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Apex Legends developer responds to Rampart buff request

Apex Legends developer, Daniel Klein, took to reddit to answer a fan’s request for a buff to Rampart’s passive ability.



An Apex Legend developer took to Reddit to answer a request to buff the passive ability for Rampart.

Introduced in Season 6, Rampart is a legend with a dedication to being proficient with heavy weaponry. Her ability set allows her to throw down pieces of cover that amplify projectiles and block bullets.

Ramparts whole kit centers around the use of LMGs and even rewards the player with a high-powered minigun called “Sheila” that you can use as her ultimate and mount on the deployable cover.

In a Reddit post, user BottlecapYT, showcases her abilities in a well-edited video where he fortifies the Winter Express and wreaks havoc on an entire server. (Video below)

What playing Rampart on Winter Express feels like to me from r/apexlegends

In the comments of this video, Reddit user GrookeyGang484 asked, “Hey Daniel, I just wanted to ask something about Rampart. Her passive NEEDS a buff and I wanted to know if a buff like that for her is possible.

“I thought maybe, at most, reworking it so that all guns that have hop-ups automatically have said hop-ups equipped in ramparts hands, or at the very least have Modded Loader carry over to snipers. Just wondering:)”

Apex Developer Daniel Klein responded to the question, saying that he had, “Two thoughts about Rampart’s passive.” First, he reiterated that Rampart is going to stay an LMG-centric legend. Since this is the case, the state of LMGs will always impact her viability.

Klein went on to say, “Finding the right tuning on it isn’t easy. There’s a tuning level where we make it so strong that it becomes mandatory to find and play with an LMG on Rampart, which I think would be sad. I think there’s room for a little more power in there, but it’ll never be a character-defining passive.”

It’s a possibility there could be a buff coming, but it would be minimal and not likely anytime soon. If anything, we may see a buff to LMGs as an indirect Rampart buff.