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Apex Legends Season 12 Ranked Leagues: Split dates, Max KP, maps, rewards, more

A brand new Apex Legends season means updates to the beloved Ranked Leagues. With new maps and split dates, we’ve got all the details.



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Apex Legends Season 12 will bring a fresh ranked season. For those looking to get a head start, here are all the details you need to know about Season 12’s Ranked Leagues, including the split date.

Apex Legends has a very successful ranked mode that the community seems to love, even attracting big-name streamers like NICKMERCS to grind through the ranks.

As a new season approaches, bringing changes in the patch notes and new Legend Mad Maggie, players are gearing up for a new Ranked season.

Here are all the details on Season 12 ranked, including the Max KP players can earn.

Apex Legends Season 12 split dates

Apex updates usually come out on Tuesdays around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM UK. With that being said, we expect the split to occur on March 23 around this time.

Although we are yet to have official information regarding split dates for Season 12’s Ranked Leagues, as a season is around three months long, we can make a suitable guess. We will update this as official information is released.

Apex Legends Season 12 ranked maps

The maps players will be on for Season 12 of Apex Legends Ranked Leagues will be Olympus and Kings Canyon:

  • Split 1 – Olympus
  • Split 2 – Kings Canyon

Having the new updated Olympus map as the first ranked split map will definitely be interesting for players.

Despite Storm Point not being involved in Ranked, it will still be available in pubs, along with Kings Canyon and Sabotaged Olympus. World’s Edge will be taking a hiatus this season.

What is Max KP in Apex Legends Season 12?

Season 12 brings yet another change to the way in which players earn Ranked Points (RP) and Kill Points (KP) in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues.

Previously, in Season 11 players were able to accumulate a Max Kill KP of 175. This favored the more aggressive teams and focused less on the need for placement points. The devs are reverting this slightly, reducing the Max Kill KP to 125.

They have bumped placement points up for teams who finish in the top 5, which also means that the Per Kill Bonuses have also been changed slightly. They claim this change means that players will need “2-3 less Kills to hit the maximum.”

Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked rewards

A new season means that players will finally be able to reap the benefits of the previous season. Depending on which rank you achieved in Season 11, players can expect the following rewards:

  • Bronze – Badge & Holospray
  • Silver – Badge & Holospray
  • Gold – Badge, Holospray, & Weapon Cosmetic
  • Platinum – Badge, Holospray, & Weapon Cosmetic
  • Diamond – Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, & Season-Long Dive Trial
  • Master – Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, & Season-Long Dive Trial
  • Apex Predator – Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, & Season-Long Dive Trial

Please note that the dive trials will be the same as the Season 7 Ranked Reward.

There you have it, that’s all we currently know regarding Apex Legends Defiance‘s Ranked split dates, maps, Max KP, and rewards. We will be updating this piece as new information is released but for now, check out the huge nerfs coming to Caustic.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect explains why Apex Legends isn’t close to dying out

Top streamer Dr Disrespect had high praise for Apex Legends and its devs, explaining why it won’t “die out” any time soon.



Apex Legends has been going strong since its launch in 2019 and even hit its highest Steam player count yet with Season 14. Top streamer Dr Disrespect weighed in on its longevity, believing that it won’t “die out” any time soon.

Apex Legends hit its 14th season in August 2022, bringing a brand-new Legend, increasing the level cap, and overhauling the original Kings Canyon map. With the game reaching its highest Steam player count yet and Season 15 arriving later this year, Apex is showing no signs of slowing down.

Alongside developing his own game, top streamer Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm keeps coming back to Apex Legends, and has explained why he doesn’t believe it’ll die out.

Doc returned to Apex to try out Vantage and all of the other Season 14 changes, and a member of the Champions Club donated and asked Doc if Apex Legends “will die out soon,” and he immediately responded: “absolutely not.”

“They’re tapped in and they have a great developer group working on the game,” he explained. “The game’s constantly evolving and it’s literally, probably the most competitive battle royale out there — I mean it has to be. Not even close.”

Timestamp 30:55

Both Warzone and Fortnite have competitive scenes, with the World Series of Warzone 2022 kicking off on August 15. But the grind for Apex Predator is always a big event for competitive players and Apex streamers alike whenever there’s a new split.

Dr Disrespect then considered whether Apex Legends is “fun to watch,” and he concluded that viewers who don’t play typically won’t watch it, but those who are invested in the game will always be tuning in.

Will Warzone 2 and a potential ranked mode be able to knock Apex Legends off its pedestal? We’ll need to wait and see when it releases later this year.

Image Credit: MLG

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players frustrated that Mirage’s abilities are “useless” against Vantage

Mirage players are frustrated that Vantage’s abilities make the Legend “useless” in Apex Legends Season 14.



Apex Legends Season 14 introduced the new Legend Vantage, and players feel that she’s making Mirage’s abilities feel completely “useless” in combat.

Every character in Apex Legends has their own unique set of abilities that are useful in different situations, and Mirage can help you make a quick getaway from overwhelming enemy opposition.

He is able to deploy decoys that will distract your enemies, giving you time to reposition yourself. However, the new Season 14 Legend Vantage has the perfect counter for that, and Mirage mains are extremely frustrated about this new development.

Reddit user ‘PRIYANSHUC15’ shared a clip in the Apex Legends subreddit, and it showed them using Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark abilities to spot the real Mirage among the decoys.

This irritated the Redditor, who then claimed that Mirage’s abilities are “useless” after Vantage’s arrival. Other players in the thread agreed with this sentiment and expressed their frustration.

Many of the comments explain that it’s pointless to leave out decoys if enemy players have the ability to instantly find the real one. As a result, Vantage’s arrival may make things unbalanced.

One user stated: “As a Mirage main we’re very used to getting shafted to high hell every season so this is nothing new.”

A few players suggested that Vantage being able to spot the real Mirage might be the result of a bizarre glitch. One of the players claimed that they dropped into the game earlier and their passive only scanned the Mirage decoys.

However, another player replied: “It tells you it’s a decoy though so it scans the target and shows it’s a fake”. They then added that it was probably an intentional feature meant to nerf Mirage in the new season.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if Respawn Entertainment will respond to these complaints by either buffing Mirage’s ability set or nerfing Vantage. We’ll be sure to let you know if there are any new changes implemented.

For more Apex Legends content, check out this Firing Range change players want after the Season 14 update and why players feel that Mad Maggie is “too good not to use” after her Season 14 buffs.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends players call for devs to make Firing Range change after Season 14 update

Apex Legends players are calling for the devs to fix the Firing Range after the Season 14 update changed the way players die.



Apex Legends players have noticed a difference in the Firing Range after the Season 14 update, and now they are calling for the devs to make a change.

Apex Legends players are still getting used to the changes in Season 14, as there have been both drastic updates to existing content and new introductions such as Vantage and the Laser Sight attachment.

With that said, players have already found great ways to utilize Vantage and also discovered how strong character buffs are, including Mad Maggie and Newcastle‘s.

However, like any new update, Season 14 has brought some pretty crazy glitches, and players have also found an unwanted change in the Firing Range that they’re now calling for the devs to revert.

Players often use the Firing Range to practice and 1v1 others, but the removal of the Self-Revive has caused these interactions to be much slower and less enjoyable.

Prior to the Self-Revive’s removal, players would 1v1 with a Gold Knockdown Shield so that if they went down, they could easily get back up or switch characters to gain health and retain their loadout.

This prevented the effort of having to respawn and collect your loadout again, allowing players to 1v1 efficiently. Unfortunately, as Skeptation has highlighted, the removal of Self-Revive means this is no longer possible.

Now, Skeptation and others who agree in the comments are calling for the devs to “change this so players get downed not full killed with friendly fire on.”

While it’s not a major issue, it is clearly something the fans want and may have actually been something that the devs didn’t consider when they took the Self-Revive out of the game.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, check out how Apex Legends has reached new heights in Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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