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Battlefield 2042 PlayStation Trophies & Xbox Achievements list

For information on every Trophy and Achievement in Battlefield 2042, check out the complete list with our guide.



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Battlefield fans who want extra goals and tasks to do whilst playing EA’s newest war simulator will be delighted to know that the Battlefield 2042 Trophies and Achievements are now available to view, and we’ve got the full list.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest creation in EA’s long-running first-person shooter franchise, and with a new, intense experience, is also a challenging, new Trophies and Achievements List.

Seasoned Trophy and Achievement hunters on PlayStation and Xbox will know the ups and downs that come with trying to earn these extra rewards, so without further ado, here’s the complete Battlefield 2042 Trophy and Achievement list.

Battlefield 2042 Trophies & Achievements list

player jumping off a roof in battlefield 2042

With Battlefield 2042 being an online-only experience this time around, all the Trophies and Achievements are centered around different actions and grinding multiplayer objectives.

Players will need to participate in EA’s new Hazard Zone Mode and will need to make sure their aim is on point to score headshots and vary their offense with different weapons.

Call of Duty: Vanguard PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Trophy list & guide

Future ImperfectCollected all other trophies
Adapt and OvercomeReach Player Level 5
Making Dunn ProudReach Player Level 15
Luck of the IrishReach Player Level 25
Dead in their tracks!Get a quad-kill while defending an objective
Command and ConquestCapture 100 objectives in Conquest
Escape ArtistSuccessfully extract 25 times in Hazard Zone
Pack RatSuccessfully extract with 50 Data Drives in Hazard Zone
The Winner Takes it AllWin 42 rounds across all game modes
Universal SoldierEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Specialist
Gun MasterEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Weapon
Wheeled WarriorEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Vehicle
Jack of all TradesEarn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Gadget or Throwable
Aerial DestroyerDestroy an air vehicle with a rocket launcher while parachuting
A bird? A plane?Wingsuit fly from the Rocket Hangar to the Launch Pad on Orbital
Going PlacesTravel for 1000m in one round with Mackay’s Grappling Hook
Doze ThisPerform 7 kills in one life with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield
B gun’s dryInflict 2500 damage in one round while defending objectives using Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun
Doctor Falck in the HouseHeal 3000 points of damage within a single round with Falck’s S21 Syrette Pistol
Happy BirthdayCall in 15 Loadout Crates with Angel
Squad WiperKill 500 enemy soldiers while not in a Vehicle
War MachineKilled 50 enemies while in Vehicles
I’m Five by Five, BEarn a Ribbon III of each type
Tool TimeRepair 1000 damage on Vehicles in one round
Wrecking CrewDestroy 50 Vehicles
No-one gets left behindRevive 100 teammates
Thank you, SantaResupply 50 teammates
Clean ExitSuccessfully extract in Hazard Zone without anyone in the squad having died
Foot SoldierTravel 25 km without using vehicles
CQC SpecialistPerform 20 melee kills in one round
DeadshotPerform 20 headshot kills in one round
One Careful OwnerPerform a roadkill with an air vehicle
Good CompanyEarn first place as a squad
ShowoffOutstanding performance achieved
BurnoutTravel 15km using ground vehicles

Best of luck if you’re attempting to get them all to get your Platinum Trophy or full Gamerscore as they will be pretty demanding!

For more news and guides on Battlefield 2042, check out when Battlefield Season 1 starts, and also check out the Call of Duty: Vanguard Trophies and Achievements list too!

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Dr Disrespect enjoying Battlefield 2042 thanks to new update

Battlefield 2042’s first season has had great reception since it was released, with Dr Disrespect loving the brand-new map and update.



battlefield 2042 exposure map dr disrespect

Popular streamer Guy Beahm, aka ‘Dr Disrespect’, has been enjoying the new Battlefield 2042 update and map, claiming it’s the best thing to happen to the franchise in years.

Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 update dropped on June 9, and despite a rough launch for the game, the new update is starting to turn heads and gain popularity.

The Battlefield 2042 Season 1 patch didn’t just fix a bunch of the issues players were having with the game, it also introduced some great new content such as the new map, Exposure, which players are loving.

Dr Disrespect seems to share the same opinion, recently enjoying the game on stream.

vehicles fighting in battlefield 2042 exposure map

Battlefield 2042 got off to a rough start when it launched back in November 2021. Players were disappointed with the lack of content, as well as being disappointed with the number of bugs and issues the game had.

One major issue the community had was with the map design, but thankfully, the new update has brought a map that everyone seems to be enjoying, even Dr Disrespect, who is often openly critical of the franchise.

While streaming Battlefield 2042 on June 17, 2022, Dr Disrespect stated that the new map Exposure is “the best thing to happen to Battlefield in years”.

The Doc applauds the devs for the new update and map, saying “finally, a good decision,” as it seems he too was disappointed with some of the choices that were made by the dev team.

Battlefield 2042 has undergone a lot of change since its release, and many weren’t happy with decisions like the removal of the Scoreboard, which has now been brought back. With that being said, it seems the devs are dedicated to improving the experience in Battlefield 2042.

It’s great to see many enjoying the new map and giving Battlefield 2042 another chance, especially as the devs have been hard at work to make the game better for players.

Despite the love for Battlefield 2042’s first season, CoD fans believe Modern Warfare 2 could kill off the franchise for good.

Image Credits: DICE

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CoD players explain how Modern Warfare 2 can kill off Battlefield for good

With Ground War returning in Modern Warfare 2, players are hoping Infinity Ward go all out to beat Battlefield at its own game.



Ghost in Modern Warfare 2 and Boris in Battlefield 2042

Ground War, CoD’s large-scale mode, will return in Modern Warfare 2. Originally criticized for failing to capture what made Battlefield so great, players explained how MW2’s Ground War will succeed where Battlefield 2042 failed.

Ground War arrived in Modern Warfare 2019, using Verdansk’s POIs as huge playspaces for a large-scale Conquest-like game mode. While players enjoyed Ground War, many felt that it failed to capture the squad play, vehicle balance, and map flow that made Battlefield so popular.

However, the way gamers think about the Battlefield franchise has completely changed since then, with Battlefield 2042 failing at almost every hurdle. Luckily, Ground War returns in Modern Warfare 2 and those let down by 2042 hope that Infinity Ward go all out and try to use Ground War to “put the nail in the coffin” for Battlefield.

Ground War in Modern Warfare 2019

Reddit user Spartacus_115 kicked off the discussion by saying that Infinity Ward need to make changes to Ground War when it returns in Modern Warfare 2. They explained that the biggest issue it had was the objective placements and shape of the maps, which they felt were too linear.

For Modern Warfare 2, they want to see the objective positions wider, spread out, and circular, allowing for flanking routes and strategy. Many users brought up MW2019’s Promenade as an example of what they don’t want to see, where the action takes place in a long street without any opportunity for flanking.

CoD players also hope to see tighter squad play, multiple game modes, fewer sniping positions, and a better vehicle to infantry balance  – all aspects of the best Battlefield games.

Sundance in Battlefield 2042 season 1

Many Battlefield players moved over to CoD between Battlefield V and 2042, and the latest entry did nothing to bring them back. These ex-Battlefield players are especially hoping that Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War will be a success.

“As a Battlefield refugee I truly hope they go all in and try to put the nail in the coffin for Battlefield,” said jamslfc. “I hate to say it but same,” replied SPYDER0416, explaining that they’ve been “dying for a good Battlefield-esque experience.”

Another user said that “even if it doesn’t necessarily kill Battlefield off it could finally be a big fat wake-up call,” but they had their doubts.

For more on Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out whether it’ll launch on Game Pass and everything we know about the campaign.

Image Credit: Activision

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Battlefield 2042 players actually love Season 1’s new Exposure map

DICE looked to get Battlefield 2042 back on track with the Season 1 update, and player actually love the new Exposure map.



vehicles fighting in battlefield 2042 exposure map

Although Battlefield 2042 didn’t live up to the community’s expectations, players are absolutely loving Season 1’s new Exposure map.

Over six months after launch, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 finally arrived on June 9. Bringing a Battle Pass, another Specialist, and a new map, some were disappointed with the lack of content.

Even though they don’t feel the game’s main issues have been fixed, players are loving the new Exposure map, calling it not just the best map in Battlefield 2042, but one of DICE’s best in years.

Exposure map in Battlefield 2042

Exposure takes place in the Canadian Rockies, with the action taking place across three levels of elevation. The Battlefield 2042 subreddit has been extremely critical of the game but is actually full of love for Exposure, with a ton of players singing its praises.

Although huge 128-player battles were a major part of Battlefield 2042’s marketing, many players felt it was far too chaotic, especially when 64 players were trying to run across an open field.

Reddit user Sardunos said that “Exposure is absolutely the correct sized map for 128 players,” explaining that “it has the pacing of the 64 player maps” but with a ton of variation.

“The new map is honestly one of the best maps DICE has put out in years,” claimed Tech_Rise, with Odisseo76 calling it one of the best maps they’ve ever played in a shooter, not just in Battlefield.

MrLuBert continued the sentiment, explaining: “It’s not just better than the other maps, it’s a very, very good map. Worthy of being in any BF title.”

These are only a few of the hundreds of comments where players showed their love for DICE’s latest creation. However, with so many players returning for Season 1, they feel Exposure “really exposes how sh*tty the maps on release were.”

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 isn’t expected until September, but Warzone Season 4 and perhaps Modern Warfare 2’s beta will release in the meantime.

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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