super sick to deal with some broken weird s*** in ranked.”

Hopefully, Respawn can get a fix out for this as soon as possible, much like they were able to do for the accidental removal of tap strafing.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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How to get Apex Legends Twitch Prime Gaming rewards: August 2022

Here’s how you can get the Vantage Troop Leader Apex Legends Prime Gaming skin and bundle during the month of August in 2022.



apex legends vantage twitch prime skin

A new skin is available to Apex Legends players with a Prime Gaming subscription in August 2022. Here’s how you can get Vantage’s Troop Leader Apex Legends Twitch Prime bundle for yourself.

Respawn Entertainment and Amazon have a collaboration that involves releasing a set of Apex Legends Prime Gaming skins throughout the game’s seasons. These are available exclusively for Twitch Prime members. 

Every month brings another skin for fans to enjoy, and it’s the brand-new Season 14 Legend Vantage‘s turn to get one for the month of August. If you have a Prime Gaming subscription, then you can get the Vantage “Troop Leader” Epic skin.

Here’s what you need to do to get the newest Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin.

Vantage Twitch Prime Troop Leader skin release date

Vantage’s Troop Leader Twitch Prime Gaming skin for Apex Legends is available from August 18 to September 15.

Players have roughly a month to claim the Skin before the next Legend gets an exclusive Prime Gaming cosmetic after August 18.

What’s in Apex Legends August Prime Gaming drop?

Vantage’s August Prime Gaming skin will be of Epic rarity and it comes alongside other items. The devs have also offered players a banner and weapon skin with this Twitch Prime drop.

  • Troop Leader – Epic Vantage skin
  • Overachiever – Flatline weapon skin
  • All Patched Up – Vantage Banner Frame

How to claim Vantage’s Troop Leader bundle in Apex Legends

Vantage’s new Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin will be available for free to Prime members throughout August all the way till September 15. You must visit the Prime Gaming website and link your active Amazon Prime membership account to your EA account.

Here’s the full process:

  1. Log in to the Prime Gaming website.
  2. Make sure your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts are linked.
  3. Visit the “Apex Legends” section.
  4. Click “Claim Now” on the “Wraith Fleur De Lethal Bundle” when you see it.
  5. Link your EA and Prime Gaming accounts if asked.
  6. Load up the game and you should get a notification letting you know you have claimed the bundle.

Alternatively, you can start a free trial with Prime to claim it right away. This way, you won’t need to have an active membership to get your hands on the Apex Legends Prime Gaming skin.

Follow these instructions, and the new Epic Vantage skin will become available in your in-game inventory.

For more Apex Legends news, keep it locked on CharlieIntel, and be sure to check out our Season 14 review and best FOV settings for the battle royale.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Prime Gaming

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Weird Apex Legends glitch spawns unlimited loot for players

A new Apex Legends glitch has been discovered that provides players with unlimited loot from one Loot Bin.



Apex Legends lootbin

An Apex Legends player has discovered a very weird bug that spawns unlimited loot when playing in Season 14.

The Apex Legends developers are constantly looking to improve the player experience by introducing new content and fixing issues the community is experiencing. Just recently, the devs even introduced a quality of life change which made many controller players happy.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends is not immune to bugs and issues, with the launch of Season 14 prompting some new glitches like characters having the wrong abilities and players not receiving rewards for leveling up.

Now, Apex Legends content creator Skeptation has found a new glitch in the Battle Royale which ultimately allows players to exploit Loot Bins to spawn unlimited items.

Skeptation explains how this glitch works in his August 18 YouTube video, stating that when players stand on top of and open a Loot Bin that has a wall behind it, the Loot Bin will close completely after the player has taken the loot inside of it.

If you open the Loot Bin again, it will be completely empty. This is obviously a good trick for covering your tracks and trolling teammates who are looking for loot, however, Skeptation noticed that on some occasions something “weirder” happens.

When messing around with the bug, Skeptation noticed that sometimes the Loot Bin would refresh and spawn more loot after performing the glitch.

Skeptation does say that although he is “not sure what triggers it,” if someone is able to figure out how to do it consistently it would be “broken.”

If this becomes a major issue and players are attempting and being successful with this unlimited loot glitch, perhaps it will provoke Respawn to come up with a fix.

For more, check out Apex Legends Season 14 player’s creepy Firing Range realization.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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