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Apex Legends Legacy: Best strategies to win on every Arenas map

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has been out for quite sometime now, allowing players to learn some of the best strategies on the Arenas maps.



apex legends best arenas

Apex Legends’ Legacy update dropped March 4, allowing players enough time to learn the mode and even figure out some of the Apex Legends best Arenas strategies on each of the current maps.

The response to Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode has been great so far from the community, with players even asking for the mode to have a more competitive ranked playlist.

Arenas will evolve over time like the battle royale has, perhaps changing the weapon and Legend meta within the mode. However, the strategies on each map will likely stay the same, so let’s take a look at some of the best.

apex legends best arenas strategy

If you already have the weapons and Legend composition you like using in Arenas, the next thing you want to perfect is your strategy on each of the maps.

You may have come against some players who have their own strategy for a map and have subsequently performed better than your team as they had a plan of action. We aim to shed light on these tactics so that you and your team can gain a better understanding of how to play on each map.

Apex Legends best Arenas strategies

Phase Runner

apex legends best arenas phase runner

Phase Runner is one of the new exclusive maps for Arenas that features a portal similar to the one that runs through the map Olympus. This map is one of the larger maps for Arenas, however, it is very simple when you take the placement of the circle into consideration.

On this map, the direction of the circle is always the route to go, especially if it is on the side of the portal. Taking the Phase Runner when the circle is on its side will put your team at an advantage if the other team goes a different way. However, most teams like to follow the circle when it is on the Phase Runner’s side, so there are a few things you can do to gain an advantage over them.

  1. Purchase Ordnances with leftover credits, Grenades, and Arc Stars work the best
  2. Go through the Phase Runner and immediately start throwing your Ordnances if the opposition arrive on the other side
  3. If they are well placed, this should give your team the upper hand to start attacking from the sides.

If the circle is on the other side, it is best to play the high ground and stay on your side of the platform where the loot bin is. Taking the heals and protecting both sides is the best way to go about winning when the circle is on this side, taking angles on the opponent to try and single them out.

For characters like Valkyrie, Revenant, and any other Legend who has mobility, there is a great high ground spot above the loot bin on this side which can give you great angles on the other side of the platform, giving your team an advantage.


arenas artillery

Once again, players will want to take up positions on the side that the circle lands in order to gatekeep opponents, as height and angles rule on this fairly open map. The two large spawn buildings that are on either side of the map are great for getting high ground and immediately putting pressure on the opponents. There is also an option to zipline to further height on the side of the map, which is great for gaining angles on the enemy team.

This height can be dangerous if the enemy team arrives there before you do, so come equipped with grenades for this map, as they can really help with disrupting enemies on height and forcing them to reposition, as does Valkyrie’s tactical – Missile Swarm.

When the circle lands on the other side of the map, the strategy is different, as unless the enemies don’t follow the circle, you will be in a confrontation pretty quickly. Stopping the enemies from getting to the loot bin by pressuring from the height on top of the bunkers is important.

Another great position is on top of the circular structures just outside these bunkers. There are two of these on both sides so be cautious of enemies taking the same position. However, this height can be very advantageous especially if the enemy team take up a position on top of the opposite bunker.

Party Crasher

arenas party crasher

Party Crasher is a great map aesthetically and structurally, featuring a familiar layout on one side with a crashed version of Mirage Voyage, while the opposite side is lower down but filled with lots of cover.

The best strategy on this map is to get on top of Mirage Voyage as quickly as possible and dominate that side of the map. This is by far the better side due to its advantageous height. Furthermore, if your squad wards off enemies or the opposition decide to take the other route, your team can easily access the loot bin and crafting credits that aren’t out in the open like on the opposite side.

Legends like Octane, Valkyrie, and Pathfinder are great on this map as they can take the height on Mirage Voyage fast with their abilities and put pressure on the enemies first. Further, they can also get to the loot bin and crafting materials efficiently, allowing for a different angle on enemies on the other side of the Mirage Voyage.

Even if the circle is on the other side of this map, Mirage Voyage is still a great strategy, as players can shoot down at the enemy team on the other side of the map, put some pressure on and then quickly push towards the circle.

That’s all for the best Arenas strategies for each map, for more on Apex Legends stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on how to earn every Apex Legends Arena badge.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want the Battle Pass system from Halo: Infinite

The unique Battle Pass system of Halo: Infinite is proving popular with fans, and Apex Legends players want Respawn to take notes from it.



Apex fans want Halo Infinite batte pass

The highly anticipated Halo: Infinite will come with a unique new Battle Pass system that’s proving popular with FPS fans, and Apex Legends players are asking Respawn for something similar.

There was a lot to unpack in Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer reveal which gave us a close look at a variety of different features. This included the brand-new Battle Pass system that comes with a unique feature.

Rather than giving you a limited amount of time to unlock various cosmetics, 343 Industries have made it so that a Battle Pass will never expire even when new ones come out, and you can pick which Pass to progress through.

Now, Apex Legends fans are asking for Respawn to try something similar.

halo infinite spartans

Reddit user Raxus001 took to the Apex Legends subreddit to ask Respawn Entertainment to take influence from Halo: Infinite’s new Battle Pass system.

Whenever a new season of Apex Legends arrives, you’re presented with a brand-new Battle Pass to progress through. However, this means that you can no longer complete the one from the previous season.

“It would be a brilliant idea to have a menu tab in the lobby that allows us to look back on all the battle passes in Apex and purchase any that we missed,” wrote the Redditor.

Adopting this Battle Pass system would grant you the chance to get any cosmetic rewards that you may have previously missed out on.

Many players pointed out that this would profitable for both the fans and developers since Respawn would still get the money used to purchase new and old Battle Passes.

So far, the developers haven’t addressed this suggestion, and we don’t know if they’ll adopt a similar Battle Pass system to Halo: Infinite after the Legacy Update ends. We’ll keep checking for any new developments regarding this.

Image credits: 343 Industries / Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

When is cross-progression coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends is cross platform for Xbox, PC and PlayStation. Find out if your progression will follow you around all the systems here.



when is cross-progression coming to apex legends

Apex Legends has cross-platform play available and is now on pretty much every platform, with a Mobile version soon to be released publicly. Now there is one thing on players’ minds – Apex Legends cross-progression.

Since the original launch of Apex Legends in February 2019, the game has made many strides towards catching up with competitors Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. First, it began with its cosmetic store & seasonal battle pass system, capitalizing on its free-to-play status with microtransactions for players.

Next up, it launched its cross-play system on October 6, 2020 – uniting players across consoles and PC. The crossplay system is different from competitors since PC players will only still be placed against other PC players. However, console players can still queue with PC friends, but they will, in turn, be exclusively placed against PC players.

Apex Legends cross-progression

Forwarding to the present, players are merging across platforms. Many console players are making the jump to the PC platform due to the recent performance jump of the RTX 3000 graphics cards, and some Xbox players are jumping to PlayStation and vice versa.

When is cross-progression coming to Apex Legends?

So for players jumping across platforms, will your progression follow you? The short answer is no. Currently, there is no way to have your Apex Legends rank and skins follow you to another platform. The only exception is changing between the Origin launcher to Steam on PC, where you will have your data transfer over.

There is good news for players who are still waiting for cross-progression to come to Apex Legends. It still appears to be on the developer’s to-do list, with Respawn’s Game Director Chad Grenier commenting on the subject in a Reddit post.

“It’s something we are very passionate about, and we’re looking at our options available. Much harder post-launch since users may have multiple accounts to merge or use. Easier with Steam because it’s at launch. We’ll give an update when we have something to talk about.”

Apex Legends cross-progression

Based on Grenier’s comment, it appears that Cross Progression has a chance to come in the future, but it is currently a difficult task for the team due to users who have multiple accounts across platforms.

For those cases, it looks like Respawn might offer an account merge option of some type, which may be tricky for them to implement back end.

Since these comments, there has been a further update on the situation by Chad Grenier, who stated in another Reddit AMA that “it’s still a ways off.”

Hopefully, the devs can figure out how to implement cross-progression into Apex Legends. This would make life much easier for those who wish to change the platform without sacrificing their account data.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends leak claims Revenant will get Heirloom in Season 9

A new leak suggests that Revenant will be the next character to get their own Heirloom in Apex Legends Season 9, not Crypto.



Apex Legends leak claims Revenant will get Heirloom in Season 9

While it was initially believed that Crypto would receive his very own custom Heirloom in Apex Legends Season 9, a new leak suggests that Revenant will be getting one instead.

Heirlooms are some of the rarest cosmetic items in Apex Legends to this day. These are basically unique melee weapons that are suited to specific Legends. Bangalore’s Cold Steel in the Chaos Theory event was the most recent one.

Heirloom for Crypto was also previously leaked, but that has yet to arrive in the game. Now, some new leaks have emerged which suggest that Respawn are planning to give one to Revenant in Season 9.

Revenant in Apex Legends

According to notable Apex Legends data miner ‘GarretLeaks,’ a new LTM that’s arriving on June 29 may also bring Revenant’s Heirloom to the battle royale. The leaker states that there’s a “high chance” of this happening.

A previous leak revealed what Revenant’s Heirloom will look like. It appears to be a scythe that’s compartmentalized and attached by a wire. Once the Legend gives it a shake, it will form the sharp end of the two-handed weapon.

So far, nine of the Legends have their own Heirlooms in the game, and Revenant will be the tenth if these leaks are accurate.

This might be disappointing to Crypto fans that were excited to see his ‘Jikdo’ item arrive. That leak was apparently a “fake”, and Garret stated that there are currently only two Heirlooms in the Apex Legends game files.

Keep in mind that we don’t know for sure if this is the next Heirloom that will be joining the game since Respawn’s next lineup hasn’t been revealed yet. So, it’s worth taking this news with a grain of salt.

If you’re interested in more cosmetics for this Legend, then you can also pick up June’s Revenant Prime Gaming skin. For more Apex Legends news, keep it locked on Charlie Intel, and check out the Legend pick rates in Season 9.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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