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Call of Duty

Back cover of Ghosts box (360) indicates 12 players max for MP, 3GB install required



We’ve just been sent an image of the back cover of the Xbox 360 Ghosts box, and as you can see from the listing, it says max players are up 12 online.

Now this is the first time a Call of Duty game has said that on the back. Black Ops 2 says 1-18. Now why is this a big deal? Well it seems to confirm that Ground War is not returning for Ghosts on current gen only. It appears that next-generation consoles will support up to 18 players, while current gen only 12.

The image also shows that the instal space required on your hard drive will be only 3GB. A user who has the game has stated that it took him only 10 minutes for the entire install to complete.

SOURCE: @Slav_on_my_Nob for image (Thanks for the tip @NoahJ456 and @LiamFTWinter!)