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Beachhead Studio has launched their own official website! Their website is all about showing stats, graphics, and studio numbers.

First off, it (re)tells us that there are 7 million registered users, and 1.5 million premium members. For Mobile Apps, they have achieved 2 million downloads, and the app is available in 32 countries. For the Console app, something we didn’t know, it was developed by Beachhead Studios in partner with Raven Software!


They showed Studio favorites. Gun- ACR 6.8 and MP9. Studio K/D R- 1.07. Total Hours played (Studio)- 917 hrs. Studio Favorite Map- Overwatch. Total Kills- 114,205.

And finally, there are job openings available there. If you interested sign up!


SOURCE: beachheadstudio.com

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