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Apex Legends update makes major change to Heat Shield’s Fast-Heal

The Apex Legends Heat Shield mechanic has returned in the latest update, but it has received a major nerf.



Apex Legends Heat Shields

Respawn Entertainment have released a brand-new update to Apex Legends, which has made a huge change to the battle royale’s new Heat Shield.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event brought a new survival item called the Heat Shield to Apex Legends Season 8. It’s meant to keep you from getting hurt when you’re outside of the circle, but some players found a way to exploit this.

Respawn confirmed that they’d fix this problem and removed the item from the game temporarily. Now, it has returned for both regular and ranked playlists in the March 23 update. However, it has been nerfed slightly, so that players don’t abuse it again.

apex legends heat shield

The Heat Shield was disabled in ranked and private Apex Legends matches on March 12. After a bit of fine-tuning, the item has been brought back, but you can no longer Fast-Heal while using it.

This passive was meant to help players heal up without having their health ticked away from being outside of the circle. However, some fans discovered a way to maneuver the Heat Shield so that it can be infinitely reused.

The passive was helpful in late game situations, and Respawn was forced to take action against these exploits.

Associate Live Balance Designer, John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson asked players for feedback after the patch went live.’

“Share clips of why turning this on in Ranked is a bad idea. Share clips of why turning this on in Ranked is a good idea. Curious to see how Heat Shield affects gameplay,” he said. “I got some theories. Keep in mind we have plenty of dials we can turn for balancing.”

Since this is one of the latest mechanics to be introduced in Apex Legends Season 8, it’s understandable why Respawn would want to take greater care when balancing it out. We expect to see more of these small update patches pop up soon.

Image Credits; Respawn Entertainment