Beachhead Studio today revealed the Clan War: Summer Schedule – all of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars dates and locations planned for the Summer.

Bronze – Platinum Division Schedule:

  • Lima, Peru: July 16th – July 21st
  • Jakarta, Indonesia: July 30th – August 4th
  • Istanbul, Turkey: August 13th – August 18th
  • Sri Lanka: September 3rd – September 8th
  • Dakar, Senegal: September 17th – September 22nd

Diamond Division Schedule:

Future Diamond Division wars will take place on a two-day schedule during Saturdays and Sundays to further accommodate participation across the board.

  • Manila, Philippines: July 19th & July 20th
  • Helsinki, Finland: August 2nd & August 3rd
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: August 16th & August 17th
  • Budapest, Hungary: September 6th & September 7th
  • Mombasa, Kenya: September 20th & September 21st

Clan Wars Battle Royale Returns for the Final War

Battle Royale returns for the final Diamond Division engagement on September 20th in Mombasa, Kenya. Diamond Division Clans from all three regions – US West, US East, and Europe – will compete against each other to determine the strongest Clans across the globe.

SOURCE: Call of Duty

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