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Battlefield battle royale modders give in-depth look at fan-made mode

A dedicated team of Battlefield fans are developing their own battle royale mode for BF3, and have provided a detailed look at the project.



Battlefield 3 battle royale mod

A group of Battlefield fans are creating their very own battle royale mode for Battlefield 3 and have provided a first look at their project.

With the Firestorm no longer supported and Battlefield 2042 not having a battle royale mode at launch, there may soon be another way you can scratch both your BR and Battlefield itch at once. The team at BF3: Battle Royale is creating their very own Battlefield BR game, with its own custom map, loot system, and ping system.

One of the developers, BREAKNIX, explained that ever since they played PUBG, they wanted to create their own BR game inside Battlefield 3. With Battlefield’s sprawling maps and in-depth weapon customization, it’s the perfect base for a battle royale mode.

Rather than only developing a closing ring, the team is creating a battle royale mode almost from the ground up. One of the modders created a custom drop ship for the beginning of rounds, and they’ve even developed a new ping system and a new map.

Battlefield 3 battle royale map: Kiasar Extended

BF3 battle royale map

The team at BF3: Battle Royale has created a unique map for players to enjoy the BR action: Kiasar Extended. They explained that “This level purpose is to expand the already great map Kiasar Railroad but giving it a new twist, we’re doing it under the premise to be playable as a Battle Royale map.”

This battle royale map takes the area around Kiasar Railroad and makes it suitable for play by filling it with unique POIs. The original map was 0,6 x 0,6 square kilometers, and the BF3: Battle Royale team has expanded it to around 2,5 x 2,5 km2.

The POIs you can visit include Lookout, Ghost Town, and Timber Mill Area. Some are still in development, but you can get a good feel for what they look like on their blog.

Battlefield 3 battle royale ping system

BF3 battle royale ping system

It’s now standard for battle royale games to have a ping system. Communicating with your teammates is vital to surviving, and not every player uses a microphone. You could mark enemies in Battlefield 3, but the team at BF3: Battle Royale have developed their very own ping system for the BR.

They explained that they didn’t want to use Battlefield’s classic 2D spotting system, which dev KIWIDOG finds “cheap and easy.” Instead, they have included a system that allows players to “‘ping’ or ‘spot’ a point in 3d space” that all team members can see. Rather than the dot tracking players, it will mark their last known location.

They said they’ve “shamelessly stolen” the system from games like CS:GO and Apex Legends, but if it ain’t broke… This system is still in development but is “mostly functional and ready for playtests.”

Battlefield 3 battle royale looting system

BF3 battle royale loot system

Taking Battlefield 3’s Scavenger mode as a starting point, the devs have started creating a classic BR looting system for their mod.

Although the process has been frustrating, they have begun implementing the loot pickup system. It appears that weapons will be found on the floor, and you can find and equip optics, barrels, and other attachments to the weapon.

Battlefield 3 battle royale UI overhaul

BF3 battle royale UI

The team at BF3: Battle Royale has also created a unique UI for the BR mode. This includes your map in the bottom corner and how many players are left alive in the top left. They have confirmed that “Most of the UI is done or at least in a state where we only need minor adjustments.”

They also have a custom map, deployment screen, and a new ESC menu for the battle royale mode.

There’s no ETA on when we can start playing this impressive mod, but they said that when they are finished creating “a proper inventory system,” they could “start the playtests with a small group of people first.”

We ranked BF3 as our second favorite Battlefield game of all time, so to play battle royale in this legendary game is an exciting prospect.

Image Credit: DICE / BF3: Battle Royale


Battlefield players reveal the maps they’d like to see in Battlefield 2042 Portal

Battlefield players have been discussing the fan-favorite maps from the popular franchise they’d love to see return through 2042’s Portal mode.



Battlefield Amiens and Bandar Desert maps

Battlefield Portal is bringing six classic maps to 2042 for players to create their own custom games with, and the community has been discussing what maps they want to see added in the future.

Before Battlefield 2042 was officially revealed, fans were hoping for either a Battlefield 3 remake or even the next installment of the Bad Company franchise. Instead, we got Battlefield 2042, set in the near future, and Battlefield Portal.

Portal takes remastered maps, weapons, and equipment from previous Battlefield games and mixes it with 2042’s content. Players can then create their own unique, custom game modes using this wide range of assets.

Excited about the map remakes, Battlefield fans have been discussing the maps they’d like to see added in the future.

Strike at Karkand (Battlefield 2/3)

Strike at Karkand Battlefield 3

Rush has been neglected by DICE in the last couple of titles, but according to user RunawayAce, Strike at Karkand was “an amazing Rush map.” Originally featured in Battlefield 2, Karkand became all the more popular thanks to its remaster in BF3.

This map sees players fight through the claustrophobic streets of a wartorn, Middle-Eastern city. With plenty of lanes to hold and flanking routes, it will always be remembered as one of the all-time great Rush maps.

Bandar Desert (Battlefield 3)

Battlefield Portal is already receiving Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from BF3, but players are keen to see Bandar Desert. Reddit user Kermit-Jr began the discussion on July 27, and this is the first map they listed.

Bandar Desert is the second-largest map in Battlefield history (until 2042 releases) and was added in the Armored Kill expansion. This map sees players fight around a bay surrounded by a desert landscape, with plenty of POIs to focus the action.

Grand Bazaar (Battlefield 3)

Grand Bazaar battlefield 3

Grand Bazaar is another fan-favorite BF3 map that players want to see in Portal, as suggested by user Handymandeluxe. Similar to Metro, this is an extremely chaotic, close-range map that was perfect for Rush.

Another user, CharlieTwo-Five, suggested that it should be expanded similar to Operation Metro in BF4.

Siege of Shanghai (Battlefield 4)

Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai

Almost every Battlefield fan will remember Battlefield 4’s reveal when the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai collapsed. This was one of the maps to take advantage of levolution fully, so it makes sense that Battlefield players want to see it again.

You could either take close-range action in the streets or snipe players from the many skyscraper rooftops. This was a true sandbox Battlefield experience and could only be improved with Portal’s new features.

Amiens (Battlefield 1)

Amiens map Battlefield 1

While most of Battlefield 1’s maps took places in the trenches of France and the deserts of Egypt, Amiens took players to the city streets. With Portal’s larger player count, Kermit-Jr wants to see this map expanded to accommodate it.

DICE hasn’t announced that they’ll be bringing over any content from BF1, but with fans already wanting to see it, hopefully, it’ll be added later on.

Players also suggested many other maps, such as those from the original Battlefield Bad Company and even 2142.

What maps do you want to see added to Battlefield Portal in the future? Be sure to let us know at @BravoINTEL on Twitter!

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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Battlefield 2042 fans worried about Portal’s powerful ban feature

Battlefield 2042 allows custom servers to be made for free, but fans are worried that toxic admins will ruin the Portal experience.



Battlefield 2042 Valparaiso map

Battlefield 2042 fans are concerned that toxic admins will return in Portal, kicking and permanently banning players unfairly.

Custom servers are a Battlefield staple. Players could rent out their own servers and create their own map pool, rules, and custom options. Battlefield 2042 is taking this concept to the max with Portal, which allows players to change almost every aspect of the ruleset.

However, following the news that Portal admins can permanently ban players, fans are worried that “badmins” will return, kicking and banning players at will.

Battlefield Portal builder mode

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, they say. This can be true in Battlefield, where “badmins” have been known to kick and ban players for even the smallest infraction. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when trying to play some of the older, less populated titles such as Battlefield 3.

On the other side of the coin, toxic players and cheaters can ruin the experience for everyone on the server and deserve to be permanently banned. Because of this, DICE and Ripple Effect are allowing admins to deliver persistent player bans in Portal, so repeat offenders won’t be able to rejoin.

But this has led to some concern in the community. Reddit user Historical_Wrap_4584 posted to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit that they’re concerned that admin abuse and “ridiculous server rules” will return in Portal. They described how they have flashbacks of being kicked for simply killing the admin, or accidentally using a banned weapon and getting the boot.

Some players suggested that Portal should feature a server review feature. Then, there will be a punishment system for toxic admins. On the other hand, malicious players could leave unfair, poor reviews on servers.

While toxic admins may always be a problem, players noted that you shouldn’t be banned for accidentally using blacklisted weapons. Portal’s in-depth customization system will allow players to block certain weapons and items, so there’s no way you’ll accidentally use something that’s banned.

As with all previous Battlefield games, it’s about finding a community and server that you enjoy playing in; you wouldn’t want to rejoin a server with a “badmin” anyway. Of course, there will be the official Portal servers, too.

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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Battlefield 2042 post-launch content each season will reportedly be massive

It seems Battlefield 2042 will be following the seasonal format that so many games have been taking on, with reports that it could be huge.



Battlefield 2042 seasonal content

Battlefield 2042’s post-launch seasonal content will reportedly be massive, keeping things fresh by giving players an abundance of new content to enjoy.

We have been blessed with lots of information regarding DICE’s upcoming release, especially at the EA Play Live event recently. It seems Battlefield 2042 will be offering a variety of content at launch, with the recent announcement of the Portal mode getting players most excited for its release.

In more recent news, rumors have come out surrounding the post-launch content Battlefield 2042 will offer players, suggesting it may be massive.

Battlefield 2042 seasoncal content

Battlefield 2042 will release October 22, but for those who can’t wait as long as that, be sure to check out the details for the upcoming September Open Beta.

Most recent online-based games have taken the Fortnite formula of seasonal content. This way, the game stays fresh. Instead of releasing a new title annually, players stay engaged through seasonal updates that bring new content to the game.

Battlefield 2042 Seasonal content

Battlefield 2042 will also follow this pattern, with renowned Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson reporting via DualSHOCKERS that Battlefield 2042’s season pass content will be “The Most Extensive in Series History.”

The claim is that Battlefield 2042 will bring new maps, specialists, updates, weapons, vehicles, and battle pass tiers, with some even for each mode.

This means we could potentially be seeing 3 maps per season for both All Out War and the Portal modes, with one of these maps actually being a remaster, which will be great for those dedicated long-standing fans.

Further, the seasonal content will also see new weapons and vehicles for Portal and All Out War, which means we could see between 12-16 new weapons and vehicles per season.

There is no doubt that players will be pleased to see this consistent supply of new content when each new season arrives for Battlefield 2042 if these reports come to fruition. However, these reports have not been confirmed by EA or Dice as of yet, so they should still be taken with a grain of salt at this time.

That’s all on Battlefield 2042’s seasonal content. For more, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the specialists in the game.

Image Credits: DICE

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