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Apex Legends

Apex Legends pros suggest removal of kill points from Ranked Leagues

Apex Legends pros express an idea which they believe will make the game’s ranked playlist better, which involves the removal of kill points.



apex legends ranked

Apex Legends pros have suggested removing the game’s kill point system to make Ranked Leagues a better experience, but could it really be worth making such a big change?

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues is the competitive playlist for the battle royale, where players battle it out to gain Ranked Points (RP) and reach a higher level. For many pros, this is where they sharpen their skills and teamwork, developing the knowledge needed to compete at the highest level, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

It seems a couple of pros had something to say about the state of Ranked Leagues in Season 9: Legacy, presenting a very controversial case for the removal of Kill Points (KP).

apex legends ranked algs

There are seven levels in Ranked Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, Apex Predator. As well as gaining RP from placement, players must also gain Kill Points (KP) to multiply their placement score and gain the maximum amount of RP from a game.

It seems some disagree with the idea of KP, perhaps thinking it causes too many third-parties and a playstyle of getting kills instead of actually playing the battle royale how it is supposed to be played.

TSM Snip3down took to twitter to express his views:

“Best opinion I’ve heard yet on ranked is removing KP entirely from the RP system, the game is a BR after all. Winning should be the #1 priority, would actually make the quality of games A+ in comparison to what they are now, if you want to frag out go play arena

This would mean players only receive RP from placement, which would be a massive change for the game, especially with so many players believing it influences a less campy playstyle and gives the game a more entertaining flow.

After Snip3down’s comments caught some attention, he actually confirmed that the views came from @ReptarRB, another Apex Legends pro who said ranked would be “perfect” without Kill Points.

Some of the comments those in the community shared made the removal of Kill Points seem like a very controversial idea and may potentially make the game way campier.

@GarretLeaks said, “might as well add cheese if he wants that many rats,” implying the removal of KP would ultimately cause more people to play for placement and therefore play passively until the final circles.

It could go either way, as it depends what kind of lobby players are in and how desperate players are for RP. Regardless, this seems like a very radical change and would make more sense for the developers to reduce the effectiveness of the KP system rather than remove it as a whole, as it does influence a more positive, aggressive playstyle.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ popularity reaches new heights after Season 14 update

With the release of Apex Legends Season 14, the Battle Royale game is experiencing an unprecedented amount of active players.



apex legends vantage and echo mid air

Apex Legends Season 14 has achieved a new peak in popularity for Respawn Entertainment’s FPS Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends Season 14 brings some exciting new content to the game after the battle royale saw a slight dip in popularity towards the end of last season.

Luckily for Respawn, the brand-new Legend Vantage, overhauled Kings Canyon map, and huge Level Cap increase has been a massive hit with the fans, despite players finding bugs and glitches.

The new content has been so appealing that the game has even reached a new all-time peak player count on Steam, showing just how popular Apex Legends Season 14 is.

As of August 10, 2022, Apex Legends has a peak of 510,286 concurrent players, which is the highest it has ever been.

Although it’s only Steam‘s player count, this still shows just how popular the new Season of Apex Legends currently is.

Of course, the numbers are likely to decrease after launch week, but this is still impressive, especially as it shows that the game’s popularity is actually increasing despite being in its fourteenth season.

As Respawn continue to update and introduce new exciting content to the game, the player count will likely continue to rise, especially when players are now guaranteed an Heirloom.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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Powerful Apex Legends glitch allows players to carry active Heat Shields on their head

Apex Legends players have noticed a new glitch in Season 14 which allows Heat Shields to be placed on character’s heads.



apex legends heatshield

A new powerful glitch has been found in Apex Legends after the Season 14 update which sticks Heat Shields on top of the character.

A new season of Apex Legends doesn’t just mean a new Legend, it also usually means new bugs and issues for the devs to fix.

While the Apex Legends Season 14 update launched smoothly, players have noticed some odd glitches and issues, such as characters having the wrong abilities and Wattson being unable to place her fences.

Now, players have found a bug in Season 14 which puts Heat Shields on the player’s head, which is actually very strong.

apex legends Heat Shield

Reddit user JomzYT put a video up in the Apex Legends subreddit showing off this new Heat Shield glitch, along with the caption “Apparently you can now put heatshields on your head!”

In the video, the player goes to place a Heat Shield down when it miraculously lands on their head and stays with them while they move.

Heat Shields are extremely useful in Apex Legends, as they protect you from the ring and can often save you or your teammate’s life, giving you time to heal up before making your way back into the ring.

Usually, they are placed on the floor, and can not be moved. However, with this glitch, the player is free to move around and remain protected by the Heat Shield, which is stuck to their head.

The fact that the player can move around with the Heat Shield makes this bug very powerful, leaving some in the comments of the post jokingly saying that “it’s a feature,” and a “buff.”

According to one of the users in the comments, this bug is associated with Vantage and could be to do with her winged companion Echo: “This is a thing that happens with Vantage at times, I accidentally pinged myself and my own echo earlier today. Seems like Echo stays physical even when holstered, this leaves one question. Rampart turret on Echo?”

Perhaps the Heat Shield was attached to Echo, as the player had not called the bat out. This has players reminiscing about similar bugs with Crypto and his drone: “Oh gosh, I remember when we had that bug with Crypto. That was funny, flying around on your turret shooting at people.”

Although it doesn’t seem like a major issue, Respawn will likely get this patched up as soon as possible. For more on Apex Legends, check out what NICKMERCS had to say about the Valkyrie nerfs in Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Wattson’s fence unusable in Apex Legends despite Season 14 fixes

Players are having trouble with Wattson’s fences yet again in Apex Legends, despite the Legend receiving fixes in Season 14 update.



apex legends wattson

Apex Legends players are frustrated with Wattson’s fences as they claim the ability is unusable in Season 14.

Apex Legends players are finally able to enjoy the brand new Season 14 update, as the season dropped on August 9. Players have been getting to grips with Vantage, the overhauled Kings Canyon map, and various buffs and nerfs in the patch notes.

While some in the community have been focused on the Valkyrie nerfs and Mad Maggie buffs, which could potentially see her rise in popularity, others are disappointed with Wattson.

The new update supposedly brought improvements to Wattson’s fence placement, but the community have been experiencing the opposite.

apex legends season 9 update wattson

Reddit user oscarwildeaf has highlighted the issue with Wattson’s fences on the Apex Legends subreddit, posting a video of the problem while sarcastically saying “another great patch for Wattson.”

The patch notes claimed that the devs had made “improvements” to the placement of Wattson fences, as there have been many issues with the ability in the past.

In the video, the player attempts to place Wattson fences but is inconveniently unable to do so, despite the UI showing that it is possible.

This is obviously extremely frustrating for Wattson players in Apex Legends Season 14, as her electric fences are her main tool and this isn’t the first time there have been issues with it.

One user in the comments of the post even said “Wattsons been dealing with this for a while anytime they change fences or arcstars they break s***. You can expect a fix maybe in season 15, time to retire Wattson for 14.”

Clearly, this player feels that Wattson’s fence placement will be broken for some time, but hopefully Respawn prove them wrong and bring a permanent fix for the issue soon.

On the topic of bugs and issues, a new Apex Legends Season 14 glitch is causing characters to have the wrong abilities, making for some hilarious clips.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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