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Battlefield 2042 multiplayer details: Modes, maps, Specialists

Here’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042’s large-scale multiplayer experience, including its modes, maps, and Specialist class system.



Tanks, vehicles, and soldiers in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has officially been revealed, so here’s everything you need to know about the game’s multiplayer, including its modes, maps, and Specialists class system. 

After almost three years without a new title, Battlefield 2042 has finally been revealed. With a near-future setting, Battlefield will continue to do what it does best, crafting massive battles across huge maps, all “brought to life with the power of next-gen.” 

In 2042, there will be no traditional campaign, with the story evolving through the multiplayer. Following the “greatest refugee crisis in human history,” you will play as a stateless refugee, called ‘No Pats’ or ‘Specialists.’ 

Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer, including the modes, maps, and Specialist class system. 

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer modes 

Battlefield 2042 character with tank

DICE have confirmed three different multiplayer experiences targeted for launch. There will be All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and a third mode built by DICE LA that will be unveiled on July 22 at EA Play. 

All Out Warfare is your standard Battlefield multiplayer, with Conquest and Breakthrough returning. Hazard Zone is an “all-new high stakes gametype” with a “strong focus on really tight squad play.” 

The developers were excited to share that All Out Warfare can be played against AI so you can get to grips with the game and “play at your own pace, kind of feel like your own hero.” 

The final mode, which will be revealed on July 22, is described as a “Love letter to BF fans and aimed at long time fans of the franchise.”

DICE made sure to confirm that none of these upcoming modes are a battle royale. They said that a BR is “something we’ll have to see down the line. Within the launch scope, we do not have that intention there.”

As for crossplay, DICE have confirmed that they will be speaking more about this closer to launch. 

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer maps

There will be seven multiplayer maps at launch taking place in various locations around the world such as South America, Antarctica, and Asia. 

Described as “massive” and “unlike anything we’ve ever built before,” these maps will feature dynamic weather, levolution, and unique gameplay elements. 

For the PC and new consoles, these maps will feature 128 players which is a huge jump from the standard 32v32 maps Battlefield has had in the past. However, PS4 and Xbox One users will be limited to 64 players with “Maps tailored to smaller scale to ensure epic battles.” The gameplay and mid-match events will all be the same, though. 


Kaleidoscope is set in a South Korean city, and it’s slightly bigger than BFV’s Rotterdam. It features enterable skyscrapers, ziplines, water combat, and ‘roaming twisters.’ 

Battlefield 2042's Kaleidoscope map


Manifest, one of the game’s larger maps, has players duking it out in a container yard in Singapore. As the match progresses, cranes will pick up and move containers, likely changing the map’s layout. 


Orbital is a medium-sized map featuring a rocket launch site in French Guiana on the South American coast. This is one of the maps to feature levolution, with the rocket taking off mid-match but “doesn’t always go as planned.” 

Battlefield 2042's Orbital map


Set in India, Renewal will offer two unique gameplay experiences. A massive wall splits the map in two, with a lush area on one side and a barren desert on the other. 


Discarded is another map set in set in India following a drought. There will be a massive ship called ‘Colossus’ that hides a submarine inside, and it’s roughly four times the size of Noshahr Canals. 


Breakaway is the “biggest map in 2042,” which likely makes it the biggest Battlefield map ever. This massive map will have players fighting on a mountainside in Antarctica. 


Taking place in a ‘city lost in sand,’ Hourglass is a particularly large map, being much bigger than BFV’s Hamada. A sandstorm passes through the map that will engulf the cityscape and stadium. 

Battlefield 2042's Hourglass map


Instead of Battlefield’s traditional class system, you will play as a Specialist in Battlefield 2042. 

Dice confirmed that there will be 10 Specialists at launch, with four new Specialists being added as part of each season’s Battle Pass. 

Pytor "Boris" Guskovsky in Battlefield 2042

For the most part, these Specialists take on the traditional roles of Battlefield’s classes. Each Specialist class comes with “an exclusive gadget or trait that defines their playstyle,” but you can “freely choose what weapon, grenade, or secondary gadget to use.”

Responding to an interview question, DICE confirmed that “You don’t choose your specialist based on the primary weapon. You choose based on your desired role.”

Casper Specialist in Battlefield 2042

DICE have given some details about the first four Specialist classes. 

  • Assault: Utilizes a Grappling hook and has increased agility when aiming down sight. 
  • Support: Uses a ‘support pistol’ to Revive and heal teammates from afar.
  • Engineer: Deploys a turret that auto engages enemies and vehicles. The Engineers can stand near turret to boost efficiency, but it can also be EMP’d. 
  • Recon: Has a Drone that reveals enemy positions and disrupts electronics which can either be manually piloted or left on autopilot. The Recon Specialist also has EMP darts and a Movement Sensor as their exclusive trait.

The third, secret mode will be officially revealed at EA Play on July 22, with the reveal for the new Hazard Zone mode happening ahead of launch. 

There will also be an Open Beta pre-launch, with those who have preordered the game getting early access. 

Image Credit: EA / DICE


Battlefield 2042 devs explain why they are including AI bots

News has dropped concerning why and how Battlefield 2042 will be using AI bots to help aid the multiplayer experience, let’s get into it.



Battlefield 2042 AI bots

Battlefield 2042 developers reveal the reasoning behind AI bots being included in the multiplayer experience.

The hype is real surrounding DICE’s FPS franchise as of recent, with Battlefield 2042’s gameplay reveal just last week showing players just how epic the latest installment will be.

As well as some gameplay, the devs have also discussed the map scale, vehicles, and even specialists that will be available at launch. It seems players are now getting more information on the Battlefield 2042 AI bots used in the multiplayer experience through the latest developer briefing.

Battlefield 2042 AI bots

EA posted a developer blog just last week concerning Battlefield 2042’s content. From the difference between next-gen and last-gen to the Specialist’s players will be using, the devs gave us quite a lot of information concerning the multiplayer experience.

One aspect of Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer that fans seem to have overlooked is the use of “AI Soldiers,” who will be joining online players in the fight across the variety of maps.

Battlefield 2042 AI Bots

Battlefield 2042 AI bots

Players will experience a huge scale of war in Battlefield 2042, with massive maps, player counts, and even gigantic weather systems.

With all that being said, the huge 128 play count on next-gen won’t just be online players, as the developers touched on why they will be using bots, or as they call them, AI Soldiers.

“Also new is the introduction of AI Soldiers (Artificial Intelligence) to the series. As a multiplayer-only experience, it’s important for us to let you play Battlefield 2042 when and how you want. Here is what that looks like in the All-Out Warfare experience of Conquest and Breakthrough:

  • Multiplayer – AI soldiers are used for server-filling capabilities, ensuring your matches remain full, no matter your location.
  • Co-Op – Allows you to play together with friends, against AI soldiers.
  • Solo – If you wish to perfect your skills for multiplayer, you can even play alone against AI soldiers.”

It seems the developers have implemented Battlefield 2042 AI bots to help fill servers to ensure “your matches remain full.” Cleary, the massive play count, is a problem if you’re playing on a server when there aren’t enough players.

This is a great way to keep players satisfied and prevent a feeling of emptiness in the huge Battlefield 2042 maps. Further, AI bots will also be used in Co-Op, allowing you and your friends to team up and fight against bots for fun.

The developers have even thought about those solo players who wish to play on their own, as the AI Soldiers will also be available for the solo players to “perfect” their skills and get ready for the online experience.

As well as helping to fill servers, the AI bots will serve more purposes in Battlefield 2042 to allow for a variety of ways for players to enjoy the game.

For more on Battlefield 2042, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on Warzone players begging Raven to steal an idea from Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042.

Image Credits: DICE

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DICE shows off how large Battlefield 2042 maps are compared to previous Battlefields

Battlefield 2042 developers, DICE, have shown just how big the maps will be in the upcoming installment for the FPS franchise.



Battlefield 2042 maps

If you’re wondering how big the scale is for the maps in Battlefield 2042, DICE has shown a comparison of what to expect using previous maps in the Battlefield franchise.

After the hype before and after the Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal, players have even more questions about the game, one of which is how does the scale of the multiplayer maps compare to previous Battlefield games.

Battlefield has always been known for its huge scale, from player-count to map size. It’s confirmed that next-gen consoles will see up to 120 players in a single game, which is unheard of, but how big must the maps be?

Battlefield 2042 maps

After the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer dropped, fans were stunned with the crazy scale of battle, from the weather aspects to the specialists and equipment available in-game.

To keep fans hungry for more, Battlefield developers DICE gave fans an official look at just how big the Battlefield 2042 maps will be compared to previous titles in the first live briefing on Twitch.

As you could expect with the Battlefield franchise, the result is pretty drastic, which has made a name for itself when it comes to the huge scale of warfare.

Battlefield 2042 maps

In the images posted by @bravoINTEL, fans can see just how massive these maps will be when comparing 7 BF 2042 maps alongside BFV, BF3, and BF 1942’s maps.

The maps shown are Kaleidoscope, Discarded, Orbital, Borderline, Manifest, Hourglass, and Irreversible, but these names seem to be the codenames for the maps, not the official map name.

The developers showcased various map sizes, from fairly small to large, with Breakaway (Codename: Irreversible) being one of the largest maps in the Franchise’s history, much bigger than BF 1942’s El Alamein.

This is very exciting, considering there will be 128 players on next-gen fighting on these huge maps. Hopefully, the bigger maps will still play nicely on last-gen, as the player count will only go up to 64 on the older generation.

It will be great to see these huge scale maps in-game, especially with the crazy weather mechanic, which will supposedly change the look and feel of the map throughout the game and will also work differently in every match.

It’s great to hear Battlefield will once again be pushing the boundaries for scaling in FPS, and we can’t wait to experience the mayhem.

For more on Battlefield 2042, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on Dr Disrespect’s Battlefield 2042 issue he’s already worrying about.

Image Credits: DICE / EA

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Dr Disrespect reveals the Battlefield 2042 issue he’s already worried about

After watching Battlefield 2042’s gameplay footage, Dr Disrespect explained his gripes with one issue that he’s worried about.



Dr Disrespect and Battlefield 2042

There’s a ton of hype for Battlefield 2042 after we got a closer look at it during E3 2021, but Dr Disrespect has revealed that there’s already an issue with the game that’s bothering him.

EA and DICE have finally given fans a proper look at the upcoming Battlefield 2042 during E3 2021. They presented the game’s dramatic reveal trailer, as well as some cool new gameplay footage, fueling fan speculation about the game.

Dr Disrespect has also weighed in on the upcoming title, stating that it could potentially be an “all-time great game.” However, he’s worried about the game’s graphics after taking a good look at them during the game’s reveals.

battlefield 2042 gameplay

The popular streamer was examining the new gameplay trailer, frequently pausing to inspect the graphics. After a bit of analysis, he voiced his thoughts on what he considers to be a big issue with Battlefield 2042.

“So this [clip] is on Xbox, I assume? I think what I have to do is, when it comes to Battlefield 2042, is lower my expectations and, hopefully, that means they exceed them.”

The streamer kept adjusting his video settings, and admitted that he wasn’t even sure if the footage was in 4K quality. “I’ve gotta be honest though, sorry, I do; I’ve seen better graphics on my old Xbox 360 man!”

Timestamp at 26.34

A few fans agreed with Doc’s assessment of the game’s graphics, stating that Battlefield 2042 doesn’t look “next-gen” as EA claimed it would in the initial marketing.

Dr Disrespect has previously stated that Battlefield 2042 needs to release a battle royale, which the developers have made it clear won’t happen at launch. He believes that adding one could be the key to rivalling Warzone’s success.

If you’re curious about what DICE have planned for the game’s massive scale multiplayer, be sure to check out how to access the game’s Beta ahead of launch.

Image credits: DICE/EA

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