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Best Apex Legends Season 10 Landing Spots

Want to know the best landing spots in Apex Legends Season 10? Look no further, as we have compiled the most advantageous POIs for victory.



best apex legends landing spots

Through the time we’ve had playing Apex Legends Season 10, we have concluded the best landing spots you and your team should be visiting in all three of the game’s maps.

Apex Legends Season 10 is shaping up to be one of the most popular and successful seasons so far. With a great addition to the Legend roster in Seer and updates to World’s Edge, which makes the map feel fresh, even some popular Warzone players are enjoying Apex.

Season 10 also marks the first season that all three maps are in rotation for public games, so here are the best spots to land in each of these maps.

apex legends best landing spots

Best Apex Legends landing spots in Season 10

In Apex Legends, it’s not just about picking the best weapons and Legends. It is also important to know the map and land in locations you know are beneficial.

Certain spots are better than others in terms of loot, and some are better for positioning and rotation. In this guide, we’ll go through one best landing spot for each of the three maps, World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus, which will help your team win more games.


apex legends best landing spots


Icarus was the new location for Olympus in Season 9, featuring a huge ship infested by otherworldly vegetation. This is a great location for loot, especially if you find the Bridge keycard, which will give you access to the front of the ship containing high rarity loot.

Further, this location is also great for positioning. Although it is between quite a few locations, it is heavily covered and even has a vantage point over Solar Array.

Word’s Edge

 World's Edge


Bloodhound’s Trials was introduced back in Season 4 and remains one of the best Apex Legends landing spots for loot and positioning in Season 10. The location features a unique way to get higher-tier loot by activating the trials in the center of the location.

Players will have to get through three rounds of trials by killing the Prowlers that spawn into the location. By doing so, players will gain access to three small loot vaults that increase item rarity as they go through the rounds.

A lot of the time, players will be able to gain high rarity loot like the Legendary Backpack, which revives downed teammates with extra health and shield. Not only can players get great loot here by killing the Prowlers and completing the trials, but it is also a great location for rotating and picking a fight in either Countdown or Skyhook.

Kings Canyon

kings canyon

Crash Site

Kings Canyon received a major update back in Season 8, which saw the Caustic town takeover on the southern side of the map and implemented a great new location on the north. Crash Site is a huge location with, believe it or not, a crashed spaceship that holds an abundance of loot.

Unless your team is contested for the spot, players can spread out on the three different landing spots on the crashed ship, allowing the team to get enough loot for each member.

Although the middle of the ship holds the best loot, the other sides and smaller buildings underneath the ship also contain great loot and the Explosive Hold‘s, which require players to blast open with an Ordnance.

Well, there you have it, the best Apex Legends landing spots for you and your team in Season 10: Emergence. For those who miss Mirage Voyage, check out our article on the devs discussing whether it will be seen outside of Arenas again.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Ranked: How does rank reset work?

For those wondering how Apex Legends rank reset works in ranked splits, we’ve got all the details covered for you.



apex legends ranked divisions

Apex Legends has a great ranked system that is split over two periods, for those unsure as to how your rank is reset over these periods, here’s how it works.

Apex Legends has a great rank system that is both easy to understand and extremely addictive. For those who want a more competitive experience and a way to gauge their own skill, Ranked Leagues is the place to be.

With Season 13 bringing major changes to Ranked Leagues, with the 13.1 patch making additional tweaks, players both old and new might want a quick reminder of how the rank reset works after the split.

apex legends ranked leagues rewards

Apex Legends Season 13’s first ranked split was played on Storm Point, with the second bringing World’s Edge back to the ranked mode after the split occurred on June 28.

For more information on Apex Legends Ranked Leagues, check out our article on the most popular Legends to get a head start. Now, Let’s get into exactly how Apex Legends rank reset works.

How does rank reset work in Apex Legends?

Since Apex Legends Season 3, Respawn has split the ranked season into two halves, each spanning one and half months.

At the end of the first split, players will experience a “soft reset” for the second half of the ranked season, which sees their rank reduced by 4 divisions.

apex legends rank reset

That means if you ended the first split in Gold II, you will see an Apex Legends rank reset to Silver II when the second ranked split begins.

Apex Predators, which is the players in the top rank, will be reset to Diamond IV, so be wary at the start of the split if you make your way to Diamond fast, you’ll be up against some tough competition.

That’s all on how rank reset works in Apex Legends Ranked Leagues. For more, check out what the devs said about potential Gold Knockdown Shield changes.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends: Lifeline’s Clinic teases Kings Canyon & new moon BR map

Lifeline’s Clinic on Olympus for Apex Legends Season 13 possesses easter eggs which hint at Kings Canyon updates and a new BR map.



apex legends lifeline's clinic olympus

An easter egg found on Apex Legends’ brand-new Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus may hint at map changes to Kings Canyon and a new moon-themed BR map.

The Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event didn’t just bring new cosmetics, Valkyrie’s Heirloom, and the return of Control, it also brought a brand-new Town Takeover.

As well as some buffs, Lifeline got her very own POI on Olympus called the Clinic, which definitely holds a few secrets. Some players in the Apex Legends community have discovered some easter eggs in the new POI which may be hinting at both Kings Canyon changes and the next BR map.

lifeline's clinic apex legends

Lifeline’s new Town Takeover on Olympus brings new life to the northeastern side of the map, sitting just behind the Gardens POI. Since 1.98 patch dropped on June 21, players have been getting to grips with this new POI and all it has to offer.

Apex Legends content creator kralrindo pointed out some interesting magazines that can be found in the POI, one of which the headline states “Salvage operation complete…say hello to King’s Canyon’s New Relic.”

This is of course hinting at the King’s Canyon POI Salvage, which has been attempting to clean up the collapse of Skull Town since Season 5. This magazine headline is clearly hinting at a change to the POI, as the salvage operation has been complete, and a new relic is now in its place.

It’s unclear what Salvage is going to be replaced with, but the “new relic” could be salvaged parts of Skull Town, which possessed a massive skeleton of an ancient creature. We’ll likely find out when more is revealed for Season 14, which is when the map will return.

Further, someone in the comments noticed another easter egg in the same magazine, as just above the Salvage story it reads: “Boreas News…CRC in a deadlock about the moon’s future.”

Boreas is Seer’s home planet, and many believe this headline is just a reference to the destroyed moon in the skybox of the Arenas map Encore.

However, previous leaks have revealed Respawn’s plans for the next battle royale map, which could possibly be set on a moon, and some think this may be a teaser for it.

We aren’t set for a new battle royale map until Season 15, and that’s only if the current trend of a new battle royale map releasing every four seasons is correct. With that being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a teaser this earlier on.

We’ll have to wait and see if any more teasers can back up the magazine headlines, but for now, check out the Apex Legends leaks that are suggesting a level cap increase is on its way.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Season 13 popularity plummets after being most streamed game

Despite the new content, Apex Legends Season 13 has seen a huge decline in popularity, setting new lows for the battle royale.



apex legends pathfinder sad face

Apex Legends have taken a massive decline in popularity for Season 13, as Twitch views for the game have fallen greatly.

We are now officially at the halfway point for Apex Legends Season 13, as the split commenced on June 28, soft resetting ranked positions and changing the competitive map to World’s Edge.

Despite new content and being crowned the most streamed game on Twitch at the start of the season, the Apex Legends community has noticed a huge decline in the popularity of the game.

Sad pathfinder apex legends

Apex Legends content creator Garret has noticed a severe decline in Twitch views for Apex Legends since the launch of Season 13. It’s normal to see spikes in Twitch views and player count when a new season drops, but maintaining high numbers throughout the season is more telling.

According to a graph posted by Garret on Twitter, Twitch views for Apex Legends are down by “more than 50% since last season,” showing just how much the popularity of the game has fallen.

It’s unclear why this has happened, as the Awakening Collection Event and return of Control should have brought more viewers to the game.

However, Garret feels it could have something to do with the ranked changes for Season 13, which have caused a lot of controversy among the player base: “Upon further thought I wouldn’t be surprised if ranked changes had a hand in the view drop lol.”

While the player base is maintaining good numbers for Apex Legends Season 13, it’s not a great sign to see the Twitch views drop this far, especially when we’re only halfway through the season.

Perhaps Apex Legends Season 14 will bring some excitement back to the community, as leaks surrounding a new Legend called Vantage could bring the hype back to the battle royale.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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