Tommi Turunen

A life-long Call of Duty player, Bachelor of Game Design, and a lover of eSports. Floodsye is my real name, Tommi is just the gamertag my parents gave me.

Best class setups & tips for the ICR-7 in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

The ICR quickly became the long range AR player's weapon of choice in Black Ops 4 due it's flinch reduction, minimal recoil,...

CWL Fort Worth – Spectator Passes Go On Sale Jan. 11th

CWL Fort Worth, the second open event of the 2019 CWL Season, takes place March 15th through March 17th.

A Quick History of the Call of Duty Franchise

The Call of Duty franchise forges a path year after year with the release of a new game title to its ever...

Opinion: Gentlemen’s Agreements Should Be Adapted into CWL Ruleset

As of current, the CWL ruleset allows for a plethora of traditionally non-competitive items to be used within CWL matches. These matches...

Unique Concept Finishes Work on Blackout’s Construction Site Over Time

Raginator23’s idea constructs a special new way of adding dynamic, world-changing content in incremental updates to Blackout’s Construction Site.

Treyarch Hints at Hardcore Merc. Playlist Coming to Black Ops 4

According to a Reddit reply on Jan. 8th from Treyarch, Black Ops 4 could see a Hardcore Mercenary Playlist coming in a new patch. Updated Jan 8th: Treyarch has added Mercenary Hardcore...