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Apex Legends Season 12 review: Control among the madness

Respawn always seem to deliver when it comes to new seasonal content in Apex Legends, as Season 12 has proven no different.



apex legends defiance mad maggie

Players were experiencing a slightly dry spell towards the end of the previous season, leaving the community eager for new content. Luckily, Respawn took control, literally, and added a new exciting LTM and Legend that brings new ways to play.

Apex Legends Season 12 has officially arrived, giving players the chance to dig their teeth into all the new content.

Coming off the back of a massive season which brought a whole new map, Season 12 definitely feels like a less major update than its predecessor. However, one mode has definitely managed to steal the show among the chaos of a new fiery Legend and Olympus map update.

Apex Legends Season 12 review

Maggie brings the madness

apex legends mad maggie

Respawn Entertainment have brought yet another great addition to the Legend roster in Mad Maggie. With a fiery attitude, this Legend brings yet another aggressive playstyle to the game, as her kit is built for destruction.

Maggie has come into the game and almost immediately changed the way players engage in combat when she’s around. Her Tactical, Riot Drill, is arguably the best thing about her kit, as the ability to damage players through objects and walls is extremely strong.

Not only does she offer a viable counter to Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, but her Ultimate gives her and the team an edge of mobility, which is very powerful in a game like Apex.

Maggie’s Passive is also a slight buff for Shotguns, as anyone who uses the Legend will have increased mobility as well. Maggie comes in strong, but not overpowered. This is similar to Ash’s arrival, as it seems the devs have cracked adding balanced Legends to the game.

Refreshing updates

phase driver Olympus apex legends

Apex Legends Season 12 also brought some refreshing updates to the beloved Olympus map. As well as two brand new POIs, the update also stretched the map out, drawing attention away from the hectic Hammond Labs location.

Having said that, there are still areas of the map which do feel like they need some work. For example, the area around Power Grid and Rift definitely could do with some improvements, as fighting in those areas isn’t as satisfying as other POIs and chokes.

Warm and cold

apex legends crypto ash lifeline

The overall changes for Legends were solid, with Crypto getting a much-needed rework that has no doubt made him feel much stronger and more competitive. Caustic’s Gas Traps nerf has also worked out nicely, as they haven’t made the Legend feel less efficient at slowing fights down, but it has made it feel fairer to push a team with a Caustic.

One issue that now seems to be apparent, however, is that Heavy weapons definitely don’t feel as strong without the Flatline in the floor loot pool. Since moving to the Replicator, the R-301 is pretty much the only reliable Assault Rifle currently in the game, especially now that the Volt is in the Care Package, which despite being an SMG, was also a reliable mid-range weapon.

Further, the fact that we didn’t get a new weapon this season is slightly disappointing, and the nerfs to the Triple Take do feel slightly unwarranted.

New LTM Control steals the show

apex legends gibraltar and wattson fighting

Regardless of the disappointing weapon changes, Olympus map update, and new Legend, the Control LTM is by far the stand-out addition to Apex Legends in Season 12. Although it is only available for the first three weeks of the season, players are already calling for Control to become a permanent mode in the game, and the devs have confirmed its return.

Control offers a completely new way to play Apex Legends that players have not experienced before. The huge teams of nine-versus-nine and objective-based gameplay work extremely well within the Apex format.

The Rating system in the mode gives players motivation to play for the team and win the objective, while also focussing on individual performance. We could definitely see the mode with its own Ranked playlist, which is a testament to how great the mode plays.

The only thing that is missing from this mode is its own personalized, exclusive maps, much like what they have for the 3v3 Arenas mode. There also needs to be a mechanic in place to punish leavers as well, as this can ruin a match if one of the team is handicapped by the amount players.

Control among the madness

apex legends season 12 legends

In conclusion, the brand new LTM Control definitely feels like the best addition in this update. Considering the fact that Season 12 didn’t bring a new weapon, map, or significant Legend changes, the update does a great job at refreshing the game, especially after such a huge Season 11.

Having said that, many are upset over Respawn’s focus on getting money out of its players with new Collection Events and Prestige Skins. Hopefully, Respawn can right this wrong and fulfill their promise of fair monetization.

Despite not feeling like a major update, Control and Mad Maggie has given Apex Legends’ players brand new ways to play the game, which is a testament to the BR’s increasing success.

Verdict: 7/10

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus

Apex Legends’ Combat Medic Lifeline may be the next Legend to get a Town Takeover, which could be seen on Olympus in Season 13.



ape xlegends saviors lifeline olympus

An Apex Legends leaker has revealed potential plans for a Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus, which could be seen in Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 saw some new additions to Storm Point, including the Downed Beast and IMC Armories that both hold some impressive loot. Having said that, players are yet to see a new Town Takeover since Big Maude was introduced on World’s Edge.

As well as two new events set for this season, new leaks are suggesting that Lifeline will be getting a Town Takeover in Season 13, which could be based on Olympus.

apex legends best landing spots season 9

Rumors surrounding a new Town Takeover for Apex Legends Season 13 are circulating the community, with some even believing it may coincide with the leaked Collection Event.

Some leakers thought we would be getting a Bangalore Town Takeover on Storm Point this season, but as we already got the Downed Beast and the IMC Armories, it actually may be more likely that we will be seeing a new Town Takeover for a different map and Legend.

Reputable Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash stated in a recent video that he now believes that we may see a Lifeline Town Takeover for Olympus in Season 13, stating that the Bangalore Town Takeover has potentially been “scrapped.”

Further, new quips were leaked from the game files mentioning a “Med Station,” and Lifeline has more quips mentioning this new concept than any other Legend. This suggests it may be specific to her, perhaps the Med Station is actually the name of her Town Takeover POI.

Apex Legends leaker Ezra-RC also leaked a version of Olympus that is code-named “LTT” in the files. Many believe this could stand for Lifeline Town Takeover, however, nothing is confirmed as of yet, and the map is just the Season 12 version of Olympus.

As more information is released we’ll be sure to update this piece and provide all the information.

For more on Apex Legends, check out our piece on the Season 13 Summer Store Takeover.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Season 13 leaked Summer Event: Cosmetics, store takeover, more

Apex Legends dataminers have revealed new information about a potential summer-themed event for Season 13.



apex legends saviors tropical nessie storm point

Apex Legends Season 13 could be getting a summer-themed event, as dataminers leak new details.

Apex Legends Season 13 has already offered a lot of new content for players and a new Ranked system to grind, which may improve your skill as a player.

Fans are always intrigued by leaked future content for the battle royale game, and it seems dataminers may have revealed a summer-themed event that could be arriving in Season 13.

What is Apex Legends’ Summer Event?

apex legends pathfinder storm point tropical postcard

Apex Legends leaker Garret has revealed new leaked content that may imply a Summer Tiki event for Apex Legends in Season 13.

Not much is officially known about this event, but as Apex Legends usually gets a “Summer of Plunder” store sale, it’s likely that the devs will be doing something for the summer season.

In Garret’s video posted on May 19, the leaker revealed some unreleased summer-themed Weapon Charms found in the game’s files by dataminer HYPERMYST.

There seems to be a Tiki theme in the design of the charms, possessing tropical island flowers, an exotic fruit, bamboo, bright colors, a beach umbrella, and just an overall Hawaiian vibe.

Garret believes this either implies that we will either be getting a summer-themed event or a store takeover.

The dataminer also found some more interesting Weapon Charms that further indicate some sort of summer-themed takeover. One of these charms is called “Nessie Float” in the game’s files, which definitely shares a beach/summer theme.

Not much is confirmed about the event, but it’s clear that the devs are working on something summer-themed, whether it be a bundle, store takeover, or thematic event.

Thordan Smash believes the event will be a store takeover rather than a fully-fledged event, as leaker Ezra-RC revealed that “07/05” will mark the start of an “ALGS and Summer Store.” This date is not confirmed and may change, but it’s likely the summer-theme event will actually be a store takeover featuring new ALGS cosmetics and summer-themed skins.

The Apex Legends leaker also claims that the main cosmetic for this summer store will be a Valkyrie Streetwear bundle.

We already have leaked information on the Collection Event for Season 13, which is rumored to be called Awakened and has an Anime theme, so it’s likely that this summer event will not be a collection.

As more information is revealed about this potential Apex Legends summer event, we will be sure to update this piece, so stay tuned.

For more on Apex Legends, check out the leaked Bangalore Prestige Skin that’s rumored to release next.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Can you play Apex Legends Mobile on PC?

Although it may not be intended for the platform, players are wondering whether Apex Legends Mobile is playable on PC.



apex legends mobile on

Apex Legends Mobile has quite a few exclusive features and for those who don’t have a handheld device capable of playing it, you may be able to get the game on PC.

Apex Legends Mobile has some great exclusive features, including mobile-first Legend Fade, new abilities for Legends, and even more, which has made some PC and console players extremely jealous.

Apex Legends Mobile does have required specifications to abide by on handheld devices, and for those who don’t have the capabilities or just don’t like playing on mobile, you may be wondering if it’s possible to play on a PC.

Apex Legends Mobile on PC

apex legends mobile

The short answer is yes, you can play Apex Legends Mobile on PC, but there are steps that need to be taken in order to do so.

You’ll need the legal emulator made by Tencent, who is one of the developers of Apex Legends Mobile. There is nothing wrong with using this and we recommend players who’d like to play Apex Legends Mobile on PC to only use this emulator as it’s legal.

  1. First, you’ll need to download the ‘GameLoop’ Android Emulator
  2. After that, load up the app and select “Apex Legends Mobile
  3. Download Apex Legends Mobile to your PC
  4. When it’s finished, boot up the game and enjoy Apex Legends Mobile on PC!
apex legends mobile

This is a great way for those who are unable to play on their handheld device to enjoy the exclusive features of Apex Mobile and experience a different way to play Respawn’s battle royale.

If you are able to play on mobile but would like to know if you could use a controller, check out our guide on if Apex Legends Mobile has controller support.

There you have it, it’s that simple to play Apex Legends Mobile on your PC. For more guides on Apex Legends, make sure you check out the most popular Legends for Season 13.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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