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Apex Legends Tropical Island map: Leaks, features & release date

Leaks have hinted that a new Tropical Island map is coming to Apex Legends in Season 11, here’s everything we know so far.



Tropical Island map in Apex Legends

A Tropical Island map is heading to Apex Legends according to a series of new leaks, here’s everything we know about the new arena so far, from the release date to how it will play.

Apex Legends Season 11 is edging ever closer, and fans are lapping up every teaser they can find for the next chapter.

While new characters and a fresh battle pass are a given, leaks have hinted strongly that a new map is in the works, joining Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

Check out everything we know about the rumored Tropical Island map right here.

Tropical Island map features and details

Tropical Island map in Apex Legends

An in-game teaser from Respawn appears to have hinted that the tropical new map is heading into the battle royale sooner rather than later.

The existence of the map is yet to be officially confirmed, but it would fit with the developer’s history of making each new battleground visually distinct from the rest.

Apex insider Shrugal also revealed information about the new map in a video back in August, where he discussed evidence he had found about how it will play.


One of the most drastic new features that Shrugal mentioned is the inclusion of AI wildlife that is expected to roam around the map.

The leaker found code on a test map and believes that the animals will be a “persistent map feature and threat.”

He gave an example that players may have to fight off waves of spiders to earn valuable loot.

Wildlife is a feature that Apex’s rival Fortnite has embraced in recent seasons as a way of gaining resources.

Bloodhound and bird in Apex Legends


If the leaks so far are to be believed, the Tropical Island map is set to feature the Trident vehicles that are currently only found on Olympus.

Shrugal claimed that the vehicles are influencing the way the map is being designed, as a way to encourage players to make use of the transport.


It appears that the new map will be wetter and dirtier than the other maps in the rotation, fitting in with the tropical theme.

Textures found in the files by Shrugal mentioned “Muddy Trident Vehicles,” which from screenshots appears to mean that outside of the vehicles will be far less pristine than on Olympus.

Apex Legends Tropical Island map release date

Bloodhound in Apex Legends

If the leaks are true, we’re expecting the Tropical Island map to launch on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

This would line it up with the date that Apex Legends Season 11 is due to kick-off, exactly three months since Season 10: Emergence got underway.

We’re still awaiting word from the developers, so be sure to check back here for all the latest updates

That was everything we know so far about the next map heading to Apex Legends. Season 11 is not too far away, so fans can expect more concrete information very soon.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends TikTok trick reveals hidden supply bin on Storm Point

The latest Apex Legends map, Storm Point, has a lot of secrets to uncover. A new TikTok trick shows players how to find a hidden supply bin.



apex legends hidden supply bin

An Apex Legends player has found a secret supply bin that only Loba can loot. The trick comes from a TikTok video with the exact location of the hidden bin on Storm Point.

Apex Legends Season 11 has a lot of content for players to delve into. Not only is there a new Legend to master, but there’s also a brand new map filled with detail. Storm Point is the largest Apex map of them all, and it definitely holds some secrets.

Storm Point has a lot of great POIs and un-named locations for loot and players have now found a hidden supply bin. Thanks to a viral Apex Legends TikTok video, we have all the information.

Apex Legends TikTok hidden supply bin

apex legends north pad poi storm point

The video was posted by an Apex Legends TikTok user called rossbobsquirrel. In the video, they showcase this hidden supply bin on Storm Point, showing off its location and the only Legend who can access it.

This Legend is Loba, the Translocating Theif. The supply bin is actually hidden inside an oil rig barrel within the bunkers of the North Pad POI. There is no way to open it without using the Black Market Ultimate, as the interact prompt doesn’t show up.

The supply bin is tucked underneath the oil rig asset, restricting access to it. As Loba’s Ultimate allows her to loot anything within the Black Market’s vicinity, she, and anyone who is able to use the Ultimate, can access it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything crazy in this supply bin. There’s no gold item or guaranteed high rarity drop.

Having said that, it’s still pretty cool that there’s a hidden supply bin only Loba’s Ultimate can access. You never know, it could have exactly what you need in there.

Of course, a map this big will have its issues, but the devs are working on improvements. If you’re looking to see this hidden supply bin for yourself, make sure you do it soon as it may be patched up pretty quickly.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Anniversary event: Release date, skins, & more

Apex Legends is nearing its third anniversary, and Respawn usually like to celebrate in style. Here’s everything there is to know.



apex legends anniversary

Respawn love to celebrate the Apex Legends anniversary with an event. The game is coming up to its third birthday and for those interested in the date, here’s when Apex Legends’ anniversary is.

Apex Legends is known for having great content updates and communication with the community. Not only has Season 11 brought more server stability, but it also introduced a great new map and Legend.

With that being said, players are always hungry for new content. With how special the Season 8 Anniversary event was for 2021, it’s only right that fans are intrigued about the next one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Anniversary event.

When is Apex Legends’ Anniversary?

apex legends anniversary

Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale was released on February 4, 2019, making this date its anniversary every year since its launch. In celebration, players typically get an in-game event to mark the date.

The Apex Legends Anniversary events usually drop around this date, meaning the third-anniversary event can be expected in early February. As Respawn usually drop updates on Tuesdays, perhaps February 1 or 8 marks the date.

As Season 11 is expected to end around February 8, this anniversary event could either be dropping in Season 11 or 12. We’ll update this as more information is released so stay tuned for the official date.

What to expect for Apex Legends’ Anniversary event

apex legends anniversary event Season 8

In the previous Anniversary event, players were blessed with a whole Collection Event and Reward Tracker. As we already know that Season 11’s Collection Event won’t be Anniversary-themed, we can expect the 2022 Anniversary event to be something more simple.

Apex Legends dataminer GarretLeaks believes it could be similar to the Monster’s Within event, which was called a Thematic Event. This also included a Reward Tracker.

According to the dataminer’s recent video, the Anniversary will bring new skins for players – possibly recolors. Garret even suggests that an LTM could arrive along with it.

That’s all we currently know about the third Apex Legends Anniversary event. As more news is released, we’ll be updating this article so make sure you stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Wraith and Ash combo bug makes them untouchable

Apex Legends players have discovered a Wraith and Ash combo bug that makes the duo virtually untouchable in combat.



Wraith and Ash in Apex Legends

Wraith and Ash are extremely powerful characters, and a few Apex Legends players have found a combo bug that lets them escape easily, effectively making them untouchable.

There are several powerful characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and all of them have some amazing abilities. Wraith and Ash are Legends that are capable of opening portals in battle.

If you want to be able to change your positioning easily then it’s useful to keep these two on your team. Now, a few players have discovered a strange combo bug that makes them untouchable.

Ash in Apex Legends

Reddit user ‘UnholyBeast’ highlighted this combo bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. It involves Ash’s ultimate ability Phase Breach that lets her travel across the map through a portal.

If you use Wraith’s tactical ability Into the Void while taking an Ash portal, the tactical’s cooldown will no longer matter, as you’ll be able to use it again right away. So you can change your position and avoid all damage.

This combo is quite clever but it clearly gives certain players and teams an unfair advantage since they can become untouchable while doing this. So, this bug can be considered game-breaking.

This didn’t escape the attention of the developers, as Respawn’s Live Technical Director ‘Exgeniar’ responded to the bug in the same post. After apologizing, they stated that “bugs are meant to be fixed.”

Based on these comments, it seems that the developers will be investigating this issue and will probably patch it up in a future update. Until then, this combo will make Wraith and Ash a strong duo.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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