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Apex Legends hate Hillside POI on Kings Canyon even after changes

Apex Legends players are discussing an unnamed POI on Kings Canyon, with some calling it the “hill of death.”



apex legends hillside kings canyon

Apex Legends players are expressing their opinions on a certain unnamed POI on Kings Canyon, coming up with names to describe how busy the location can get.

Apex Legends Season 14 saw the return of Kings Canyon with some pretty drastic changes, including the somewhat return of Skull Town, which is now called Relic.

This beloved map is the battle royale’s original setting, however, it has changed a lot since the game was released back in 2019. Kings Canyon is definitely not widely disliked, however, when it comes to its appearance in Ranked Leagues, players tend to like it less than others.

While one of the other maps will replace it in ranked for the second split, many have had to put up with it for the first. Kings Canyon has a massive reputation in ranked for being extremely hectic and busy when it comes to third parties and multiple team fights.

One area on the map, in particular, is causing distress among the community, and it lies in between Containment and Capacitor.

In between these two POIs is a steep hill that acts as a choke with some cover and a building on top of it. Many feel this unnamed POI is a spot that players should avoid, as content creator for SCARZ thekinetv calls it the “hill of death.”

After highlighting this spot as a “Sh*t Show” with an image, the post received many comments in agreement, showing that many dislikes this spot and feel it is always a hot spot.

Pro Apex Legends player TSM Albralelie even calls this spot on Kings Canyon “suicide,” showing just how dangerous even a pro player thinks this spot can be.

Another comment reads “dude seriously. There’s literally a 5+ team fight there every game. It’s a big open through point for the rest of the map because it’s dead center, so everybody just clogs up there on rotates. It’s such dogsh*t map design.”

Respawn did tweak this spot in the Season 14 update, removing the buildings from the hillside in an attempt to “resolve fights faster and allow safer rotations through this space,” however, clearly players don’t feel this has worked.

Perhaps Kings Canyon will receive more changes in the future, but for now, the devs are probably more focused on the Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment