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Apex Legends dev reveals reason behind unpopular Caustic buff

Apex Legends has introduced a controversial buff to Caustic’s abilities in the new update, and a dev has explained the reasoning behind this.



The launch of Apex Legends’ Fight Night event is bringing a host of changes to the game, but developers have been forced to explain why they buffed Caustic after complaints from the community.

The Apex Legends Season 7 Collection Event is almost here. Fight Night will go live on January 5, and Respawn will introduce a plethora of content in the new update, such as cosmetics, LTMs, and a Town Takeover in the form of a Pathfinder boxing arena.

We will also see some bug fixes along with a few balancing tweaks for some of the Legends. Rampart will get an amped cover buff, and Caustic’s gas trap cooldown will be reduced in the new patch.

Some of these changes haven’t sat well with fans, and they’ve expressed their worries about them online. Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein took notice of this and discussed the changes on Twitter.

Caustic gameplay in Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev explains reasoning for Caustic buff

Many Apex fans have taken issue with the buff for Caustic. One of them tweeted at the developer “Nobody asked for a caustic buff. At what point did the office decide this?”

Another user then stated that implementing this change without altering any mechanics was relatively easy compared to the work they put into Gibraltar’s arm shield. Daniel Klein then verified this, saying that it only took about 10 minutes and a few play tests to get it done.

He then continued to elaborate on why they felt it was necessary to improve Caustic, stating that they consider him to be “one of the weakest characters in the game” so they decided that the change was necessary.

A few users made it clear that they don’t agree with this statement. They referenced different scenarios in which they played as Caustic such as during ranked and unranked games, and then asked why Klein feels that the Legend should still get buffs.

The developer then stated that the character had been performing “extremely poorly” throughout the year, and he stuck to what he said about him being weak. Pro player Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona replied to Klein by stating that it’s important to understand why Caustic’s performance is weak at times.

“Caustic is weak in open fields and on unorganized teams,” explained Snip3down. “How about we take away his ult gas after he’s killed so all end games aren’t 4 caustic ults.”

Klein continued to stand by the buff given to the Legend, and it seems like Respawn will continue to make balancing changes. That said, it’s possible that if fan response is overwhelmingly negative to this buff, then they might revert this.

We’ll keep you updated if there are new changes to Caustic’s balancing soon. With Fight Night releasing on January 5, we can expect a plethora of exciting new content, which potentially includes a new Heirloom.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends teams hilariously play volleyball in-game with Cargo Bots

Some Apex Legends players went viral after starting a game of Volleyball with Octane’s Jump Pad and a few Cargo Bots.



Octane in Apex Legends

A few Apex Legends fans stopped a match to play a game of Volleyball with Octane’s Jump Pad and a few Cargo Bots. This led to some hilarious results, and the clip has gone viral in the Apex community.

Apex Legends is known for its massive maps which serve as large-scale playgrounds for you to explore. Through this, you can discover brand new combat strategies, hiding spots, and tricks to practice. Alternatively, you can just mess around.

Players have been discovering fun activities to pass the time in the Battle Royale ever since it first launched. We’ve seen various creative endeavors from fans, and now a new one has been found; playing volleyball with Cargo Bots.

Cargo bot in Apex Legends

Teams play Cargo Bot volleyball in Apex Legends

Reddit user BeanBag373 posted a fun clip to the Apex Legends subreddit, in which they enacted a brilliant plan with the help of a few other players.

They were able to get their hands on a grounded Cargo Bot and rolled it all the way up to a spot where they had set up a makeshift Volleyball court. This consisted of Octane’s jump pads, and they would use them with Pathfinder’s zipline. 

As time passed, even more players came across this and decided to join in on the fun. Rather than messing things up for everyone, they picked up on the rules and played the game. The clip gets even funnier as more people get involved.

Eventually, someone tried to ruin the fun by shooting up the players. However, they didn’t let this ruin their resolve and continued playing as the circle got even closer. They only stopped once the area became too small to stand in.

At that point, you can predict what happened next. Everybody started shooting at each other and using their Ultimate abilities, which led to mass chaos and mayhem. Sadly, this was inevitable as the shrinking circle incites conflict.

Despite that, this was still a hilarious moment of different players coming together to have dumb fun. This is why you should play Apex Legends creatively since you can discover other neat tricks when messing around.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer shows new Fuse legend and abilities

Apex Legends Season 8 shows us some new content coming to the game, including new legend Fuse and map changes.



The newest Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer shows us some new content coming up for the game’s newest content season, titled “Mayhem”.

This season we will see the introduction of the new legend, Fuse, who has been teased for quite some time now. Alongside this new legend also comes huge map changes. Here’s the rundown.

New Legend – Fuse

Fuse is an explosives focused Legend, with a kit that seems to not disappoint. According to the trailer, Fuse is seen throwing his own unique grenades, which look very similar to a grenade model leaked earlier this month. If that same leak is true, then the grenades are called “Projectile Grenades” and his ultimate is called “Firebomb”.

As a character, Fuse seems to be a sarcastic and energetic Legend, so his personality will mesh right into the current Apex Legends cast.

King’s Canyon Changes

Map changes also appear to be on the horizon for Season 8. During the trailer, a large explosion sends a shockwave throughout King’s Canyon, causing havoc to the entire map, taking down landmasses and buildings.

We can expect the new update to bring a large map overhaul, consisting mostly of already existing, but destroyed areas. Hopefully, this update will also bring us new locations, or even secrets hidden beneath the map. This may also remove some bodies of water scattered across the map, so it’s sure to be an exciting change.

You can view the full season 8 trailer here.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends trick makes grenades explode upon landing

There is an Apex Legends trick that you can use in order to make grenades explode immediately when they reach your target.



Grenades trick in Apex Legends

You can dish out a ton of damage by throwing grenades in Apex Legends, but there’s a technique that you can use to catch your enemies completely by surprise, especially at long-range.

There is a wide variety of weapons and throwables available to you when playing Apex Legends. Each of them suits different combat situations, and grenades are perfect for dealing explosive damage to enemies from a distance.

If your throwing arm is strong, you can dish out a lot of pain to your foes. A well-thrown grenade is difficult to dodge due to its quick ignition time, and you can use a neat trick to achieve that from a distance.

This technique makes the grenade explode immediately upon landing which makes the blast unavoidable, and you can do this when throwing them at long-range.

Grenades in Apex Legends

Apex Legends grenade trick makes them unavoidable at long-range

Reddit user EddygCPA posted a thread to the Apex University subreddit, where they showed how you can throw grenades with such accuracy that they explode on landing. At the time of writing, this thread and has over 3500 upvotes.

This trick involves aiming directly upwards when throwing a grenade at long-range. You can then adjust the angle so that it lands on your opponents from above, and then immediately explodes.

You would not be able to achieve the same effect if you aimed directly at your enemies, since they would see it coming, and immediately try getting out of its way. Making use of the trick will grant you the element of surprise.

You can improve your chances of success when using this technique by putting in some time at the Firing Range to practice your grenade throwing. This trick is ideal for catching other players by surprise the next time you throw a grenade.

There are plenty of other tricks that you can discover, which is why you’re encouraged to play the battle royale as creatively as you can. Recently, some players found a technique to counter door-campers by experimenting with Horizon’s abilities.

With Apex Legends Season 8 set to launch on February 2, we will have even more opportunities to find new tricks in the game. Once we find some, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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