Well seven if you count the dog! For those that don’t know, there’s a special preorder poster that’s only available at certain retailers in Europe. The poster has the well known line, “We are all we’ve got“, along with profile images of six different soldiers. Presumably the same six soldiers shown briefly in the live action trailer. Before we get carried away, it’s very possible this could only be for marketing purposes and they went with the same six actors for the posters. But if not, we wanted to speculate on what it could mean.

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It should be noted that only 4 of the 6 soldiers appear to be wearing masks, while the other 2 chose to have a helmet and face paint instead. It could be possible they’re only showing 6 soldiers based on Call of Duty’s 6 vs 6 multiplayer, if so then it’s safe to assume they’re not changing the formula to large team battles like in Battlefield.

It could also mean more characters this time around. Past Call of Duty games only focused on 2-3 protagonist or main characters. Maybe each character on the team will have their own story and more screen time?



One thing is for sure, all these soldiers look bad-ass and you wouldn’t want to mess with them… Let us know what you think in the comments below…


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