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Apex Legends players call for Bangalore to get a major buff for the smoke ability

Apex Legends players want Bangalore to receive a buff to her smoke launcher in Season 10, as they feel it benefits enemy Recon Legends.



bangalore smoke buff

Bangalore is one of Apex Legends’ original characters from when the game was first released, and although her kit has been fairly unchanged since then, players are calling for her smoke to be buffed.

Apex Legends Season 10 saw various changes to weapons and Legends in the patch notes, keeping the game fresh and exciting. However, some players are, of course, wanting more in terms of Legend balancing.

Although Bangalore recently received her very own edition of Apex Legends, giving those who love the Legend an opportunity to receive an exclusive skin for her and the G7, as well as other cosmetics, it seems players are calling for her smoke to get a buff.

apex legends bangalore

Bangalore has been a staple Legend of Apex Legends since the game was first released back in 2019. Bangalore is considered to be one of the most balanced Legends in the whole game, mostly because she hasn’t received any major reworks in previous patch notes.

Although players have been satisfied with her balancing, it seems players have finally found an issue that may be limiting her kit’s potential, which could be due to the intervention of the Season 10 Legend, Seer.

Apex Legends players call for Bangalore smoke buff

Competitive ALGS player Snip3down posted his opinion on what he believes a Bangalore buff should look like:

“Bangalore smokes need to nullify being scanned, right now, she’s only hurting herself since it seems like they’ll always see you, but you can’t see anything.”

The argument is that Bangalore smokes provide those like Seer and Bloodhound a great opportunity to see those within the smoke with scans, leaving Bangalore and her team exposed.

Although her smoke is still fairly strong against other Legends, it does negatively impact her team when Seer and Bloodhound take advantage of their scans through the smoke.

It seems players on Reddit also share the opinion that Bangalore needs some sort of buff to her smoke, with one user suggesting she gets “Digital threat goggles in smoke.”

This would be an interesting change, as it would mean Bangalore would gain an advantage while in the smoke, much like how Caustic can see those damaged by his Nox Gas.

However, this could be very overpowered, and some other players in the comments are definitely fearful of this:

“They need less of this ‘highlighted enemies’ stuff and to look at other avenues for legend balancing. Seems nearly everyone is a bloodhound now.”

Whatever happens to Bangalore, she is and has been in a great spot since release, and perhaps the upcoming Seer nerf will bring things back in tune.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment