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Apex Legends Rank distribution: Season 14 Ranked breakdown

Wondering how your Apex Legends Rank stacks up against the rest of the community? Here’s a breakdown of the Ranked distribution in Season 14.



Apex Legends Vantage with rank badges

Apex Legends Season 14 brought another Ranked split, taking players to the revamped Kings Canyon and changing Entry Costs and Kill RP. Here’s a full breakdown of the Ranked distribution in Apex Legends Season 14.

Every season, Apex Legends players grind out Ranked to earn rewards and perhaps achieve the illustrious Apex Predator rank. Season 13 brought major changes with Ranked Reloaded, and then Season 14 tweaked the system even further.

With higher entry costs and kills bearing more weight, the Ranked distribution looks much different to Season 13 as players are finding it more difficult to achieve positive RP, even when winning matches.

If you’re wondering how your Rank compares to the rest of the community, here’s a full breakdown of Season 14’s Ranked distribution as of September 12 thanks to Apex Legends Status.

Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked distribution

Apex Legends RankDistribution
Bronze IV13.161%
Bronze III4.53%
Bronze II3.808%
Bronze I2.985%
Silver IV3.766%
Silver III3.972%
Silver II3.71%
Silver I3.329%
Gold IV7.233%
Gold III5.85%
Gold II4.821%
Gold I4.585%
Platinum IV9.703%
Platinum III4.022%
Platinum II2.553%
Platinum I2.225%
Diamond IV5.542%
Diamond III0.543%
Diamond II0.266%
Diamond I0.162%
Apex Predator0.092%

Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked distribution explained

Once players get past Bronze, Platinum IV is the next most populated Rank in Apex Legends Season 14, with Gold IV and Diamond IV coming in closely behind.

There are a few reasons why the first division of each rank is more populated. A new rank means tougher opponents and although demotion has been introduced, players get three games worth of demotion protection which might be holding them in place.

Also, everyone in the same rank will get the same rewards, so players might be happy to get the rewards but feel the next rank is unachievable so don’t want to grind any further.

Of course, Apex Predator is the least populated rank as only the top 750 players can enter it. Then it’s actually Diamond I with the second-fewest players. With how high the Predator RP cost is, these high-skill players can get past Diamond I but can’t achieve Predator so are stuck in Masters, giving it a higher number of players.

Apex Legends Ranked distribution graph

The next Apex Legends Ranked split brings Storm Point and a Rank reset, so expect these numbers to change again soon. Plus, you can check out what NICKMERCS would change about the mode.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Apex Legends Status