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The Atlanta Call of Duty team has officially announced their logo and branding for the 2020 Call of Duty League.

The team will be called the Atlanta FaZe, a partnership between Atlanta Esports Ventures and FaZe Clan.

Here’s the official team logo:

The Atlanta FaZe team is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures, which also owns the Atlanta Overwatch League spot. The team revealed the roster and branding for the team.

In a ground-breaking partnership, FaZe Clan and Atlanta Esports Ventures (AEV) have joined forces to create a new co-owned Call of Duty team – the Atlanta FaZe.  The new team unveiled its logo, created by FaZe Clan founder Tommy “Temperrr” Olivera, pairing the iconic FaZe mark with an homage to its team’s new home city of Atlanta.

“FaZe Clan has its roots in Call of Duty and participating in this inaugural league enables us to remain true to that rich heritage,” said Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan.  “We are excited to partner with AEV and begin this new chapter for FaZe, in making Atlanta a new home.”

AEV, dedicated to establishing top-tier esports teams, and FaZe Clan, the iconic gaming organization, bring a highly anticipated Atlanta roster to compete live in the city. This new team and partnership allows Atlanta to further compete as an international hotspot for all things esports, adding to Georgia’s rich tech and entertainment cultures.

“Atlanta esports has quickly become a dominating force on the East Coast, which makes it the perfect home for the Atlanta FaZe,” said Paul Hamilton, President and CEO of AEV. “There is no better way to bring the best esports to the best city than through AEV’s collaboration with FaZe Clan.”

Atlanta FaZe joins 12 international teams in the inaugural Call of Duty League launching in early 2020. The team will host home games and numerous Call of Duty competitions throughout the region to engage locals and the thriving local FaZe fanbase.  For more information, visit faze.callofdutyleague.com 

Atlanta is the latest team to reveal their logo and roster after London Royal Ravens, Dallas Empire, Los Angeles Guerrillas, Los Angeles OpTic Gaming, and Toronto Ultra did over the course of the last few weeks. There’s still a few teams left to reveal information, so stay tuned.

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