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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: best team comps for Ranked in Season 8

This guide will showcase some of the best team comps for ranked Apex Legends Season 8, based on your playstyle.



Apex Legends best team comps

Here are the best team compositions for Apex Legends Ranked Leagues Season 8 to help suit you and your teammates playstyle.

Team composition in Ranked Leagues is extremely important, especially when you want to have a certain playstyle. In this guide we’ll be looking at four different team comps: fast rotation, slow rotation, ultra attacking, and ultra-defensive.

best team comps for Apex Legends Ranked Leagues

Fast rotation: Gibraltar, Octane, and Bloodhound

This team composition allows players to rotate fast, leave you landing POI early and gain a better position in the circle. Gibraltar provides great protection on rotation with the Dome of Protection, and of course, Octane provides the fast rotation with the Launch Pad.

Bloodhound compliments this team nicely. If you’re rotating fast, his Eye of the Allfather tactical will allow you and your team to see where the enemies are around you. Bloodhound is especially good for late-game, as knowing where is safe or where the enemies are is important for positioning and setting yourself up for victory.

Slow Rotation: Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Wraith

The slow rotation comp is best for teams who want to take their time looting, playing the edge of the circle, and edging towards victory.

This team comp is perfect for landing at edge locations, like Orbital Cannon on Olympus. This is because both Gibraltar and Bangalore can provide the team with great protection even without the best position in the circle. Bangalore’s smoke can be used in a variety of ways, covering yourself or covering an enemy team’s line of sight on you.

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher combined with Gibraltar’s dome can keep your team alive in the worst of positions, not to mention their ultimates. These two both have similar area of damage ultimates, as both Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder and Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment can be used for crown control while maintaining positions.

Lastly, Wraith completes this team comp, giving the squad an attacking dimension to ward of enemies, while also using her Dimensional Rift to help rotation. When you rotate slow and play the edge of the circle, Wraith’s portal can act as a very effective rotation technique to prevent you and your team running into a bad situation on the way.

Ultra Attacking: Horizon, Pathfinder, and Wraith

This team comp is for those who have a less defensive playstyle and a more attacking mindset. All the Legends on this team thrive on fast pushes and a joint attacking effort.

Horizon allows the team to gain a height advantage, taking the high-ground and dominating teams below. Her ultimate also offers a strong crown control option for either an attacking push, trapping enemies while doing damage to them, or an escape, preventing an aggressive team from pushing to allow your team to stay alive.

Pathfinder is another great mobility option for this team, gaining different angles and being able to keep up with Horizon by gaining high-ground. Further, as Pathfinder is also a survey character, this allows the team to have the advantage of knowing the next circle.

Scanning the circle will be vital for an attacking team comp, as more knowledge on where you will need to rotate means you can pick better fights and not get sandwiched.

Wraith, once again, completes the team here but in this case, it’s not for her portal, but more for her tactical. Wraith’s tactical, Into the Void, prevents her from taking damage for a short period of time. This will essentially allow her to stay alive longer and sustain fights much more than any other Legend. This will allow Pathfinder and Horizon to gain different angles and not worry too much about protecting Wraith.

Ultra Defensive: Caustic, Wattson, and Lifeline

For teams who want a more defensive edge, this team comp is the best for you. All the Legends on this team provide a great defensive line that will allow you and your teammates to hold down positions and stay alive while fighting enemies.

Caustic will be the anchor of this team, setting up his traps in good positions acting as a hub for the squad. Wattson combines so well with Caustic, setting up fences on doors to scare aggressive teams from pushing your position. Even if they do manage to get through the fences, Caustic’s gas will act as a further defense.

Wattson’s ultimate ability, Interception Pylon, is a great defensive ultimate that will prevent a variety of incoming ordnance, as well as repairing the team’s shields.

This ultimate will also stop Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment, Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, Fuse’s Motherlode, and also Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade so use the pylon wisely. Make sure your Caustic and Wattson are coordinated, as Wattson’s pylon can also prevent Caustic from putting down his gas traps.

Lastly, Lifeline will keep your team healed and if someone goes down, she will get them up in no time. Combined with Wattson, your team will be good on shields and health creating a great defensive team.

For more on Apex Legends, why not check out our guide on the best landing spots in Season 8.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Legacy: Origins Event release date, skins & more

Dataminers have revealed the latest, such as the release date and skins, on an upcoming Apex Legends Origins Event for Season 9: Legacy.



apex legends event

Apex Legends Legacy brought a huge update to the game, allowing dataminers to pick apart the code and reveal a future upcoming Apex Legends Origins Event, as well as some unreleased skins.

It’s a great time to be a fan of Apex Legends at the moment with the release of Season 9: Legacy. This season is dubbed to be one of the biggest seasons in the game’s history, purely because of the amount of content that has been introduced.

As well as a brand new Legend, Valkyrie, and the new Bocek Bow, players have also been enjoying the refreshing 3v3 mode, Arenas. However, all this new content and the server issues on release day didn’t stop dataminers from revealing Respawn’s future content.

Apex Legends event

Apex Legends Origins Event skins

Dataminers have revealed that Origins will be the next event to arrive in Apex Legends, featuring skin bundles players will be able to purchase in the store.

The bundles seem to have an animal theme going on, and the event itself is said by @Someonewholeaks to be associated with the ALGS.

The ALGS is Apex Legend’s competitive tournament league, where pros from around the world compete against each other in an intense bid to be crowned champions of the Apex Games.

There will be four bundles:

  • Wild Speed, Octane Cheetah skin which was seen in the gameplay trailer
  • Bored to Death, Fuse Hunter skin
  • Mechameleon, Pathfinder Chameleon skin
  • Silver Back, Caustic Gorilla skin

You can check out all these skins in the video below:

Origins Event release date

The Apex Legends Origins Event is set to be released on May 18th, just a few weeks away from the ALGS Championship Group Stages, which will start on June 2nd. The event is clearly an attempt to promote the ALGS tournament and get players watching the championship.

For more on Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, and future upcoming events, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on how to earn every Apex Legends Arena badge.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

How to earn every Apex Legends Arena badge

You can earn various different badges when jumping into the new Arenas mode in Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy.



Arenas mode in Apex Legends

Arenas is the new 3v3 game mode that was introduced in Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy, and it lets you earn plenty of neat badges to show off on your banner, so here’s how you can do that.

There is a ton of new content to unpack within the Apex Legends Legacy update, including the new Legend Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow, and Infested Olympus. Season 9 also introduced the Arenas 3v3 mode.

This new mode is different from the main battle royale component, as you’ll jump in with a specific loadout that you purchase at the start. You’ll have the opportunity to earn four badges to display on your banner.

Apex Legends Arenas shop

How to unlock all badges in Apex Legends Arenas

The biggest difference between Arenas mode and battle royale component in Apex Legends is that you won’t find any random loot to collect after hopping in. Instead, you’ll stick with loadouts purchased at the start of each round.

There also aren’t any respawns, or third parties in Arenas, and the stats are completely different from the battle royale. You can unlock a total of four badges in this game mode, and we’ll go over each one.

Win Streak

As the name implies, you’ll earn this badge after racking up several wins in a row. An improved version of this was awarded to players that successfully completed the Arenas teaser in Season 8.

Players had to find all the holosprays and then activate the teaser in the Firing Range before meeting Ash. If you didn’t complete the teaser, you will still get to keep the Win Streak badge, but it won’t be as luxurious.

Win Streak badge in Apex Legends Arenas

Legend’s Arena

This next badge is also another win tracker, but the difference is that it’s specific to the Legend you’re playing as. You’ll get to earn this by winning various games in a row while playing as the same character.

Each Legend has different tiers in this badge, and you’ll get to progress through 5, 20, 50, 100, 500 wins.

Wraith arenas badge

Survivor badge

If you can get through an Arenas game without getting eliminated at all, then you’ll get to keep the Arenas survivor badge. You won’t have to worry about playing as a specific character, as it’s usable with every Legend.

Apex Legends Survivor badge

Shutout badge

The Shutout badge is a reward for winning an Arenas match 3-0. If you can overcome your enemies throughout three quick rounds, then you’ll face no trouble unlocking this badge quickly.

Shutout badge in Apex Legends

That covers all the a badges that currently available within the new Apex Legends Arenas mode. We hope that more will be added as the new season progresses, including rewards for dishing out a ton of damage.

Ranked Arenas is set to arrive in future as well, so we’ll probably see Respawn add even more badges in that. Once they do, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Legacy: Valkyrie guide, tips & tricks

Apex Legends Legacy has arrived, along with the Legend Valkyrie, so we thought it would be a good idea to put out a guide on her abilities.



apex legends guide

Valkyrie hasn’t been out for long, but players are already finding great ways to use her abilities, so we compiled a guide. Valkyrie is a great addition to the Apex Legends roster, adding a new dimension to the game.

As well as Arenas, Apex Legends Legacy also introduced a new weapon, a fresh Battle Pass, and of course, a new Legend. Valkyrie is a great addition to the game, adding a certain verticality to the game, but her abilities can be somewhat difficult to master.

Although Valkyrie has only been out for a short period of time, players are already discovering the best situations to use her abilities in. Valkyrie’s abilities can be useful in many different ways, so let’s get into the guide.

apex legends valkyrie guide

How to unlock Valkyrie in Apex Legends

Valkyrie can be unlocked right now in the Legends section of the lobby menu. You can either purchase her with Legend Tokens, which are passively earned through playing the game, or Apex Coins, which is the Apex Legends currency that players can purchase with real money.

  • 12,000 Legend Tokens
  • 750 Apex Coins

Apex Legends Valkyrie guide: VTOL Jets

Valkyrie’s passive is by far the most attractive and exciting thing about her kit. The VTOL Jets allow her to take to the skies, hovering with a set amount of fuel to gain an advantage on the enemy.

Although the jets are very advantageous, they can also lead to a players elimination if not used correctly.

VTOL Jets tips & tricks

  • You can change the VTOL Jets from Toggle to Hold in the settings, which makes it much easier to control. This allows for a bunny hop-type of movement to gain speed by turning the jets on and off.
  • The VTOL Jets can boost you in any direction you are facing, allowing Valkyrie to quickly turn corners or do a fast 180, this is great for dodging bullets and evading enemies.
  • Try not to use her VTOL Jets too much, as they run out fairly quickly and are also very loud, try using them to gain an advantage over enemies rather than for convenience.
  • You can be very crafty with the Jets, for example, you can fake out opponents by dropping off an edge and flying straight back up behind them.

Valkyrie’s Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm

apex legends valkyrie guide missile swarm

Valkyrie’s tactical is a swarm of missiles that damages and causes stun on the enemy much like an Arc Star.

The Missile Swarm is surprisingly strong, although it only does 28 max damage, it can still be very useful as it stuns enemies on hit. The Missile Swarm has a 30-second cooldown, which is fairly long for a Legend’s tactical.

Missile Swarm tips & tricks

  • Think of the Missile Swarm as more of a stun that can lead to a push, rather than trying to use it to do damage.
  • Valkyrie’s tactical is extremely useful for getting opponents out of cover, especially when they retreat to heal up.
  • Combo Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm with the VTOL Jets, as it allows her to stay in the air longer and get a better angle for placing the tactical.
  • Try saving her tactical for the right situation, as it isn’t very hard for players to escape before it actually hits. Using it when the opponent isn’t aware of your position, or is distracted is the best time to release the Missiles.

Valkyrie’s Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive

Skyward Dive is a useful rotation tool that can be used both offensively, and defensively. Valkyrie’s Ultimate allows her and the team to rise up and redeploy much like a redeploy balloon.

Although it takes a while to charge up, and the initiation animation takes a few seconds, leaving you open if used in the right way it can be very powerful.

Skyward Dive tips & tricks

  • Valkyrie can scan enemies while skydiving, which can be utilized with her ultimate, gaining knowledge on a push, or while escaping to know exactly where enemies are.
  • The time it takes to initiate the launch can leave you open to enemy fire, so try activating it behind some cover or even a Gibraltar Dome of Protection.
  • Save Valkyrie’s ultimate for dire situations rather than using it for convenience, use it to rotate and get to a better position before the enemies do.

That’s all for Valkyrie’s abilities, hopefully, they will help you become a winged menace and lead you to victory. If you like this guide and want to check out more Apex Legends content, keep it locked on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the best way to spend crafting credits in Arenas.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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